2017 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Retreat

October 30, 2017
4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Platt Farmhouse, Valmont City Park
3160 Airport Road

Once a year, members of the PRAB participate in a retreat to develop a work plan and
priorities to share with staff and City Council. The retreat offers an opportunity to
celebrate successes, make course corrections in work plans and chart the course

4:00p.m.-5:00p.m. Parks Tour
5:00p.m.-5:30p.m. State of the Work
a. Technology
b. Discussion of 2020 Milestones
c. Review of Master Plan Progress Update
d. Review of 2017 PRAB Work Plan & Accomplishments

5:30p.m.-6:00p.m. PRAB Role and 2018 Planning
a. Review City Charter and PRAB roles
b. Discuss Meeting Management
c. Review and Discussion of Public Participation Working Group
d. Review of Presentation Guidelines
e. Meeting conversation

6:00p.m.-7:00p.m. Working Session
a. Development of 2018 Priorities and Initiatives
b. Prepare Letter for Council Retreat

Questions? Additional items for direction or to help you be effective?

Attachment A Department 2020 Milestones
Attachment B Master Plan Status Update
Attachment C PRAB 2017 Work Plan
Attachment D Instructions for PRAB Letter to City Council

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Balanced Scorecard Strategic Map
Promote the health and well-being of the entire Boulder Community by
collaboratively providing high-quality parks, facilities and programs.

Customer Perspective

Enhance Customer Enhance Serve A Diverse
Satisfaction Partnerships Population

Financial Perspective
Leverage Adequate Funding
Alternative for Programs &
Funding Facilities

Internal Process Perspective
Become A
Implement Plans
Data Driven
& Procedures

Learning & Growth Perspective

Engaged & Highly Skilled
Motivated Workforce Workforce


Ali Rhodes
February 27, 2017
Boulder’s Planning Approach
2014 Boulder Parks and Recreation Master Plan

City Council Acceptance: February, 2014

•Community Health & Wellness
•Taking Care of What We Have
•Financial Sustainability
•Building Community & Relationships
•Youth Engagement & Activity
•Organizational Readiness
Fulfilling the Master Plan Promise
Community Health and Wellness

• Service Delivery Model assures 
program quality and health 

• Partnerships with Transportation 
and Greenways enhance 
connectivity and safe routes to 
parks and schools (e.g. at Elks and 
Howard Heuston)
Taking Care of What We Have

• Capital Investment Strategy and 
Asset Management Program

• Aquatics Feasibility Plan, Athletics 
Fields Study, and Recreation 
Facilities Plan

• Park Renovations Completed:
• Elks, Bill Bauer, Crestview, 
Washington, Emma Gomez 
Martinez, Evert Pierson Kids 
Fishing Pond, Knollwood, 
Flatirons Golf Course
Financial Sustainability

• Recreation Priority Index 
(RPI) provides for intentional 
use of subsidy and program 
delivery methodology (e.g. 
Dance partnership and GO 

• Standard methodology for 
identification of expenses 
and cost recovery calculation
Building Community & Relationships

• Enhanced Financial Aid Program

• Improved Volunteer program

• Partnership Program and 
Framework Strengthened
Youth Engagement & Activity

• Coordination with other agencies 
to address the 
Achievement/Opportunity Gap 
(Dream Big Collective Impact 

• Nature Play guidelines

• BVSD Joint Use Agreement
Organizational Readiness

• New mission, vision, and 
guiding principles adopted

• Competency Library 
identifies professional skills 
and enables performance 
mgmt. & development
2016 Updates

• Silver Sneakers at all 3 recreation 
centers, 65% increase in attendance
• SPARK grant from Colorado Health 
• Valmont Bike Park is 5!
• We went ACTIVE!
• TreeOp!
• Space Allocation Guidelines for Lap 
Lanes and Athletic Fields
• Concept Plans: Scotty and the Rez
• 100% Flood Restoration COMPLETE!
• Launched Phase 1 Civic Area
• Key forms translated into Spanish
The 2017 Line-Up
Customer Focus 
• Increase Access and Service Reach

Financial Sustainability
• Grow Business Acumen
• Data‐driven subsidy allocation and 
asset management

Internal Process
• Ongoing implementation of 
completed plans and software
• Ongoing evaluation of workforce  2017 Highlights:
strategies to align with policy  Urban Forest Strategic Plan
direction (FLSA, ACA) Construction: Civic Area Phase 1, Tantra,  
Learning & Growth Howard Heuston, Arapahoe Ridge
• Succession Planning pilot Design: Scott Carpenter Pool and Boulder 
• Investment in Supervisor skills Reservoir Visitor Services Center 
Questions for the PRAB

• Does the Board have any questions about the department’s completed 
planning efforts?

•Does the Board have any questions regarding the  department’s 
planned 2017 initiatives?
PRAB 2017 Action Plan

The primary purpose is to enhance the ability of PRAB to provide leadership to the department, engage the community
and build a strong, healthy parks and recreation and parks level of service that meets the community’s goals.

Category PRAB Goal Action Items Notes
1) Building • Enhance PRAB Community • Attend on average two P&R community • Continue report out at
Community Outreach and Accessibility activities per quarter monthly business
and • Enhance and Reinforce • Promote P&R through social media of your meetings
Relationships Opportunities in P&R choice • Staff to share
• Attend site tours as scheduled in advanced of communication
PRAB discussions/decisions methods (such as social
• Support the department in an advisory media accounts and
capacity on partnership initiatives hashtags)

2) Community • Providing Welcoming and • Continue annual information sessions on • Implement best
Engagement Accessible Community service reach and access (e.g. related to practices for
Involvement services for youth, underserved, etc.). communication
• Identify ways for PRAB to support engagement materials to reach a
and outreach efforts broad audience.

3) Organizational • Capacity Building of PRAB • Assign new PRAB members a PRAB mentor to • Appreciation of PRAB’s
Readiness Members help them understand board culture, working role related to Council
agreements, etc. communication, joint
• Onboard new PRAB members (department board conversations,
structure, CIP funding/process) and citywide initiatives.
• Communicate clear understanding of “charge”
of the PRAB and responsibilities of Board
City of Boulder
City Council

Mayor Suzanne Jones Mayor Pro Tem Andrew Shoemaker

Council Members: Matt Appelbaum, Aaron Brockett, Jan Burton,
Liza Morzel, Sam Weaver, Bob Yates, Mary Young

October 13, 2017

Dear Boulder Board & Commission Members:

At the end of each year, the Boulder City Council asks members of the city's boards and
commissions to provide input on the next year's goals and objectives in order to help Council and
the city staff prepare the annual work plan at the January city council retreat. In the past, some
board and commission members have found the questions too narrowly focused. Because you
are leaders in our community, and you are certainly aware of a spectrum of issues, this year we
decided to broaden the questions, seeking input in any area where you have views.

Please see below this year's questions. You need not limit your responses to the area of expertise
of your board/commission. Your entire board/commission may provide a single set of responses
or, if you prefer, each member can provide his or her own responses (if the latter, please submit
all of the member responses in a single packet). So that Council may have the benefit of your
views before its pre-retreat Study Session on January 9, please deliver your responses to your
board secretary no later than the close of business on Friday, December 15.

Thank you for your service to our community.


Lisa Morzel
Bob Yates
Council Retreat Committee

1. How do you think the City can improve its public engagement process? How would you
recommend that Council engage with the community?
2. What do you think the City’s top three priorities should be in 2018?
3. What do you think will be the City’s three biggest challenges over the next five years, and
how should we address them?

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