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This Legal form of document is made among two concern sides (side A ____________) and (side B____________) dated

______________. The two concerning concern sides have agreed on all the terms and condition issued on This Legal form of

1.) This clause covers the provision of electronic information by the (side A) to the (side B) and provides that the (side A) warrants
that the information is full and accurate and will not result in liability for the (side B).

2.) The (side A) gives the (side B) a license to use the Product Information and whichever Intellectual Property to illustrate the goods
and services. The license will not be exclusive to the (side B) and will be free of royalties. Before publishing the Product
Information, the (side B) will provide a copy of the relevant catalogue section to the (side A) to approve.

3.) This clause guarantees that the (side B) has accurate records of the goods provided to it by the (side A). The (side B) may
require information to be provided about the Goods supplied to it by the (side A) under the contract.


1.) An example of a step that an (side B) might require a (side A) to take is to publish a particular equality and diversity policy.
Another example would be for the (side B) to undertake reasonable monitoring of (side A) performance to guarantee that their
performance is consistent with the equality and diversity requirements and obligations of the (side B).

2.) The clause does not place an express contractual commitment on the (side A) or sub (side A)s to also be bound by the equality
duties that do not apply to them as private bodies. It does put in place a contractual commitment to co-operate with the (side B)
which is subject to the equality duties.

3.) This clause also places a wider non-discrimination obligation on (side A)s and sub (side A)s, not just in relation to race, but also
in relation to other types of unlawful discrimination. The clause also draws the (side A)'s attention to equality duties placed on the
Authorities as public bodies.

The Concern Parties agree to the abovementioned listed legal conditions. In witness whereof, the concern sides hereto set their
hands as of the date first written above.

(side A), signature & date (side B), signature & date

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