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Web Design Syllabus


Phone Number: 678-676 -2902

Teacher: Ms. C. Davis
Voice Mail: 678 676-3034
Room Number/s: Room 585 Email:
Semester: Second 2017-2018 Tutorial Days: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Textbook: None Tutorial Hours: 7:30am & 3:30pm or by appt.
Textbook Price: $0 Tutorial Location: Room 585

Department Philosophy: The philosophy of career technology is to develop students in the areas of
business, technology, and economics in order to be successful in post secondary and career options.
Through these skills, students will enhance themselves by becoming productive employees, keen
consumers and wise business leaders and/or entrepreneurs.

Course Description: Can you think of any company that does not have a web presence? Taking this
course will equip students will the ability to plan, design, and create a web site. Students will move past
learning how to write code and progress to designing a professional looking web site using graphical
authoring tools that contains multimedia elements. Working individually and in teams, students will learn to
work with web page layout and graphical elements to create a professional looking web site. Various forms
of technologies will be used to expose students to resources, software, and applications of web design.
Professional communication skills and practices, problem-solving, ethical and legal issues, and the impact
of effective presentation skills are enhanced in this course to prepare students to be college and career
ready. Employability skills are integrated into activities, tasks, and projects throughout the course standards
to demonstrate the skills required by business and industry. Competencies in the co-curricular student
organization, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), are integral components of the employability
skills standard for this course.

Web Design is the third course in the Web & Digital Design pathway in the Information Technology
cluster. Students enrolled in this course should have successfully completed Introduction to Digital
Technology and Digital Design. After mastery of the standards in this course, students should be
prepared to take the end of pathway assessment in this career area.

Course Prerequisites: Introduction to Digital Technology and Digital Design

Career Pathways: Courses must be completed in the order listed below.

Web & Digital Design Course Abbreviation
Level 1 Introduction to Digital Technology IT-IDT
Level 2 Digital Design IT-DD
Level 3 Web Design IT-WD *

*Required for Pathway Completion

Certifications: The Interactive Media and Computing pathways prepare students with the skills
needed for the following industry recognized credentials: Certified Internet Web Professional
(CIW), Brainbench Web Administration Assessment, Adobe Certification Expert (ACE), Certified
Internet Web Professional (CIW), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), and Internet and Computing
Core Certification (IC3).

Occupation of Education Salary
Web Designer Technical College $39,775
Animator/Cartoonist Technical/Specialty College $50, 100
Computer Programmers Bachelors Degree $65,510
Software Publisher Bachelors Degree + $79, 270

Internet Acceptable Use: Use of the Internet must be in support of education and research and
consistent with the educational objectives of the DeKalb County School System. The use of the
Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in cancellation of those
privileges. Any student user not complying with the DeKalb County School System Internet
Acceptable Use Agreement shall lose Internet privileges for a period of not less than one week.

FBLA: The development of positive personal qualities and leadership is a vital component in career
success. In this course that development is achieved through a variety of methods, which include
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). FBLA is a student organization that is designed to
enhance this class. FBLA provides career and leadership development through peer interactions,
adult mentoring, and competitions based on knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. FBLA
activities will be incorporated throughout the instructional strategies developed for the course.
These activities encourage career development, civic service, economic education, community
involvement, and business advocacy. Students are encouraged to participate and compete as an
active member of FBLA.

Georgia Performance Standards (GPS): Performance standards provide clear expectations for
assessment, instruction, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates
achievement of the standards. The performance standards isolate and identify the skills needed to
use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve reason, communicate, and make connections with
other information.

GPS Covered in this Course:

IT-WD-1 Demonstrate employability skills required by business and industry.

IT-WD-2 Plan, develop, implement, and resolve ethical issues involved in creating and
publishing a web site.
IT-WD-3 Create documents using a variety of tags following coding practices commonly
used to create web pages.
IT-WD-4 Create and use graphics to enhance web pages using a variety of tools.
IT-WD-5 Define and apply essential aspects of the Cascading Style Sheets to format
elements within a web site.
IT-WD-6 Use (Graphic User-Interface) GUI-based HTML editing software to create web
IT-WD-7 Develop an understanding of e-commerce practices and related technologies
necessary to create a secure, useful interface to conduct business online.
IT-WD-8 Test, analyze, and identify performance issues related to publishing
and maintaining web sites.
IT-WD-9 Explore how related student organizations are integral parts of career and
technology education courses through leadership development, school and community
service projects, entrepreneurship development, and competitive events.

