Barbara Selby Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

March 3, 1992 (Phone: 703-557-5609) RELEASE: 92-17 NASA SELECTS SMALL BUSINESS INNOVATION RESEARCH PROJECTS NASA announced today the selection of 28 research proposals for immediate negotiation of Phase II contracts in NASA's Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR). These proposals were submitted by 65 small, high technology firms located in 16 states. Selections were chosen competitively from 258 proposals submitted for Phase II continuations of SBIR Phase I projects initiated in 1990. Total value of these 28 awards will be about $14 million. During December 1991, 89 selections also were chosen competively from among these proposals, bringing the total number of proposals selected to 117 for an estimated value of $58 million. SBIR objectives are to stimulate technological innovation in the United States by using small business, including minority and disadvantaged firms, to help meet federal research and development needs and to encourage commercial applications of federally funded research innovations. SBIR Phase II continues development for the most promising Phase I projects which have demonstrated technical feasibility and highest potential value to NASA as research innovations. Selection criteria include technical merit and innovation, Phase I results, value to NASA, commercial potential, and company capabilities. Funding for each Phase II contract can be as much as $500,000 for a period of performance up to 2 years.

Additional Phase II selections, to be announced in March 1992, are expected to bring the total selections to more than 130 and the total value to about $65 million. The SBIR program is managed by NASA's Office of Commercial Programs, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., and all individual SBIR projects are managed by nine NASA field centers. - end EDITOR'S NOTE: A listing of companies selected for this program is available at NASA Headquarters (Phone: 202/453-8400) and NASA centers. NASA 90-1 PHASE II AWARD DISTRIBUTIONS FEBRUARY SELECTIONS February, 1992 STATE AWARDS FIRMS Alabama 2 2 Arizona 1 1 California 8 8 Connecticut 1 1 Florida 2 2 Hawaii 1 1 Illinois 1 1 Maryland 1 1 Massachusetts 3 3 Michigan 1 1 Mississippi 1 1 New York 2 2 Ohio 1 1 Oregon

1 1 Utah 1 1 Washington 2 2 AWARDS DISTRIBUTION BY NASA FIELD CENTER NASA CENTER FIRMS Ames Research Center 6 Moffett Field, CA Goddard Space Flight Center 3 Greenbelt, MD Jet Propulsion Laboratory 5 Pasadena, CA Johnson Space Center 4 Houston, TX Langley Research Center 3 Hampton, VA Lewis Research Center 3 Cleveland, OH Marshall Space Flight Center 3 Marshall Space Flight Ctr, AL AWARDS 6







Stennis Space Center 1 1 Stennis Space Center, MS March 3, 1991 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

90-1 Phase II February Selections Proposals Selected for Negotiation of SBIR Phase II Contracts Sorted by Field Center & Company Alpha Ames Research Center Aerometrics, Inc. 550 Del Ray Avenue, Suite A Sunnyvale, CA 94086-3528 William D. Bachalo 408-738-6688 90-1-03.06-0321 (ARC ) Compact, Rugged, Laser-Doppler-Velocimeter Probe for In-Flight Measurement of Gas Turbine Inlet Flow Bend Research, Inc. 64550 Research Road Bend, OR 97701-8599 Rod J. Ray 503-382-4100 90-1-12.04-4100A (ARC ) A Membrane-Based Subsystem for Water-Vapor Recovery from Plant-Growth Chambers Deacon Research 2440 Embarcadero Way #B Palo Alto, CA 94303 Olive Lee 415-493-6100 90-1-03.05-6100 (ARC ) In-Flight Flow Velocity Sensor Eidetics International, Inc. 3415 Lomita Boulevard Torrance, CA 90505 Andrew Skow 213-326-8228 90-1-02.06-8228 (ARC ) Multiple Component, Force and Moment Balance for Flow Visualization Water Tunnels

S. D. Miller & Associates 1422 West 259th Street Harbor City, CA 90710 Stephen D. Miller 213-539-5367 90-1-04.12-5367 (ARC ) Low-Weight, Honeycomb, Thermal Protection Systems for NASP and other Transatmospheric Spacecraft Stirling Technology Company 2952 George Washington Way Richland, WA 99352 A. (Ben) Bennett 509-375-4000 90-1-08.11-4000A (ARC ) High-Efficiency, Low-Vibration, Long-Life, Pulse-Tube Spacecraft Cryocooler Employing Flexural Bearings 6 Selections from Ames Research Center **************************************************************** Goddard Space Flight Center Berkeley Research Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 241 Berkeley, CA 94701 Joseph H. Orens 703-750-3434 90-1-08.22-3434 (GSFC) High-Spatial-Resolution, E X B, Magnetic Field Probe Convolve, Inc. 132 Nassau Street, Suite 619 New York, NY 10038 Neil Singer 212-233-2491 90-1-05.03-2491 (GSFC) A Method Of Improving The Dynamic Performance Of Telerobotics Systems

