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Week 5

M 10/9 Discuss: Edward T. Hall et al, Proxemics and Comments by A. Richard

Diebold, Jr.; Weston La Barre; Frank Lynch, S.J.; and J. E. McClellan.
W 10/11 Discuss: Naidoo, Gender, Ethnicity, Intimacy, and Proxemics:
Discuss: Writer/Designer, Chapter 5, pp. 77-81; Going it Alone, p. 82; 90-92 and
Chapter 6.
F 10/13 Peer Review Exercise: Project Pitch and Proposal Final Review and Revision
Bring 2 hardcopies of revised Pitch and Proposal to class.

Su 10/15 Project Pitch and Proposal Due: Post by midnight to Blackboard.

Week 6

M 10/16 Discuss: Basho, The Narrow Road to the Deep North
W 10/18 Due: Draft list of sources to be annotated for your project.
Discuss: Writer/Designer, Chapter 4 (for review)
F 10/20 Draft Annotated Bibliography Due: Bring 2 hardcopies to class.
Peer Review Exercise: Constructing your Bibliography and annotations.