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Colfax Elementary School 9112 W. Market St. Greensboro, North Carolina 27235 Tel: (336) 275-4332

August 20, 2010 Dear Parents, Welcome to Colfax Elementary School, home of the Vikings. The start of school is always an exciting time. We look forward each year to the arrival of the students and the opportunity to get to know each one. The staff at Colfax is committed to providing a quality instructional program and the best possible learning environment for your child. It will be a wonderful year of learning. This handbook contains basic information that will assist you and your child in having a successful year. Please read all of the information thoroughly and discuss it with your child. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please sign and return the form that is being sent home to let us know you have reviewed this handbook. Please return the signed form to your child’s teacher. I wish each of you the best year ever! Sincerely, Michelle Thigpen, Principal Live – Love – Laugh – Learn – Lead!


Colfax PTA
Welcome to Colfax Elementary! We are glad you are here and a part of our Colfax family. Our Colfax Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is just that – Parents AND Teachers! We are so blessed to have participation from so many parents as well as teachers and other staff members volunteering in many different ways. We can never have too many volunteers! You do not have to be a PTA member, nor do you have to only volunteer through a PTA committee – the important thing is to share in your child’s education. We hope you will find that our PTA is well aligned with that goal. Please look over the Volunteer Handbook and sign up sheet that will be sent home with your child. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Gloria Gleason, our volunteer coordinator, at Our Colfax PTA executive committee is very excited about our school year and all the programs that we will be able to provide for our children – both inside and outside of the classroom. During our school year, we supply our staff with funds that assist them with purchasing items that they need as well as coordinate programs that benefit all children. The members of our executive committee and their emails are listed at the bottom of this letter. Ways that you can help: 1. Collect labels/box tops: • Box Tops for education • Tyson food labels from A+ products  There will be a collection box located in the front office. 2. When shopping at the following stores, link your cards to Colfax Elementary: • Food Lion – and connect your card to Colfax • Harris Teeter – – Colfax # 1209 • Target – – Colfax # 80061 • Office Depot – 5% of the school supplies you purchase will go to Colfax Elementary if you mention our school when checking out If you have any questions please feel free to contact me any time. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you. I know it will be a great school year! Karen Grube PTA President 2010-2011
“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re PRICELESS.” Sherry Anderson

Karen Grube Teresa Dodson Gloria Gleason Jennifer Peaslee Tracey Powell Rhonda Leonard

Colfax PTA Executive Committee President President-Elect Vice President Vice President Secretary Treasurer

“…no matter how big government gets, and no matter how many services it provides, it can never take the place of volunteers.”


p. 22 Parent Teacher Conferences………………………………………….p. 24 Homework……………………………………………………………….p. 15 Prices……………………………………………………………. 8 Family trips………………………………………………………. 11-12 Birthdays/Class Parties…………………………………………………. 28-31 Procedure for Processing Concerns………………………………….. 11 Early Pickup………………………………………………………. p. 12 Bus Safety and Discipline……………………………………………….p... 21 Medicines…………………………………………………………………p. .... . 17 Emergencies at School………………………………………………… . .. 11 Study Island………………………………………………………………. 24 School Advisory Council………………………………………………. 21-22 Parent Teacher Association…………………………………………….. 40th U.p. 5-6 Grading Scale……………………………………………………………..p. 16 Dress Code for Students……………………………………………….. 12 Bringing items to school…………………………………………. 23 Report Cards……………………………………………………………. 7 Absences/Tardies/Attendance………………………………………… p. 19 Immunizations and Physical Exams…………………………………..p. p.p.p.. . 23 Promotion and Retention……………………………………………….p.Ronald Reagan.p.p.. 18 Head Lice…………………………………………………………………p.. 22-23 Privacy of Student Records……………………………………………. 10 Dropping off and picking up students…………………………. 11 Accelerated Reader Program…………………………………………. 18 Field Trips…………………………………………………………………p.p.p... 22 Parking…………………………………………………………………… p.p.p. 21 Media Center……………………………………………………………. 17 Emergency closing of School………………………………………….p.. p. 8 Student arrival…………………………………………………… p.S. 16 Child Custody Issues…………………………………………………….p. 25-26 Testing……………………………………………………………………. 27 Volunteer Program……………………………………………………. p. 31 4 .. . 16 Snacks…………………………………………………………….p. 24 School-Wide and Classroom Discipline……………………………… p.. 27 Visiting the School………………………………………………………. 19-20 Lost and Found Items……………………………………………………p.p.p.p. 27 Character Education……………………………………………………..p. 19 Illnesses at School………………………………………………………. p. p. 12-13 Cafeteria…………………………………………………………………. President Table of Contents 2010-2011 School Calendar……………………………………………p.p. 14 Health and Wellness Policy…………………………………….. 12 Delivery of balloons………………………………………………p. .p. p.

