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November 15, 1991 (Phone: 202/453-8536) RELEASE: 91-192 ALDRICH REAFFIRMS RESTON OFFICE ROLE FOR SPACE STATION FREEDOM Today at a meeting with all employees at the Reston, Va., Space Station Freedom office, Arnold Aldrich, the Associate Administrator for NASA's Office of Space Systems Development, said the space agency intends to maintain a strong and effective team at Reston during the Space Station Freedom development period. During his presentation, Aldrich outlined how the Reston office will retain the level of resident expertise necessary to provide NASA with the capability to carry out effective program management functions. Throughout the completion of the critical design review phase, the Reston organization is expected to continue in its present structure with responsibilities focussed on program management and systems engineering to assure continued maximum program stability. He also said that while some system integration work and other areas of Space Station Freedom may be assigned to NASA field centers, these activities would be complementary to the efforts at Reston. Aldrich also pointed out that over the past year, the Space Station Freedom program had enjoyed unprecedented stability and significant program progress. The program baseline developed under the guidelines for restructure has been in place since January 1991. The project preliminary design reviews conducted during the summer of 1991 and the recently completed Man-Tended Phase System Level Preliminary Design Review have added substantial technical detail to the baseline and have reaffirmed

the viability of the current design. Aldrich did point out that as the program approaches the operations phase in the mid-1990s, many development activities should be approaching completion along with a natural buildup of support for operations functions at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., the Johnson Space Center, Houston, and Kennedy Space Center, Fla., including software development, payload integration, flight crew training, launch processing and mission operations. - more -2A final observation made by Aldrich was the fact that the 20 months of technical and programmatic progress from the end of restructure, in January 1991 through completion of FY 1992, will take Space Station Freedom more than a third of the way from restructure to First Element Launch, scheduled for the second quarter of FY 1996. - end TO: MEDIA DISTRIBUTION SERVICES 1510 H STREET, NW, SUITE 202 Washington, D.C. 20005 DATE & TIME: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1991 ORDERED BY: Theresa Houser NASA Headquarters/PM 400 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20546 PHONE: 202/453-8400 PROJECT TITLE: Release No: 91-192 PRINT ORDER: 2552 PRINTING: Camera Ready, lst pg on NASA logo, other pages plain ENCLOSE & MAIL: Release of 2 pages MAIL DATE: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1991


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