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The kiss was the bomb

Once upon time there was a beautiful princess who ______ ___ ___ very sad because his father
sola ser
________ ______ to marry her with a Sultan, who _________ in another kingdom and to top it all
quera viva para colmo
she _____ in love of a poor but very honest farmer called Billy, who ____ ________ beside her castle
estaba ha vivido
for long time. Since they ________ children Billys father _____ ___ ______ in the kingdom as a
eran trabajaba
gardener and Billy ____ his helper but as quick as he could he _____ ___ ________ very high from
era sola silbar
the little forest, then the princess ____ down stairs to _______ all around the castle (Very few people
corra jugar
______ ___ _______the castle as well as them) they __________ for long periods of time. When
conoca jugaban
they _______ young, around fifteen years old, they ____ ___ _____ and both made an oath they
eran se enamoraron juramento
promise never ______ _____ each other during their life but they didnt ______ with the ugly Sultan
separarse contaban
who once went to the castle to see his fiance and he ______to ____ her in her room into the palace
prometida fue ver
he __________ to kiss her and the kiss was the bomb that

Directions: Finish the story using verbs into the following times. (use them at least once)
Simple Future ----- Past Continuous ----- Present Perfect