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August 20 23 25 27 September 6 7 13-27 21 22 27 October 6 15 18 .22 22 26 27 27 28 29 First teacher workday Open House 5:30 – 7:00 pm First day of school PTA Fundraiser Starts (Catalog) Labor Day Holiday – No School PTA Meeting – School Wide – 7 PM PTA Fundraiser Starts (Dining And Value Guide) Early Release Day Fall Pictures First Quarter Interim Reports Go Home Ident-A-Kid PTA Family Night – Book Fair Book Fair PTA Fall Festival Fall Picture Retakes Early Release Day End of Grading Period Protected Teacher Workday Teacher/Parent Conferences. Review PEPs and Student Data Optional Teacher Workday 2010-2011 School Calendar November 8 11 12 14 Report Cards Go Home Veterans Day Holiday Quarterly Awards Day American Education Week 24-26 December 6 6-9 22 – Jan 3 Holidays-Thanksgiving 2nd quarter Interim Reports Go Home PTA Holiday Shop Winter Break 7 .

King Holiday – No School End of Grading Period Protected Teacher Workday Review PEPs Report Cards Go Home Quarterly Awards Program Class Group Pictures 3rd Nine Weeks Interims Go Home Early Release Day Optional Teacher Workday Grading Period Ends Protected Teacher Workday Parent/Teacher Conferences. Review PEPs April 5 8 12 15 18 19 18-25 29 May TBA 3 9 24 30 June 7 8 9 10. 13 & 14 Report Cards go home Quarterly Awards Program Spring Pictures Early Release Day Optional Teacher Workday Optional Teacher Workday Spring Break For Students Fun Run EOG Tests 5th Grade Graduation Pictures 4th Quarter Interim Reports Go Home PTA School Wide Meeting – 7 PM Memorial Day Holiday K-2 EOY Awards Program 3-5 EOY Awards Program Last Day of School/5th Grade Graduation Teacher Workdays 8 .January 3 4 7 11 17 20 21 31 February 4 16 22 24 25 March 28 29 Teacher Workday Students begin classes after holiday Fun Run Kick Off Assembly PTA School Wide Meeting – 7 PM Martin L.

When you read this handbook. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE INFORMATION AND EXPECTATIONS WRITTEN IN THIS HANDBOOK.84 C 70. you will learn important information which will make the school year easier for you and your child.100 A 85. 9 .Grading Scale 93. THANK YOU.92 B 77. Your thorough knowledge of school procedures will facilitate your child’s success in school.76 D 0-69 E We encourage all parents to read this Student Handbook very carefully.

....... please adhere to the following procedures.. It is imperative that students are ready to begin the day at 7:50 AM. The student will be given a tardy slip at the front office that must be given to the classroom teacher upon arrival............. car riders.................... Please do not just drop your child off and leave...... the school realizes that there are times when special out-of.................. medical appointment.. a student must not have more than three tardies in an individual quarter............. A tardy child disrupts the class................. ready to begin the day............................7:50 Dismissal: K-1. Absence is excused for the following reasons: Illness..... a child must be in attendance at least one-half of the school day.. which has begun at 7:50 AM........2:30 All others........ An unexcused absence is a student’s willful absence from school without the knowledge of the parent................................................. Intervention methods will be utilized after excessive absences............................ When this is going to occur..................................... School Hours: Office.......2:45 Family Trips: Your child’s daily attendance is important to his academic progress......... quarantine. The tardy bell rings at 7:50 AM....7:15-4:00 Staff..... We want children at school....m...... • In order to receive a perfect attendance certificate for a quarter............................. religious reasons or holidays................. death in the family...............7:20-3:00 Students: Tardy.................. Students may begin entering the building at 7:25 AM....... 10 ..................... Teachers will work with students to give extra help in making up work missed due to absences... education opportunities....... Tardiness causes your child to begin the day late and possibly could cause some difficulties to his/her having a successful day........ court proceedings...........ABSENCES/TARDIES/ ATTENDANCE The goal of Guilford County Schools is to have at least 95% attendance..... you must bring him/her to the office and sign him/her in. or a student’s absence from school without justifiable cause............... Students who arrive late to their classes miss valuable instructional time........................... This will help to ensure the safety of your trips require that your child be absent from school........ on time.... In order to be counted present......... daycare............. Colfax Elementary seeks to have partnerships with parents to improve attendance and asks that parents commit to this goal......... Suspensions are considered unexcused....2:35 Buses leave.. If your child is tardy.................... The instructional day for students is from 7:50 AM to 2:30 PM. The cutoff for one-half day is 11:00 a..... However..............