Deposition Sciences, Inc. 386 Tesconi Court Santa Rosa, CA 95401 James Brosnan 707-573-6700 90-1-10.02-6700 (GSFC) Improved Solar Cell Cover-Glasses Coated by Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition 3 Selections from Goddard Space Flight Center ***************************************************************** * Jet Propulsion Laboratory Advanced Modular Power Systems, Inc. 4667 Freedom Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Thomas K. Hunt 313-677-2113 90-1-10.03-2113 (JPL ) Amtec Condenser Design for Zero-G Operation G. Miller Machine Company, Inc. 1319 Pulaski Street Riverhead, NY 11901-7817 Douglas J. Miller 516-369-1500 90-1-08.18-1500 (JPL ) Fast-Repetition-Rate Fluorometer for Measuring Primary Productivity in the Oceans Intelligent Automation, Inc. 1370 Piccard Drive, Suite 210 Rockville, MD 20850 Leonard S. Haynes 301-990-2407 90-1-04.13-2407 (JPL ) Six-Degree-of-Freedom, Active, Vibration Damping for Space Applications Irvine Sensors Corporation 3001 Redhill Avenue, Bldg 3 #208

Costa Mesa, CA 92626 James Alexiou 714-549-8211 90-1-07.09-8211 (JPL ) Spacecraft On-Board Information Extraction Computer Sets Technology, Inc. 300 Kahelu Avenue, Suite 10 Mililani, HI 96789 Willis Rich 808-625-5262 90-1-08.08-5262 (JPL ) Cold Coronagraph for Planetary Observations 5 Selections from Jet Propulsion Laboratory ***************************************************************** *

Johnson Space Center Essex Corporation 1040 Woodcock Road, Suite 227 Orlando, FL 32803 Robert S. Kennedy 407-894-5090 90-1-12.01-5090 (JSC ) Portable Dark Focus Instrument Mainstream Engineering Corporation 200 Yellow Place Rockledge, FL 32955 Robert Scaringe 407-631-3550 90-1-09.11-3550 (JSC ) Nontoxic, Heat-Transport Fluids for Habitat Two-Phase, ThermalControl Systems Sarcos Research Corporation 261 East 300 South, Suite 150 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 Stephen C. Jacobsen 801-531-0559 90-1-05.08-0559A (JSC ) Extended Tactile Sensing for Dextrous Robotic Hands

Tacan Corporation 2330 Faraday Avenue Carlsbad, CA 92008 James H. Bechtel 619-438-1010 90-1-06.05-1010 (JSC ) Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Mission Planning and Flight Control 4 Selections from Johnson Space Center ***************************************************************** * Langley Research Center Charles River Analytics, Inc. 55 Wheeler Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Greg L. Zacharias 617-491-3474 90-1-06.03-3474 (LaRC) A Formal Design and Validation CASE Approach to High-Reliability Software EIC Laboratories, Inc. 111 Downey Street Norwood, MA 02062 A. C. Makrides 617-769-9450 90-1-04.15-9450 (LaRC) High-Tc Superconducting Composites for Interconnects to Cryogenic Equipment United Applied Technologies, Inc. P.O. Box 7207 Huntsville, AL 35807 Tonya Cook 205-895-9709 90-1-04.06-9709 (LaRC) Remotely Deployable, Self-Rigidizing, Composite Space Structures 3 Selections from Langley Research Center ***************************************************************** ***

Lewis Research Center AI Ware Incorporated 11000 Cedar Avenue Cleveland, OH 44106 William H. Verduin 216-421-2380 90-1-04.05-2380 (LeRC) Enhanced Computational Structural Methods for Aerospace Applications CFD Research Corporation 3325-D Triana Boulevard Huntsville, AL 35805 Ashok K. Singhal 205-536-6576 90-1-01.02-6576 (LeRC) Integration of Combustor Aerodynamics and Fuel Spray to Increase Turndown Fuel-Air Ratio in Small Gas Turbine Combustors Physical Sciences, Inc. 20 New England Business Center Andover, MA 01810 Arthur Boni 508-689-0003 90-1-10.05-0003A (LeRC) Electrocatalysts for High-Efficiency, Solid-Polymer-Electrolyte Fuel Cell 3 Selections from Lewis Research Center ***************************************************************** *** Marshall Space Flight Center Boundary Technologies, Inc. 366 Lexington Drive Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 Robert Alwitt 708-537-9399 90-1-10.08-9399 (MSFC) Hermetically Sealed, Aluminum, Electrolytic Capacitor

Materials & Electrochemical Research 7960 S Kolb Road Tucson, AZ 85706 J. C. Withers 602-574-1980 90-1-04.04-1980 (MSFC) Protective Composite Coating Using Novel CATD Technique Materials Technologies Corporation 57 Maryanne Drive Monroe, CT 06468 Yogesh Mehrotra 203-874-3100 90-1-04.04-5200 (MSFC) Coatings for Titanium 3 Selections from Marshall Space Flight Center ***************************************************************** *** Stennis Space Center Delta Data Systems, Inc. 131 Third Street Picayune, MS 39466 Ferron Risinger 601-799-1813 90-1-07.05-1813 (SSC ) System Level Integration of Concurrent, Resolution Independent Processing 1 Selections from Stennis Space Center ***************************************************************** *** 28 Total 90-1 Phase II February Selections **************************** END OF TEXT ***************************