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Hello Neighbors, and Welcome Back! And a special welcome to our new
managers, Steve and Karen Wells.

High School Sweethearts, Steve and Karen have been married for 33 years.
Native Floridians, they have always lived in either Central Florida or Tampa. They
are the proud parents of three children, two girls and one boy and three grand-
children. They are also awaiting the arrival of twin grandchildren, which will make
a total of five.

Steve and Karen heard about the manager position at Oakside through an ad.
They love the Park and the friendly people and said that they have nothing bad to
say about it. Although there is still much to learn about the job, they are learning

Karen had her own house cleaning business for 15 years, and then became a stay
at home mom. Steve was part owner of a head injuries facility and then worked
in Dade City.

Karen likes to sew, and they both enjoy gardening and spending time with their

Steve and Karen became our new managers in September, 2017, just in time for
the big hurricane scare. How fortunate we were that the Park escaped serious

From the Presidents Corner:

Welcome to all of our returning residents and a big and hearty welcome to all our
new residents who have arrived already. We are so glad you have joined our
family here and have made Oakside your home. As in previous years, the
President of the Association, I must encourage each of you to read the rules
which were found in your welcome packet and urge you to abide by them at all
times. One of the most important things to remember is that the speed limit
everywhere in the Park is 15 MPH. Since we have several residents that walk,
both with and without aids such as canes or walkers and some that may not hear
as well as others, you, as the driver are the responsible person and we dont want
any casualties or accidents of any type to take place.

This summer season has brought many changes to the Park. As most of you are
aware, our longtime managers, Linda and Bob Oelkers, left us in retirement and
we welcomed in Karen and Steve as our new managers. They have taken to the
Park and management as pros and are always ready to help in any way. We held a
party on September 6th to honor Linda and Bob and to welcome Steve and Karen.
In next months newsletter will be pictures and more information about the party.
Then along came Hurricane Irma to bring us all together again. For the safety of
our residents, our shelter in the city was R.B. Stewart Middle School down on
10/12 Street and many residents went there or left the area altogether. Thirty-
one residents used our clubhouse as their shelter and that worked out well until
the power went down and that caused some discomfort for those with oxygen
and others due to the closeness of the air. However, we all made it through the
ordeal and were pleased that it downgraded to a category 1 storm at landfall,
which saved our homes and belongings. I think those of us which were first
timers to hurricanes learned a great deal of what might have been! Now we are
ready to start another season and work together, keep active, and learn from
each other as we complete tasks and have fun as well. Activities will be starting
soon and a calendar of events will be available soon. Lets have a great season
and get to know each other.

Linda Sterling, Association President

Our New Neighbors

Clayton Trombly and Shalene Dibble have joined our Oakside family and live at
6211 Royal Street. Clayton has been a widower for four years and he and Shalene
are engaged.

They are from Ogdensburg, NY, on the St. Lawrence River and were acquainted
with Joe and Elaine Rose on Pearl Street. When they came to Oakside to visit Joe
and Elaine, they looked at various units and decided to buy.

Clay has four children and eight grandchildren, four boys and four girls.

Clay owned his own welding business for 22 years, and also is proficient in
plumbing, carpentry, and all other types of home repair. Shalene was a Social
Worker for 35 years and has done a lot of volunteer work, including working as an
EMT with an ambulance service.

He is content with his home, his work, and his family. Shalene has many interests,
loves to read, do Primitive Stitching, crosswords, and gardening. They plan on
traveling to other states, and a river cruise may be in their future.

They like the Park, but coming down at the end of the season, they havent met
very many people yet. After they get settled in, they will participate more in Park
life. A delightful couple, they like the friendliness of Oakside and really enjoy
Coffee Hour.

Welcome Ivan Clark and Avis Worster to 6120 Royal Street. Maine residents all of
their lives, they decided to escape the Maine wnters and to come south.

Based on information and recommendations from some friends in Maine they

decided to come to Zephyrhills. Their daughter then did a computer search of
parks in Zephyrhills and they were attracted to Oakside because of the low cost
and the location.
Ivan has four children, three boys and a girl, 6 grandchildren, and 12 great
grandchildren. Avis has three daughters, five grandchildren, and six great

Ivan worked for 34 years in a papermill in Maine until he retired. Avis started
working when she was a youngster picking potatoes and has since been involved
in many different things.

Ivan and Avis are a fun couple who love to dance, do Karaoke, and play all sorts of
games. Ivan is a guitar player and singer and plays with John Ballentines group.
They have already played shuffleboard and enjoyed it. They also like board
games, cards, and outdoor games.

They love Oakside, especially the friendly and helpful people and all of the