The schools are required by law to withdraw a student who is absent ten consecutive days without notification from parents. please call and let us know how long you expect him to be out of school. or report about their trip to turn in when they return. Please do not take a trip and then expect the school to excuse the absence. Be specific and state: cold. the absence will automatically be coded as UNEXCUSED unless the following is done: 1. (See Guilford County Schools Code of Conduct Handbook. the school will call the home after 3 absences. and the dates the child will be out of school. 3. 3. sore throat. If a child misses more than two consecutive days. Send the note on the day the student returns to school or within three days after returning to school. If your child must be absent for more than two days. Tardies are recorded on class rosters and become part of a child’s permanent 11 . If these procedures are followed your child’s absence will be coded EXCUSED. As an intervention method. Children should not return to school until 24 hours after the temperature has returned to normal. Send a note at least two weeks before the trip stating that the child will be absent.If your child is absent from school because of a family vacation. If the child sees a doctor. Do not send a child to school if he/she is vomiting. Failure to do so can result in lower grades and loss of learning. Send a note signed by a parent or guardian stating why the child was out of school. have the doctor write a note explaining the illness and how long he/she expects the child to be out of school. please call the school. the reason for the absence. project.) 2. 4. Please do not send your child to school with a fever. If your child is absent. The principal will make the final determination regarding either an excused or unexcused absence. Please note that there will be no exceptions to these procedures. 5. Excused absences will only be considered for out of town trips when permission is requested prior to the trip. Send this note to the teacher. please follow the guidelines given below from the State Department of Public Instruction: 1. Please contact your child’s teacher for assignment rubric. This can hinder the recovery of your child and expose other children. Students are excused for lawful reasons. who will forward it to the principal. 2. They must also do a journal-writing. Students will be required to make up any work missed. etc. Your child’s teacher will gather work for the time of the absence and it must be turned in the day that your child returns to school.

In the mornings. upon arrival. 8. Please have your child ready to exit your vehicle when you have pulled up to the main side walk. and 10 consecutive absences. The law states that: “Unlawful absences will result in conferences with parents/guardians. Students should be dropped off at the loop next to the bus parking lot and NOT at any other location. This is to help ensure the safety and supervision of our students. to greet your child in the morning. using doors facing the bus lot. which states that they are in violation of the law. The school social worker becomes involved when excessive absences occur. their parents will receive a notification under the North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law. Excessive absences will be a factor in consideration of retention. 6. It is disruptive to the class when students arrive late. Teachers will record the number of absences and tardies on Interim Reports and Report Cards. If students accumulate 3. and must be signed in by a parent at the front office. North Carolina General Statutes (115C-378) require attendance until age 16. 10. 7. All students will enter the main building. faculty members will be stationed at the car rider line from 7:25 to 7:50 a. 12 .m. Unlawful absences and/or truancy may lead to disciplinary action to include court proceedings involving parents and/or students if a student is under 16 years of age.” Student Arrival Colfax staff members begin their morning duties at 7:25 AM Students may not arrive at school before 7:25 am. Parents who enter the building after 7:50 with their child must secure a visitor's pass from the office.M. At 7:25 students may enter the front doors and proceed to class or breakfast without talking. and a home visit will be made. parents will receive a letter from the school concerning the absences. if you would like to visit the classroom. Students are considered tardy after 7:50 A. 6. No students will be allowed to wait outside the building. 9. When students under the age of 16 accumulate unlawful absences. The student may be referred to the School Social Worker or meetings with the Principal may be required.record.

and end of year recognitions/celebrations are held to acknowledge student goals that are met. Please park in the main school parking lot. Only parents/guardians will be allowed to pick up children from school. Also. Students are assisted getting into cars by teacher assistants. Please have your child’s name displayed in the front window of your car. is for teachers ONLY. car drivers are not to move out of the carpool line as this could cause potential accidents. Quarterly. Students may select books from the Media Center and take the Accelerated Reader tests to determine their reading knowledge. Car riders may NOT be dropped off or picked up in any parking lots. but please use the sidewalk. If you wish to have your child picked up by someone else. mid-year. A print-out of the student’s test results is available from your child’s teacher. so that a teacher can call out the name of the child as cars come around the circle and pull up at one of the stations. There will be four “stations. For safety purposes. Show your Identification at this time. We will open the car rider line at 2:15. STUDY ISLAND 13 . Early Pickup: For the safety of your child.Dropping off and Picking up Students When picking your child up in the afternoon. Please remember the instructional day ends at 2:30 and refrain from picking up your child within 30 minutes of dismissal unless there is an emergency. if you must pick your child up early. after all children have exited the primary playground. The narrow parking lot on West Market St. Students are encouraged to read at their own rate and appropriate level. Please do not park and wait in the front office area to pick up a child that is walking out with the class. Please do not open the gates and move your car any further if children are on this playground! Cars are to enter the entrance east of the bus parking lot and proceed to the loop next to the main entrance. we must have advance written permission from you. please remain in your car. ACCELERATED READER Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading program available to all students in all classrooms. Please refer to the Colfax website for AR resources. children are not allowed to leave the supervised area in order to cross the parking lot to go to any cars without an adult. We have the Ident-A-Kid computer system for you to type in your child’s name and sign him out.” with a teacher or assistant at each station. Do not walk across the parking lot. please report to the office for a visitor's pass. This will help ensure that valuable learning time is not lost.

