Barbara Selby Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

March 11, 1992 (Phone: 703/557-5609) RELEASE: 92-31 NASA SELECTS SMALL BUSINESS INNOVATION RESEARCH PROJECTS NASA announced today the selection of 39 research proposals for immediate negotiation of Phase II contracts in NASA's Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR). These proposals were submitted by 38 small, high technology firms located in 18 states. Total value of these 39 awards will be about $19.5 million. Selections were chosen competitively from a group of 258 proposals submitted for Phase II continuations of the 90-1 SBIR Phase I projects initiated in 1990. This completes the selection process for the 90-1 Phase II proposals. The total number of Phase II proposals selected in this group, including those announced earlier, is 137. Total funding for all projects will be about $68.5 million. SBIR objectives are to stimulate technological innovation in the United States by using small business, including minority and disadvantaged firms, to help meet federal research and development needs and to encourage commercial applications of federally funded research innovations. SBIR Phase II continues development for the most promising Phase I projects which have demonstrated technical feasibility and highest potential value to NASA as research innovations. Selection criteria include technical merit and innovation, Phase I results, value to NASA, commercial potential, and company capabilities. Funding for each Phase II contract can be as much as $500,000 for a period of performance up to 2-years.

The SBIR program is managed by NASA's Office of Commercial Programs, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C., and all individual SBIR projects are managed by nine NASA field centers. - end EDITOR'S NOTE: A listing of companies selected for this program is available at NASA Headquarters (Phone: 202-453-8400) and all NASA field centers. NASA 90-1 PHASE II - STEP 2 (Groups 1 and 3) AWARD DISTRIBUTIONS March 11, 1991 STATE AWARDS FIRMS 3 12 1 1 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1

Alabama 3 California 13 Connecticut 1 Florida 1 Georgia 1 Maryland 1 Massachusetts 6 Michigan 1 Minnesota 1 New Jersey 1 Nevada 1 New York 1 Ohio 3 Oregon 1 Tennessee 1 Utah 1 Texas 1 Virginia 1


Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD Jet Propulsion Laboratory 6* Pasadena, CA Johnson Space Center 7 Houston, TX Kennedy Space Center 3 Kennedy Space Center, FL Langley Research Center 3 Hampton, VA Lewis Research Center 3 Cleveland, OH Marshall Space Flight Center Marshall Space Flight Ctr, AL Stennis Space Center 1 Stennis Space Center, MS ___ ___ Totals 39

2 6






12 1



* One firm selected for award in each of two centers. March 11, 1991 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program 90-1 Phase II Group 1 and 3 Selections Proposals Selected for Negotiation of SBIR Phase II Contracts Sorted by Field Center & Company Alpha

Ames Research Center Heuristicrats 1678 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 310 Berkeley, CA 94709-1631 Andrew Mayer 415-845-5810 90-1-06.04-5810 (ARC ) Decision-Theoretic Control Of Artificial Intelligence Scheduling Systems Hypersonics, Inc. 164 Ferne Court Palo Alto, CA 94306-4607 Raul J. Conti 415-856-3013 90-1-02.03-3013 (ARC ) Innovative Model For Reacting Flows 2 Selections from Ames Research Center **************************************************************** ** Goddard Space Flight Center Detector Technology, Inc. P.O. Box K-300 Brookfield, MA 01506 Peter W. Graves 508-867-5411 90-1-08.09-5411A (GSFC) Manufacturing Large Area, High-Gain Microchannel Plates for Military, Space Science, & Commercial Applications Physical Sciences, Inc. 20 New England Business Center Andover, MA 01810 Robert Weiss 508-689-0003 90-1-08.01-0003 (GSFC) An Iodine Standard Lamp 2 Selections from Goddard Space Flight Center **************************************************************** ** Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Covalent Associates, Inc. 10 State St Woburn, MA 01801 Victor R. Koch 617-938-1140 90-1-10.06-1140 (JPL ) Overcharge Protection Additives For Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Cybernet Systems Corporation 1919 Green Road, Suite B 101 Ann Arbor, MI 48105 Heidi N. Jacobus 313-668-2567 90-1-05.06-2567 (JPL ) Intelligent Robot/Sensor Operations Planning Systems OCA Applied Optics, Inc. 7421 Orangewood Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92641 William F. Morgan 714-895-1667 90-1-08.19-1667 (JPL ) Optical Components And Design Tools-Cryogenic Telescopes Polatomic, Inc. 2201 Waterview Parkway, Suite 1712 Richardson, TX 75080 Robert E. Slocum 214-690-2292 90-1-08.15-2292 (JPL ) Universal Helium Magnetometer For Space Superior Vacuum Technology 7388 Washington Avenue Eden Prairie, MN 55344 James E. Tolan 612-941-8663 90-1-08.09-1929 (JPL ) Strained Type II Superlattice Infrared Detectors Xsirius, Inc. 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 214 Marina Del Ray, CA 90292 David Haedicke 703-522-8600 90-1-08.24-6655 (JPL ) New Concepts For Hgi2-Scintillator Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

