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Right side of the turret showing added plastic fillet behind

the TOGS box and relocated jerrycan holder.

fillet behind the TOGS box. This was offers two versions the recommended is curved and is solid. This was achieved
recreated using 20x60 thou strip. one with the location sockets for the by simply gluinging a small piece of 001
jerrycan holder (part D43) and the earlier thou brass sheet round the front part of the
Tamiya provide the TOGS box with a version (part B7) without these features. I mesh.
separate door but no internal detail. I used the earlier version. The reason for this Forward of this bin is another mesh bin,

Turret decided to portray the TOGS box open, so

I needed to build the TISH (Thermal Imager
is that on many vehicles (and my reference
vehicle was no exception), the holder is
carried in the wrong place on the turret. It
is more commonly seen on the other side,
Sensor Head). With no real information to fitted vertically, rather than at an angle as in place of the Ferret bin. To confuse
work from, other than a few photos of the shown on part D43. Whilst were working matters further, it is attached on its side.
Above Detailed TOGS box and rebuilt smoke grenade mounts. front end, I cobbled together a TISH using with this part of the kit, its worth Although it should be made from the same
The scratchbuilt TISH it looks the part but probably isnt accurate thick plastic strip and card. The sensor mentioning that the entire box sits too low mesh as the other bins, I was frustrated by
head itself had me foxed for a while until I on the side of the turret. I removed the the flimsiness of the Aber mesh and
found a suitable clear lens of 4mm locating lugs on the bottom of the box, resorted to some fine 'square' mesh from
diameter. The French company Tarmac filled in the holes in the turret wall, and Accurate Armour that was much sturdier.
(who specialise in 1/48 scale vehicles) offer then mounted the radio box just slightly The bin in it's normal orientation is 12mm
a selection of clear and coloured lenses for below the top edge of the turret. I also long, 15mm high and 5mm wide
aircraft models. It was slightly more added a thin fillet along the front edge of (remember I fitted it on its side). Once
rounded than I wanted and was clear, but the box, to cover a narrow slot behind the again, the curved 'front' end was covered
neither problem was major. hinges. with some 001 thou brass sheet

Although not essential, I decided to rebuild The jerrycan holder on the turret was The stowage bins on the rear corners of
the forward stowage basket from scratch. originally designed to carry a jerrycan on the turret benefit from additional detail.
Using the kit part as a guide. Instead of its side, however, it was modified when Both had a 10x40 thou strip added to the
using the kit-supplied flexible mesh I fitted to the turret so that the jerrycan sat inside edge, detailed with bolt heads. This
looked around for a better way of vertically. A metal bar was therefore added retains a nylon cover on each bin that I
portraying the rectangular mesh on the across the base of the holder. Note that it recreated using thin pewter foil. but
actual vehicle. Aber came to my rescue also sits higher up than portrayed on the contains little or no lead. Straps were
with a small fret of this style of mesh (S 13 kit (although this can vary from vehicle to added using masking tape and etched
in their listings). Over the top of the bin I vehicle). buckles.
added the nylon cover from thin pewter

Turret foil. The Ferret stowage bin (so-called

because it originally comes from a Ferret
The kit provides two choices of stowage
bin for the left side of the turret. Neither
Fitted to the rear of the bin on the right
side was small extra box. This is yet
armoured car) on the right side of the was suitable for this project. More another type of box 'rescued' from old
turret needs a bit of extra detailing. I common on Challenger 1s by the late Chieftain tanks and my example came
Above The rebuilt forward stowage basket and added side basket. sanded off the bin lid and added a new 1990s, was a slimmer, open mesh bin. from an old AFV Club Scorpion kit
one from scratch. The edges of the bin Using the same Aber rectangular mesh, I (although Accurate Armour offer a
Right Detail of the rear bin, with added AFV Club stowage box. closest to the turret had thin lips added. fabricated a new mesh bin 45mm long, selection of modern British stowage bins in
Behind this bin is the radio box. The kit 12mm high and 5m in width. The front end resin). The fitting of this bin requires the

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