acceptable to "celebrate" these festive times with appropriate activities as they relate to the Standard Course of Study. If you want to invite children from your child’s class to his/her birthday. please bring them by car. It is. Students that have web access at home will be able to access the site at home. medications. and trading cards are not allowed at school! Such items will be confiscated and held in the office for parents to pick up. Several classes study various holidays and seasons during the year. to Students Balloons/flowers. If they are large. Students may not take these items home on the bus.Study Island is a computerized study tool that is directly aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study. in these cases. and toys are not allowed on the bus. Each kindergarten through fifth grade student will have a username and password to access the site. Parents may send commercially prepared refreshments to the school and teachers may choose to serve these in the cafeteria for the child’s birthday during lunch. The school will not be responsible for lost or damaged articles. BUS SAFETY AND DISCIPLINE 14 . beepers. There are only 2 approved class celebrations during the school year. Please remember that these "celebrations" are to enhance and extend the curriculum that the students are studying and must not promote activities that are done just for fun or traditions. etc. all food must be prepared commercially. These items are to be used only during the times designated by the teacher. special activities must be directly related to the standard course of study. Please be considerate of the bus riders when bringing projects on the school bus. Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions and to make arrangements. According to NC Health guidelines. BIRTHDAY/CLASS CELEBRATIONS Birthdays cannot be celebrated individually in each classroom. glass containers. large sports equipment. etc. electronic games. There may be a class celebration prior to winter break and end of the year. music players. any item that could be considered a facsimile of a weapon cannot be brought to school. No weapon facsimiles will be used for projects or presentations. PLEASE refer to your class directory for information. In order to protect and promote instructional time. Bringing Items to School Items pertaining to special projects assigned for classroom presentation or activities may be brought to school for use. Cell phones. delivered to students at school will not be given to students during the instructional day. Animals. Due to the zero tolerance policy towards violence of the Guilford County School System. Delivery of Balloons/Flowers.

bus number. Keep all parts of your body and all objects inside the bus. No eating. No pushing. it does create a seating problem on the bus. and corrective measures will be taken to encourage change. Discipline problems should be reported to the principal or assistant principal. This requirement is being made to insure that all students riding a bus have a seat and that overcrowding does not become a problem. date. We will not tolerate students stopping drivers from doing their jobs or preventing other students from having safe transportation. Misbehavior on the bus will be handled in the following manner: if misbehavior occurs. Continued misbehavior will result in further disciplinary action according to the GCS student handbook. bus/car) without written permission from the parents. when it involves more than two students. The greatest potential for injuries to children is during the time they are riding the school bus. Students must obey the instructions of the bus driver. loud talking or other inappropriate behavior on the bus at any time. We have operated in past years without serious injury to any child. We must continue this record. shoving. If there are one or two students involved. or change means of transportation (car/bus. Students will not be allowed to go home with another student. Please talk to your child about his or her behavior on the bus. The note must be given to the teacher who will send it to the office for approval and give it back to the student.Appropriate behavior will be rewarded and recognized regularly with positive consequences. Stay in your seat while the bus is moving. The student riding a bus will then give it to the bus driver when they board the bus in the afternoon. children will be allowed an opportunity to change. 2. Students should take their seats and talk quietly to those seated nearby. Parents should report any bad driving habits to the transportation office (605-3305). However. and the child’s first and last name. GOING HOME WITH ANOTHER STUDENT Quite often students invite friends to spend the night or attend a birthday party and ride the school bus home with them. The note must have the teacher’s name. drinking. 15 . We believe all students can act appropriately and safely while riding on a school bus. take an alternate route. or fighting at any time. this does not cause a major problem. 3. It is required that transportation for attending student parties after school be provided by the parents instead of using the school bus. we are utilizing the following Discipline Plan: THE FOLLOWING RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED ON THE BUS: 1. A written note from the parent/guardian is required for these types of changes in transportation. In order to guarantee your child and the other children riding the bus the safe transportation they deserve.

