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Interview Questions at TACO :

1. Tell me about Yourself.

2. WHat are you doing right now ?
3.Stress-strain Diagram
4.Bending moment Diagram.BMD, SFD.
5.Different types of theories.
6.HyperMesh Ques-
1. Quality Criteria
2. What is Warpage ? What is Jacobian ? How it can be shown
graphically ?
3. What is Hamming Operation ? What thickness is used in hamming ?

7.Tool Test - HyperMesh Middle Surface.

Problems I faced -
After creation of middle surface, How to do geometry cleanup, how
to extract failed surfaces.
Then, should i delete created surfaces and mesh or should i
connect already created surfaces.
8.What is Endurance Limit?
ANS : the amplitude (or range) of cyclic stress that can be applied to the material
without causing fatigue failure