6 Selections from Jet Propulsion Laboratory **************************************************************** ** Johnson Space Center Garman Systems, Inc. One Blue Ridge Court Getzville, NY 14068-1192 Daniel J. Inman 716-636-2733 90-1-04.14-2733 (JSC ) Quick Look Modal Testing Of Flexible Structures Photonics Imaging 6975 Wales Road Northwood, OH 43619 Peter S. Friedman 419-666-1024 90-1-09.06-1024 (JSC ) Surface-Discharge Ac Plasma Color Flat Panel Display For Space Station Applications Potomac Photonics, Inc. 4720-E Boston Way Lanham, MD 20706 C. Paul Christensen 301-459-3031 90-1-13.06-3031 (JSC ) An Ultrasensitive Laser Microprobe for Detector of Surface Contamination Robotics Research Corporation P.O. Box 206 Amelia, OH 45102-0206 James P. Karlen 513-831-9570 90-1-05.04-9570A (JSC ) Robot Fault-Tolerant Feedback System Rocky Research P.O. Box 1086 Boulder City, NV 89005 Uwe Rockenfeller 702-293-0851 90-1-09.11-0851A (JSC ) High-Temperature-Waste-Heat-Driven Cooling Using Complex Compound Sorption Media Speech Systems, Inc.

18356 Oxnard Street Tarzana, CA 91356 Dan Copsey 818-881-0885 90-1-06.05-0885 (JSC ) Language Engineering In Speech Recognition Transitions Research Corporation 15 Great Pasture Road Danbury, CT 06810 John M. Evans Jr. 203-798-8988 90-1-09.05-8988A (JSC ) Log-Polar Binocular Vision System 7 Selections from Johnson Space Center **************************************************************** ** Kennedy Space Center ENSCO, Inc. 5400 Port Royal Road Springfield, VA 22151-2388 Barbara A. Brown 703-321-9000 90-1-06.09-4122 (KSC ) Automated Operations And Maintenance Instruction and Training System Konigsberg Instruments, Inc. 2000 Foothill Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91107-3294 Eph Konigsberg 818-449-0016 90-1-12.11-0016 (KSC ) Development Of A True General-Purpose Biomedical Telemetry System Merritt Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 2103 Merritt Island, FL 32954 Douglas Rosinski 404-855-5321 90-1-05.04-7828 (KSC ) Sensor Based Whole-Arm Obstacle Avoidance For Redundant Robot Arm Manilpulators 3 Selections from Kennedy Space Center

**************************************************************** **

Langley Research Center Femtometrics 1001 West 17th Street, #R Costa Mesa, CA 92627-4512 William D. Bowers 714-722-6239 90-1-08.03-6239 (LaRC) Develop a Temperature Controlled QCM/SAW Instrument for the In-Situ Chemical Identification of Size Segregated High Altitude Aerosol Particles Nielsen Engineering & Research, Inc. 510 Clyde Avenue Mountain View, CA 94043-2287 David Nixon 415-968-9457 90-1-02.02-9457B (LaRC) Nonlinear Flow Control in Boundary Layers and Channels Zonic Corporation 25 Whitney Drive Milford, OH 45150 James B. Webb 513-248-1911 90-1-09.01-1911 (LaRC) Adaptation Of A Multichannel Structural Analyzer As An Integrated Controls/Structures Design And Analysis Tool 3 Selections from Langley Research Center **************************************************************** ** Lewis Research Center Cambridge Hydrodynamics, Inc. P.O. Box 1403