12. You are welcome to have lunch with your child: Parents are encouraged to refrain from bringing fast food items to the cafeteria for lunch.4. 1st incident: Driver verbally warns the student. the form must be signed and returned before the student is permitted to ride the bus again. 14. Iced tea is available for adults. We have plain. 5. Students may buy a prepared lunch. Thank you for your support of our program. chewing gum. Please discuss it with him again to be sure it is understood. CAFETERIA Breakfast and lunch are served daily. drinks. You may view the menu for the month on the GCS website. cursing. parental permission is required in writing to change your stop. and loud talking are not permitted. Food. 10. and skim milk available. arms. Parents will be called if a student is suspended from the bus. a child may be suspended from riding the bus without prior warning. or they may bring their lunches from home. No tampering with the bus. Inappropriate language. The Discipline Form will be given to the student which has to be signed by the parent(s) and returned to the office. If the student is suspended from the bus. 9. Keep hands. The bus will stop about 15 feet in front of you to keep you safe. throwing trash. 13. 7. 16 . 11. Also. please sit with his/her class at their lunch table. to yourself and inside the bus. No horseplay. Stay out of the driver's area. Face the front and don’t turn around or stand up in the seat. 6. 16. Do not run towards the bus until it comes to a complete stop. 8. The transportation policy has already been discussed with your child. please sign in at the office before going to the cafeteria. weapons and smoking are not permitted. If you want to eat with your child. 17. Be at your bus stop five minutes before the bus is due to arrive. chocolate. including milk. FAILURE TO OBSERVE ESTABLISHED SAFETY RULES AND REGULATIONS WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. radios and tape/CD players or hand held video games are not permitted. Meet the bus at designated stops only. Subsequent incidents: Driver gives discipline form to school administrator who conferences with the student(s) involved to investigate and follow through with incident according to the GCS student handbook. No unauthorized leaving of the bus while in route. Fighting. 15. etc. Follow the bus driver's directions the first time they are given. Delaying the bus schedule is not permitted. from the cafeteria. • If fighting or serious unsafe conditions occur. and other objects or otherwise distracting the driver's attention while the bus is in operation. paper.

• Schools should discourage students from sharing their foods or beverages with one another during meal or snack times due to possible allergies or restrictions on some children’s diets.6H.m. V. County Schools will implement a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan in each school cafeteria.m. Students are expected to be in their classes by 7:50. The district requires that all foods available on campus meet the goals of the Wellness Program. The child's name and teacher's name should be written on the outside of the envelope. The district requires well-planned and implemented school nutrition practices.m.A. • To the greatest extent possible.2 and State Board of Education regulations (16 N.C. where every meal meets the criteria established by State and Federal authorities. • Schools • Foods shall provide students access to hand washing or hand sanitizing before each meal service or snacks. • Unless limited by facilities. VI. If you plan to pay weekly or monthly by check. Place the cash or check in an envelope and send it to school the first day of the week. Healthy Student Wellnes Policy IHB-P IV. Breakfast starts at 7:25 a. once students are seated.C. Procedure: • All snacks and beverages shall meet General Statutes Chapter 115C-264.Students eat lunch in the cafeteria.e. from any source other than Environmental Health Services inspected facilities (i. they will be provided at least 10 minutes to eat breakfast and 20 minutes to eat lunch. This procedure does not apply to students who bring their lunch to school. Procedure: • Guilford • Guilford • Foods County Schools shall provide on-going Serve Safe training for all Child Nutrition Employees. The district focuses on safety in the preparation and storage of all consumable food. stores or restaurants) shall not be served to students during snack time. and 1:00 p. lunch should be scheduled between 11:00 a.0104) which states that no food of any kind may be sold by any source other than the Child 17 . you may make checks out to Colfax Elementary School Cafeteria. state and federal statutes and regulations. celebrations (such as international theme days) or as rewards. Procedure: • All breakfast and lunch meals will meet minimum nutrition requirements established by local. from outside sources shall not be stored in cafeteria refrigeration.

Seventy-five percent of snack vending products shall not have more than 200 calories per portion. • Food or beverages shall not be withheld as punishment.40 18 . bottled water is available in every school that has beverage vending. Seventy-five percent of snack vending products shall not have more than 200 calories per portion. Also included: Elementary Schools. • Students are encouraged to bring healthy choices for snacks and avoid items high in fat.Nutrition Program during breakfast and lunch until the last child is served the meal. Snack vending in all schools shall meet the Proficient Level of the NC Eat Smart Nutrition Standards. no snack vending. The only way we can comply with the court’s order is to have a copy to present to the ex-spouse should the situation arise where this is needed.30 a la carte $ . court document on file in the school office.caffeine-free. we must have a copy of that signed. diet soft drinks and bottled water are available in every school that has beverage vending.30 Lunch prices: K-5 Adult meal with tea Ice cream SNACKS Parents are encouraged to follow the guidelines of the healthy student policy when sending snacks to school and refrain from sending snacks high in sugar content. sugar and/or sodium. CAFETERIA PRICES (PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Breakfast Adult breakfast Full Price $.60 & $ . Snack vending in all schools shall meet the Proficient Level of the NC Eat Smart Nutrition Standards.75 Reduced $ . It is your responsibility to get this Full Price $ 2. Middle soft drinks sold at any time. CHILD CUSTODY If you and your spouse are separated or divorced and there is a court order stating that the ex-spouse is not to visit the child at school or pick him up at school. High Schools.caffeine-free. diet soft drinks and bottled water are available in every school that has beverage vending.90 a la carte Reduced Price $.

