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This Legal form of document was made for the two concern sides dated _________________.

(side A _______________) and (side

B ______________) dated __________________. In This Legal form of document, The two concern sides participate and approve
all the condition stated below:


Authorized Officer refers a person designated as such by the (side B) from time to time as notified in writing to the (side A) to act as
the representative of the (side B) for all reasons connected with the Contract, including whichever authorized representative of such

Promptly and in whichever event within whichever time targets as may be set out in the Specification and in a professional and
courteous manner so as to reflect and promote the image of the (side B) and whichever Beneficiary.

To the extent that the Specification includes the date, format and method of release of the Services and Deliverables and/or the
applicable performance measures, performance due-by dates, minimum performance levels and methods of performance
measurement in respect of the Services, the (side A) will abide by the same.

The (side B) or whichever Beneficiary may accept such Deliverable or reject it in its reasonable discretion on the grounds that such
Deliverable is in whole or in part not of satisfactory quality and/or does not meet the brief set out in the Specification or the
requirements otherwise made known to the (side A) by the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary.

The (side A) shall institute and maintain a properly documented system of quality control as set out in the Specification and which is
to the satisfaction of the Authorized Officer to guarantee that the Contract Standard is met.


The only sums payable by the (side B) or whichever Beneficiary to the (side A) for the provision of the Services shall be the Contract
Price All other costs, charges, fees and expenses of whatever kind arising out of or in connection with the Contract shall be the
responsibility of the (side A).

The (side A) confirms its satisfaction of its abilities and experience in all respects to perform the Services pursuant to the Contract to
the reasonable satisfaction of the (side B).

The Concern Parties agree to the abovementioned listed legal conditions. In witness whereof, the concern sides hereto set their
hands as of the date first written above.

(side A), signature & date (side B), signature & date
Date Date

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