October 13, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend Josie Parry to you. I have known Josie since August of
2016 when she was an assistant teacher (and then later became the co-head teacher) for the
SDSU Kindergarten Out-of-School-Time Program. I observed her within a teaching capacity and
as an employee as I am the Coordinator for the OST Program. Josie supervised around twelve
kindergarten children at a time during this experience (22 total). I also observed her as an
assistant teacher when she took ECE 328: Guidance with Young Children as I am a Mentor
Teacher at the SDSU Preschool Laboratory. Josie was involved with the Morning 4 and 5-Year-
Old Lab during this experience. She worked with 19 four and five-year-old children. Needless to
say, I have gotten to know Josie on many levels throughout her time here at SDSU.

Josie excelled as a teacher at both levels, but especially as a head teacher. She interacted well
with the children by getting down to their level and asking them questions to enhance their
learning. She listened to the children, incorporated their interests, and provided developmentally
appropriate activities. Her lesson plans were thorough and included all parts of child
development. The children enjoyed and were actively engaged in the activities.

As a staff member, she was punctual and contributed to staff discussions on a regular basis. She
also interacted well with her colleagues. She can take a leader or a follower role depending on
what the task and situation require. She was a great employee! She was dependable and was
willing to lend a hand without being asked. I never worried about the program when she was
working. I knew she could handle situations as they arose.

As a student, Josie was punctual and contributed to class discussions on a regular basis. She
always strove to do her best and paid attention to details. Her assignments were completed on
time and well written. She worked well in groups, where her classmates talked about her in a
positive way and she had natural leadership skills.

Josie’s communication skills are well developed. She interacted with the families in a very
comfortable manner and included them their child’s education. She discussed the children’s
activities with their families at the end of the day, created a bulletin board with announcements,
sent home newsletters, and she created documentation to share with the families at the
Celebration of Learning at the end of the semester.

My interactions with Josie have been extremely positive. She has an easygoing and very
approachable personality. She is professional, warm, fun loving, and friendly. Her experiences
demonstrate her commitment to the profession, her service, and her expertise that she can bring
in as a first year teacher. She has a natural disposition for working with children of all ages and
would be an excellent addition to any school. She adapts to any age group seamlessly and all
who have worked with her know her passion for both children and families. I have absolutely no
reservations about recommending Josie Parry to you. I highly enjoyed working with her and
would love to do so again in the future. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.


Laura Gloege, M.S.
Coordinator of the SDSU Preschool Laboratory and the SDSU Kindergarten Out-of-School-
Time Program,
Lecturer & Mentor Teacher in Early Childhood Education
Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Department
PC 133, Box 2218, South Dakota State University
Brookings, SD 57007
(605) 688-6477 (Work)
(605) 691-4575 (Home)
(605) 688-5797 (Fax)
Email: Laura.Gloege@sdstate.edu