In addition. Parents will be contacted to bring a change of clothes/shoes if needed. be sure to discuss these with your child’s teacher. If wearing pants. expressions or gestures will not be permitted on any type of clothing. No bandannas. both pant legs must remain down. shorts and dresses must be an appropriate length. Skirts. • EMERGENCIES AT SCHOOL During the school year. If you have questions or concerns about custody issues regarding your children. Tennis shoes are required for PE/recess every day in order to participate. Whenever you leave home. DRESS CODE FOR STUDENTS See GCS Code of Conduct Student Handbook. we ask that each student come to school fully dressed and groomed in an appropriate manner. there may be times that the school will need to get in touch with you regarding your child’s welfare. crocs. No bare midriffs and tops must fit appropriate to avoid indecent exposure.information to us. This request is to protect your child. headbands. To maintain a positive learning environment and to en courage development of positive self-esteem. Pants or shorts must rest on the waist. All student dress should be appropriate and safe without causing the child embarrassment. you should be sure that those persons whom you have listed as persons the school can contact in case of an emergency know where you can be reached. then the outfit is too short. Judge the length by having your child drop her hands to the sides of her legs. A student may choose to wear an additional sweater or sweatshirt when needed. or hats on any part of the body. and sandals are not safe or appropriate for PE/recess. We do not 19 . and we ask that you cooperate with us by providing these papers. please contact the principal or assistant principal. If her hands touch bare legs. Students are expected to hang up their large jackets in their rooms upon arrival. We realize that each student is an individual who makes choices about ways of dressing and grooming but we must maintain a dress code to ensure attention to academics. Clothing that advertises illegal items for minors to purchase or possess will not be allowed. BE SURE you let the school know. Please adhere to the following requests: • • • • • • • No tops with spaghetti straps or half shirts (shirts must meet the top of the pants). Flip flops. wheelies. Should your phone number change or become disconnected. Any style of clothing or make-up that disrupts the learning environment or is harmful to the health of the student will not be allowed. Overt or implied obscene language. STUDENTS SHOULD WEAR SHOES WITH CLOSED TOE AND HEEL (NO Wheelies) FOR THEIR SAFETY.

EMERGENCY CLOSING OF SCHOOL Consideration is given to the closing of schools when extreme weather conditions are. The announcement is usually made by 6:30 AM. Greensboro. All children should be taught what to do in case of an emergency closing. sleet or other excessive weather conditions. Please be sure this information is clear and up to date and with your child’s teacher. or look at the Guilford County Schools web site for instructions. and payment for bus drivers. A Field Trip Permission form must be completed and returned to your child’s teacher for each trip that is taken. Also. Your cooperation in this matter will relieve your child's anxiety and allow us to know what to do if this occurs. FIELD TRIPS Teachers will be arranging out-of-school learning experiences for their classes during the school year. Fees must be charged for field trips to cover such things as admission charges. You may call 370-8370 for a recording of current decisions. do not tell your child to call you. no child may attend a field trip without written permission from the parent or guardian. Please return this form. do not list on the form you will receive that you want to be called.want a serious situation to occur and not be able to find a family member. Please keep emergency information updated at all times. Keeping this in mind. You will be sent a form to fill out at the beginning of the year which states where your child should go if school is dismissed early. 20 . Teachers will request additional chaperones only when needed for safety or required for a certain child/adult ratio by the site visited. Please return the field trip permission form as soon as possible so your child can go on the field trip. It is most important for your child to know you can be reached. WE CANNOT HONOR THIS REQUEST. Please do not promise your child that you will chaperone a trip during the year without prior approval from your child’s teacher. The decision to close schools is made by the Superintendent. or may become. This signed form gives your permission for your child to go with the class and the teacher whenever a field trip occurs. LET YOUR CHILD’S TEACHER KNOW WHAT YOUR PLANS WILL BE DURING SUCH AN EMERGENCY. Our phone lines become completely tied up on early dismissal days and it is very hard to get an open line. This will allow you to know whether or not school will be held or if it will start late or dismiss early. These trips will enhance and extend the curriculum. detrimental to the health and safety of students and staff or when the learning process is seriously impaired. Whenever there is an indication of snow. please listen to Channel 2. bus transportation. For all children’s safety. Many parents request that the school call them or another individual to pick up their child in the event of early dismissal. Public announcements and releases to news media are made by the Superintendent.

