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Volleyball Unit Quiz March 17.

Name:_______________ Period: ____

1. What is not a positional cue for receiving a serve?

a. Knees Bent,
b. Feet shoulder width apart,
c. Back straight up,
d. Arms hanging, with bent elbows

2. What is the proper sequence of actions following a serve in a formal volleyball game?
a. Bump - Set Throw
b. Underhand Pass Overhand Pass Hit
c. Bump Underhand Pass Spike
d. Dig Bump Smash

3. What is not a method to achieve a playing fault when?

a. A player contacts the ball 2 consecutive times
b. A player touches the net when blocking or attacking
c. A team hits the ball 4 times without returning the ball back
d. When the ball touches the net when being served over the net

4. A __________ is a successful hit that results in a point for the attacking team?
a. Kill
b. Rally
c. Spike
d. Overhand pass

5. Which of the following answers is a violation of volleyball rules

a. Blocking a serve
b. Overhand passing the ball over the net
c. Receiving a serve with an overhand pass
d. Jumping while serving

6. What action is used to prevent the opponents from hitting the ball into your court?
a. Dig
b. Block
c. Hit
d. Underhand Pass

7. Which of the following is a method to score a point for your team?

a. Your team gets a kill
b. Your team occurs a playing fault
c. Your team continues a rally
d. Your team serves the ball in the net
8. When blocking an opponents hit, how many players can block the ball at the net at one
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
9. A Volleyball Game (Set) is over when a team?
a. Scores 25 points
b. Scores 25 points or wins by 2
c. Both teams tie at 27 points
d. Commits 10 playing faults
10. When the ball touches the hands of a players who is blocking, can that team still return
the ball? If yes, what is the maximum number of contacts that they can use to return the
a. No, 0
b. Yes, 1
c. Yes, 2
d. Yes, 3

Exit Slip

1) List the steps or describe the cues used when serving a volleyball?


2) After the volleyball is served over the net, what are the proper actions for the that team to
use to return the volleyball? (Hint: List the three contacts)