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Womens March on Washington

January 21, 2017

The Washington March drew at least 500,000

people, and worldwide participation has been
estimated at five million. At least 408 marches
were reported to have been planned in the
U.S. and 168 in 81 other countries.

Women's March web site

I traveled to Washington, DC, with
my mother and friend Karen. We
booked with Rally Bus in November
and were part of a group of 274
(women, men, and children!)
traveling on 5 buses from Durham.
Our bus left at about 3:15 am. I
volunteered to be a bus captain
which meant I helped to make sure
we didnt leave anyone behind.
We arrived in DC around 8:30 am a little
earlier than scheduled! Our bus parked in Lot
7 of RFK Stadium.
My signs for the march.

A lot of people stopped me to take

a picture of my Trump sign.
Walking from RFK to the
nearest Metro station.
We met and talked to so
many interesting people!
Many businesses in the
area were open, allowing
march attendees to use
restrooms, providing free
beverages or snacks, and
Stadium Armory Metro Station

More than 10,000 Womens March and

inauguration attendees have donated
their unused Metro cards
Federal Center SW Metro Station (3rd St SW, near D
St SW) next door to a Starbucks. We got coffee
and sat outside here for a while, watching people
and reading signs.

Image from Google Maps

street view below
We chatted with these girls
while we were hanging out at
Starbucks. They were on our
bus. The girl on the left is a
graduate student in social
work at UNC. We talked
about this class and I told
them I was taking pictures to
share with you all.
The official
March Map.

The Starbucks /
Metro stop
where we sat
for a while are
located in the
bottom right of
the green
square, near
Ford House
Office Bldg.
We found
another spot to
sit at the
intersection of C
St SW & 6th St
SW. It was so
crowded that
there was little
literally WALLS of
people in all
Best Sign Award goes to this guy!

A mirror cut in the shape of the

United States that he held up toward
the crowds as he walked backwards.
Some people were in full costume
This was the first time I have ever participated in an event like this.
Such a tremendous and beautiful experience, to be surrounded by so
many friendly, passionate, and peace-loving individuals! I found myself
getting emotional throughout the day, especially as I watched my
mom. Thank you for allowing me to briefly share this with you during
class, and in more detail through these slides. I look forward to
hearing more about your Womens March experiences!
Moral March on Raleigh
HKonJ Peoples Assembly
February 11, 2017
ASSEMBLY COALITION (official web site)
I parked on campus
and took an Uber
downtown. I dont
know how many
people were there
(reportedly tens of
thousands) but I
did not want to find
parking or fight that
Great energy at the opening rally in front of
Duke Energy Performing Arts Center!
HKonJ had over 200 registered coalition partners, supporting a
wide variety of causes:
Immigrant justice
Labor and workers rights
Health care
Economic justice/development
Environmental justice
Community organizing/outreach
LGBTQ rights
Womens rights
Democracy/civil/human rights
Peace advocacy

Quite literally something for everyone!

The Vegans for Peace group
had the cutest animal signs.
During the opening rally.
Reverend William Barber is an
excellent speaker!
HKonJ Moral March speech
I took this shot over my head
& behind me during the
opening rally.
Everyone starting to gather on
South Street for the march.
Some of the White Coats those working in or students of the
medical professions
My friend Karen
I told this little boy that I liked his sign
and asked if I could take a picture of it.
His dad said, I asked him what he
wanted me to write on his sign. This is
what he said.
One of my UNCP students made this for me.

If you dont already know about the pink

hats: Pussyhat Project
50% of proceeds from these shirts go to
Planned Parenthood. To date Google
Ghost has donated $125,165.
I love these buttons by Pincause. I always get compliments on mine!

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