It is important that we have current phone numbers where the parent or other designated person may be reached. ILLNESSES AT SCHOOL A public health nurse visits our school each week. 2. Book Fair. If your child still has nits. Class Volunteers. A child must be “nit” free before he/she may return to school. and Reading Rangers which you may attend with your child. American Education Week. After shampooing the hair. Parents are notified by telephone when their child is sick at school. An accompanying letter will give you directions for dealing with the lice. If for some reason you would like for the nurse to see your child. 5. These include activities such as: Reading Buddies. It is difficult for a child to have to remain at school when he is sick and we cannot reach parents. the school will call the person(s) you have listed on the registration form and data card. 3. Holiday Shop. She oversees the general health supervision of students.  HEAD LICE Head lice can be a reoccurring problem in any school setting. Fall Festival.There are numerous opportunities to share a special time with your child and volunteer within the classrooms during the school year. Before your child may return to his class. Office personnel will check your child’s hair to determine that there are no nits remaining. Field Day. Call your doctor and request information for NITS shampoo. he will not be allowed to return to class until the hair is free of nits. Should your child have head lice: 1. Any volunteer who works with children in the school MUST have a Criminal Records Check. you will need to bring him to the school office. You will be notified to pick up your child. 4. Skate Night. Be sure that you provide specific instructions where you may be reached in case of an emergency. Please complete this at the beginning of the year if you plan to volunteer. If you cannot be reached. Lunch Buddies. Brush Strokes. 21 . please call the school or send a note to that effect to your child’s teacher. you will need to pull ALL nits off the hair shaft. Please contact the school any time these names or numbers change. Class Picnics.

5th Grade Parents: North Carolina Law states that a booster dose of Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine is required for individuals attending public school who are entering 6th Grade if 5 or more years have passes since the last dose of Tetanus/Diphtheria Toxoid. For students who are under 5 years of age. Proof of these immunizations. 2001. PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT: 1100 E. (Measles. NC 27405 PH: 641-6625 501 E.IMMUNIZATIONS AND PHYSICAL EXAMS All students’ immunizations must meet North Carolina Immunization Requirements: 5 DPT 4 OVP 1 MMR 2nd MMR 1 Hib 3 Hepatitis B 1 Varicella (Diphtheria. (Oral Polio Vaccine) If 3rd dose is after 4th birthday. NC 27260 PH: 845-6625 22 . If the proof of immunization is not presented within 30 CALENDAR DAYS. 4th dose is not required. 3 doses required for all children born on/after 7-1-94. it is the responsibility of the principal to exclude the child from school until that proof is received or until the child begins an immunization schedule. 1994. Rubella) 1st doses on/after 1st birthday. Given at least 30 days after 1st MMR is required for those who entered kindergarten after July 1. Individuals who began their tetanus/ Diphtheria Toxoid (Td) series on or after the age of seven years shall be required to have only three (3) doses of Td of which one must have been within the past ten years. GREEN DR. REQUIRED CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS ARE AVAILABLE WITHOUT CHARGE AT GUILFORD COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH. One dose required for all children born after April 1. Pertussis) If 4th dose is on/after 4th birthday. with the dates received and a doctor or clinic signature must be presented to the school within 30 CALENDAR DAYS after the first day of attendance. Tetanus. HIGH POINT. WENDOVER AVENUE OR GREENSBORO. Mumps. A minimum of 6 months is recommended between the 2nd and 3rd dose. 5th dose is not required.

All students will. opportunities are provided for everyone for research using the “expanded” reference collection and an excellent nonfiction collection covering all subject areas. MEDICINES (PRESCRIBED) Medication should not be administered by district employees unless the parent is unable to make arrangements for the student to receive the prescribed medication before or after school hours. Labeling does help us find lost items and makes your child responsible for his belongings. prescription or non-prescription. and abilities. If items are lost. Whenever medication. books. By law. The media center is open from 7:30 am until 3 pm most school days. All students take part in the Media Center's instructional program. This is required by state law and strictly enforced. All unclaimed items are donated to charity. It is their Media Center in which to seek and use all types of information. A physical exam is required for all new kindergarten students. If a lost book is found after the fee has been paid and is in good condition. the Kindergarten Health Assessment Form must be completed and signed by a licensed physician or clinic and all necessary immunizations completed within 30 days of enrollment in school to avoid exclusion from school. We will make an attempt to locate the lost article. is prescribed by a physician or health-care clinician to be given during school hours. and learn life-long study/media skills. interests. The Kindergarten Health Assessment may be picked up in the school office. Also. the money will be refunded. 23 . caps. Payments for lost or damaged books should be given to the media specialist. Students may select the medium that best suits their needs.IMMUNIZATIONS MAY ALSO BE OBTAINED FROM STUDENTS’ HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. The media center cannot make change for fees collected. Students are also reminded that fees are charged for lost or damaged library books that are checked out to them. LOST AND FOUND ITEMS Label your child’s personal belongings such as coats. etc. lunch boxes. select books to read for pleasure and knowledge. MEDIA CENTER The Media Center at Colfax Elementary School belongs to the students. Payments can be by check (payable to Colfax Elementary) or with exact change. call the school or send a note to the teacher. also. be introduced to the technology available in the school. Students are reminded that time spent in the Media Center is part of the instructional program and proper conduct is expected from all. sweater. A wide variety of K-5 media is available to support these objectives.