Princeton, NJ 08542 R. Karp 609-683-1515 90-1-01.01-1515 (LeRC) Advanced Turbomachinery CFD Design And Analysis Program Structural Integrity Associates 3150 Almaden Expressway, Suite 145 San Jose, CA 95118 P. C. Riccardella 408-978-8200 90-1-04.01-8200 (LeRC) Real Time Monitoring Of Material Degradation Of Fiber Composites

Ultramet 12173 Montague Street Pacoima, CA 91331 Robert H. Tuffias 818-899-0236 90-1-11.05-0236 (LeRC) Protective Coatings for Copper Alloys in Reusable LOX/Hydrogen Rocket Engines 3 Selections from Lewis Research Center **************************************************************** ** Marshall Space Flight Center Advanced Welding Concepts Inc. P.O. Box 2857 Huntsville, AL 35804-2857 Richard E. Reeves 205-539-6750 90-1-04.08-2200 (MSFC) Demonstration of Wire-Based Welding Processes for In-Orbit Applications Bend Research, Inc. 64550 Research Road Bend, OR 97701-8599 Rod J. Ray 503-382-4100 90-1-12.03-4100A (MSFC)

Development Of A Membrane-Based Atmosphere-Control Subsystem Bonneville Scientific, Inc. 918 East 900 South Salt Lake City, UT 84105 Josephine M. Grahn 801-359-0402 90-1-05.09-0402 (MSFC) Self-Contained Miniature Dexterous Hand Crystal Research 1441 Sunnyside Terrace San Pedro, CA 90732 Paul J. Sclichta 213-831-0760 90-1-15.01-0760 (MSFC) Controlled Nucleation Of Protein Crystal Growth Exos, Inc. 8 Blanchard Road Burlington, MA 01803 Beth Marcus 617-229-2075 90-1-12.05-2075 (MSFC) Development Of A Force Feedback Anthropomorphic Teleoperation Input Device For Control Of Robot Hands Marquest Group Incorporated 8 Otis Park Drive Bourne, MA 02532 Kurt L. Smrcina 508-759-1311 90-1-08.25-1311 (MSFC) An Integrated Three Dimensional Underwater Data Acquisition and Management System for the NBSF McGown, Mullican & Dunn 1305 Clinton St, Suite 300 Nashville, TN 37203 Raymond C. Mullican 615-329-2573 90-1-12.05-3118 (MSFC) Alternative Illumination Technologies For The Human Habitation Of Space OCA Applied Optics, Inc. 7421 Orangewood Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92641 Michael J. Delvin 714-895-1667

90-1-08.20-1667 (MSFC) Aspheric Surface Figuring Using Plasma Assisted Chemical Etching PDA Engineering 2975 Redhill Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Lynn M. Sheridan 714-540-8900 90-1-11.03-8900B (MSFC) An Assessment of the Thermostructural Behavior and Feasibility of Using Rotated Ply Stacking for Carbon-Carbon Cloth Based Nozzle Components Remtech, Inc. 3304 Westmill Drive Huntsville, AL 35805 Charles E. Fuller 205-536-8581 90-1-02.04-8581 (MSFC) Rarefied Gas Effects On Aerobraking/Reentry Vehicles With Wakes SSG, Inc. 150 Bear Hill Road Waltham, MA 02154 Alan H. McEacharn 617-890-0204 90-1-08.07-0204 (MSFC) Silicon Carbide - A Low Cost Ultra Lightweight Replacement for Large Aperture Beryllium and Glass Space Optical Systems

Seca, Inc. 3311 Bob Wallace Avenue, Suite 203 Huntsville, AL 35805 Richard C. Farmer 205-534-2008 90-1-02.05-2008 (MSFC) Radiation From Advanced Solid Rocket Motor Plumes 12 Selections from Marshall Space Flight Center **************************************************************** ** Stennis Space Center

Erdas, Inc. 2801 Buford Highway, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30329 Nick Faust 404-248-9000 90-1-07.04-9000 (SSC ) Expert Image Classification System Utilizing Innovative Knowledge Engineering 1 Selections from Stennis Space Center **************************************************************** ** 39 Total 90-1 Phase II Step 2 - Group 1 and 3 Selections