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Allied Design - IX Sem

Question Bank

Q. No. 1 A] Design An Urban Block Of Size 200 m X 200 m. With Given Typology Of Housing Any 2 As
Under, Assume relative data.

Please Consider Following While answering

Proper Road widths, setbacks, layout, nomenclature, conceptual section of the urban block

a. Landscaper (Per Unit 6)

b. Skyscraper (per unit 4)

c. Perimeter Urban Block ( Per Unit 5)

d. Apartment Tower Blocks (Per Unit 5)

d. Slums (per Unit 8)

Q. No. 1 B] Propose amenities for above urban blocks.

Please Consider the population and urban block type while deciding on amenities.

Q. No. 2. Write In your own words about ' Idea Of City Networks " with relative sketches.

Please Consider while answering Silk routes, port town colonies, aerotropolis, etc.

Q. No. 3. Draw A city Network. Explain With Sketch.

a. Food As A network

b. Leisure As A Network

c. Transportation As A Network

Please Consider activities, different scales,etc.

Q. No. 4 How to trace a City Network . Explain with a sketch

Q. No. 5 What are Scales And It's Components In Urbanity .

Q. No. 6 Explain with an example Regional Scale.

Q. No. 7 Expalin with an example Local Area Scale.

Q. No. 8 Explain with an example Street Scale.

Q. No. 9 Write A Short Note on Following Terminologies As Under,













Q. No. 10 What is population density. How Do we Measure it.

Q. No. 11 Expalin Various aspects of Urban Density.