Grading Scale

Letter grades will be awarded according to the DeKalb County Grading Policy as follows:
A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 71-79 D = 70 F = Below 70

Course Outline:
Week 1: Employability Skills Week 10: Designing a Website
Week 2: Employability Skills Week 11: Programing a Website
Evaluating and Testing Web
Week 3: Adobe Photoshop Week 12:
Week 4: Project using Adobe Photoshop Week 13: GMETRIX
Week 5: Introduction to Adobe Flash Week 14: Electronic Portfolio
Week 6: Introduction to Adobe Flash Week 15: EOP Test/Project E- Business
Project E- Business with
Week 7: Flash Project Week 16:
Shopping Cart
Introduction to Adobe
Project E- Business with
Week 8: Elements of Art & Design Week 17:
Shopping Cart
Color Models, Images & Fonts
Structure of the Internet
Week 9: Week 18: Final Project & Exam
Planning a Website

Required Materials:
Textbooks are a classroom set.

Students are required to keep and bring to class each day:

3-Prong Notebook (w/pockets) or 3-Ring Binder (w/pockets) for class notes handouts, etc
Dividers for Objectives, Projects, Course Notes and Printed Assignments
A Flash drive (at least 8 GB). This may be purchased or see your teacher. If a flash
drive is lost, any un-graded data that was on the disk will have to be re-done.
Assignments that have to be re-done must be completed before or after school.
Students are required to back up their work on the F drive each day.
Pen or Pencil.

Classroom Expectations: Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and

school property.
1. All students are expected to arrive to class promptly and prepared. As soon as the last
bell rings, students are expected to be in their assigned seats, otherwise a student is
considered tardy.

2. It is the students responsibility to bring all required materials to class every day.

3. All students must wear their pants above the waistline.

4. Cheating will not be tolerated! If you cheat or allow/assist someone to cheat, all
parties involved will receive a zero and your parents will be notified immediately.

5. NO gum, candy, food, or drinks are allowed in this classroom/lab at any time.

6. Keep the room clean and respect the equipment and furnishing

7. Absolutely no use of vulgar, profane, or inappropriate language in the classroom

8. Students should use the restroom during class change--you will not be permitted to go
unless it is an emergency. Also, please bring tissue with you to class if you have the

9. Students are not to groom in class, this includes hair, make-up, nails, etc

10.Electronic devices, pagers, cellular phones, walkmans, CD players, MP3 players, hand-
held games, cards, or any other material not related to or used in this class should not
be used during instruction or left at home. Bringing these items to class will result in
confiscation. Items will be released only to a parent or guardian. No book bags allowed
in class.

11.When using the computer lab, NO student is to use the computer for activities that do
not relate to this class; therefore, you should not be checking e-mail, chatting, playing
games, downloading, uploading, doing research for another class, listening to music,
personal browsing, etc.When allowed to use the Internet, visiting websites that are
not appropriate for school or not educationally related is PROHIBITED. Violators will
face consequences as outlined in the student handbook.

** All students should observe ALL the rules and regulations in the Student
Handbook. **

1. Warning/Name in Log 2. Alternative Seating/Assignments
3. Teacher Detention (15 min) 4. Teacher Detention (30 min)
5. Parent Contact 6. Administrative Referral

Bonus and extra points
Verbal Praise
students grade has been posted, the student will have the opportunity to improve
their grade or make up their assignments. The student must conference with their
teacher before or after school with any questions concerning their grades. Students are
expected to complete any re-do or make-up assignments within three days of the
grade having been posted on the Parent Portal. Again, make-up or re-do work must be
done before or after school, NOT during class.

It is the students responsibility to take advantage of the redo policy. At the end of each 4.5
grading period, students no longer have the option to re-do or make up
assignments for that grading period.
Web Design Syllabus


Please read the syllabus and complete requested information below. Then have your child
return this syllabus by the1st Week of class for a Class Grade and Extra Credit.

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The instructor reserves the right to change or adjust any section of the course
syllabus any time during the school year to more adequately meet the needs,
abilities, and interests of the students.

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Detach For Parents to Keep Detach For Parents to Keep

You may reach me at the school at 678-676-2902 or 678-676-3034 voicemail with
questions regarding your childs performance in my class. You can e-mail me at Thanks!