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Class : 4 Budiman ( Intermediate proficiency level)

Enrolment : 20 students
Date : 27th January 2015 (Tuesday)
Time : 11.50 pm -12.50 pm (1 hour)
Theme : World of Stories
Topic : Yesterday and Today (Unit 3)
Focused skill : Reading
Integrated skill(s): Writing
Content Standard:
2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to demonstrate
understanding of a variety of linear and non-linear texts in the form of print and non-print
materials using a range of strategies to construct meaning.
Learning Standards:
2.2.2 Able to read and understand phrases and sentences in linear and non-linear texts.
2.2.3 Able to read and demonstrate understanding of texts by:
(a) Sequencing with guidance
Language focus : Vocabulary (conduct, device, invent, research, pursue,
Behavioural Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
- Read and answer 3 out of 5 true-false questions correctly
- Read and sequence at least 4 out of 7 story lines correctly.
- Identify the 3 out of 5 vocabularies learned in word search
Prior Knowledge : Nouns
Educational Emphasis : CCTS
Decision making
Contextual learning
Knowledge acquisition
Moral value : We need to work hard to be successful in life

Set Induction Aural-oral discussion 1) Teacher greets pupils -Start off the days Teaching aid:
(+ 5 minutes) -USB flash drives 2) Teacher shows a USB flash drive lesson and arouse -USB flash
video video to the pupils. pupils attention. drives video
-Realia (USB flash 3) Teacher asks pupils to name the -Realia ( USB
drive) thing that they can identify in the -To lead-in to the Flash drive)
Sample Question: video. lesson.
: Do you know what 4) Then, teacher shows the real USB
is in the video? flash drive to the pupils and leads
: Have you seen an pupils to the topic of the lesson.
USB flash drive
: Has anyone used
the USB flash drive
Step 1 VOCABULARY 1) Teacher shows the words to be -To give input on Teaching aids:
(+ 20 minutes) WORK introduced today using PowerPoint vocabulary by showing -PowerPoint
: conduct Presentation. pictures and Presentation of
: device 2) Teacher explains the meaning of the descriptions. vocabularies.
:invent words by showing pictures and (appendix 1(a))
:research descriptions of the words. -PowerPoint
- To familiarize pupils
:pursue 3) Teacher tells the pupils that they will Presentation of
with the vocabulary in
:information encounter those words later in the the text. The Inventor of
text. USB flash drive
Aural-oral activity 4) Then, teacher shows a Ppt of a text -To generate pupils text. (appendix
: What is the story entitled The Inventor of USB flash idea of the story. 1(b))
about? drive.
: Who is the inventor 5) Teacher reads the text and pupils
of USB? follow after teacher.
: What is the function 6) Teacher asks volunteers to read the
of USB? text and brainstorms the idea of the
text to the pupils.
Step 2 True-false statement Activity 1 (True-false Statement) -To measure pupils Individual work
( + 15 minutes) activity understanding of the
1) Teacher picks pupils randomly.
:PowerPoint text learned. Teaching aids:
2) Pupils need to read the true-false
presentation (true- -PowerPoint
questions given.
false activity) Presentation of
3) Teacher corrects the pupils
-to enhance pupils True-false
pronunciation and intonation of the
Sample Questions: reading skill. activity
words if there are mistakes.
: Pua Khein Seng (appendix 2)
4) Pupils need to click the true or false
invented the flash
answer on the ppt.
drive (True)
5) Teacher discusses the answers in
: A flash drive is a
the class.
memory device for
camera (false)
Step 3 Sequencing Jumbled 1) Teacher divides the class in group of -To reinforce pupils Teaching Aids:
(+ 15 minutes) up sentences four. comprehension of the :task
Sample questions: 2) Teacher explains that they are going story in the different sheets(appendix
1) Pua Khein Seng is to rearrange jumbled up sentences context. 3)
a young Malaysian
and sequence the text accordingly. :Scissors
who invented the
3) Teacher distributes task sheets : Glue.
flash drive.
(sequencing)(refer to appendix 3) to
2) flash drive is a
memory device for each group.
storing information 4) They need to cut the sentence strips
to or from a and paste it to the correct box
according to the number.
5) Teacher checks pupils answers.
Closure Moral value: 1) Teacher recaps the lesson by telling -To sum up the lesson Teaching Aid:
(+ 5 minutes) the moral values of the story. : Word search
: Work hard to be
2) Teacher distributes word search for (appendix 4 )
successful in life
pupils to complete.
Word search of the