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& Benediction

The traditional form of Evening Prayer is Such benedictions have been
used found in the Book of Common regularly practised both in the
Prayer. Christian East and West.

The service of Evensong with Benediction One of the most generally popular
is lead by the choir and includes sung services in the Catholic Church is
Psalms of the day, readings from Benediction of the Blessed
scripture, Canticles (the Magnificat
Sacrament, commonly referred
and Nunc Dimitis), one or more
anthems and other prayers. to as Benediction and known
in France as Salut and in
Evensong is a particularly Germany as Segen. It is
beautiful service, which also the custom of some
engages the aesthetic as well Anglo-Catholic churches
as the spiritual senses. It combines to hold this service, and at
time for quiet reflection with the St Michael's it is well beloved of
measured cadences of traditional the choir and congregation.
Prayer Book language and the beauty It is ordinarily an afternoon or
of choral singing. At St Michaels, the evening devotion and consists in
music for this service includes some the singing of certain hymns or
of the finest works of the English and litanies, or canticles, before the
European Sacred Choral Tradition. Blessed Sacrament, which is
exposed upon the altar in a
Benediction includes the hymns
monstrance and is surrounded
O Salutaris Hostia and Tantum Ergo, set with candles. At the end, the
priest or deacon, his shoulders
either to Plainsong or composed. From
the earliest church, Christians adopted enveloped in a humeral veil, takes
ceremonial benedictions into their the monstrance into his hands and
liturgical worship, particularly at with it makes the sign of the cross
the end of a service. in silence over the kneeling