Parent-teacher conferences may be held before or after school has been dismissed for the day. Do not send medication to school by a child. name of the medication. the dosage. The school principal. We have an excellent history of having a strong and involved PTA. arrangements must be made through the school administration. There are many opportunities to be involved in your child’s education through the PTA committees. (A permission form is available at the front office. how administered. on teacher workdays. and for prescribed medication. The labeled container shall include the name of the student. If you have questions concerning your child's progress. She/he has obligations to other children. 24 . shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the medication which is to be administered. Everything that the PTA does goes directly towards assisting the students. MEDICINES (NON-PRESCRIBED) Written authorization by a health care provider is required in order for school employees to administer non-prescribed medications during school hours. All medications shall be administered in the form and manner as directed by the physician and according to the instructions prescribed. the parent is responsible for informing the school and personally delivering the medication to school. and the description of the anticipated reactions of the student to the medication. PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES Parents are encouraged to have conferences with their child’s teacher. If an emergency conference is necessary. physician’s name. or during the day at the discretion of the teacher and according to her planning time. We welcome your input and collaboration. the frequency. The medication bottles shall be properly labeled with student’s name. Please join the PTA at Open House. Whenever the medication is changed by the physician.instructions by the physician or health-care clinician and a signed permission by the parent must be on file in the school office before any medication will be dispensed. No district employee shall furnish any child any medication to be taken internally. the name of the drug. Teachers will contact parents for conferences at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters and as needed. PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION The Colfax PTA needs the participation of all parents. Teachers have been instructed not to engage in extended conversations with parents during the instructional day. Please do not call or come during the instructional day to conference with the teacher without prior notice. please contact the school and set up a conference.) Medication must be delivered in person by the parent or guardian at the time the Authorization of Medication for a Student form is submitted. staff and school community have a successful school year. dosage. The medication must be properly labeled and contained in the original container. or designee.

also called 25 . please notify the teacher and reschedule a conference ASAP. Students should be assigned to the grade level that provides the student the best opportunity for progressing in his educational development. we want to inform you of your rights concerning access to student information. PROMOTION and RETENTION of STUDENTS The Board of Education directs that promotion and retention of students in the school system shall be made in the best interest of the student. These signs have been posted to reserve these few spaces for the administration and office staff. *** Please note the RESERVED PARKING signs in the parking lot. PARKING In the interest of safety. or is attending an institution of post-secondary education. we are requesting that you follow this plan: Do not pull into the bus parking lot in the front of the school in the mornings or afternoons when buses are unloading and loading. Parents have the right to see any and all official records. Please note these pertinent sections from our policy. age. and data directly related to their children from pre-school until the student has attained eighteen (18) years of age. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in this matter. social maturity. The standards. This includes all material in the education record of students. 5. A variety of factors should be considered and carefully evaluated before promotion and retention decisions are made namely academic progress. and we need close access to the building.” Parents must submit a written request to the principal requesting a time to meet if the parents wish to preview their child’s record. North Carolina public school students are required to meet statewide standards for promotion from grades 3.If for some reason you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment. At all times. We may need to leave during the day for meetings or to go to the bank. “The privacy of student records is quaranteed for parents and students. car riders must be dropped off and picked up at the car rider area ONLY! This is for the safety of all children. 8 and high school graduation. files. PRIVACY OF STUDENT RECORDS In accordance with the Guilford County Board of Education Policy (JR) and the Family Rights and Privacy Act. and psychological and physical needs.

Each grade level will work cooperatively to develop a uniform homework policy. Conferences will also be held at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters.Gateways. REPORT CARDS Report cards are issued each nine weeks. call the teacher. Parents are required to sign these reports and return them to school. Other conferences may be set up throughout the year at your request and/or at the request of the teacher. but we cannot assume the responsibility of the follow-up of these reports at home. such as a project. We assume the responsibility of sending these reports. (See School/PTA Calendar for report card dates). You should expect to receive report cards and progress reports at these times. Interim reports will be sent home with students four weeks before the report cards. will ensure that students are working at grade level in reading. As a parent. Study that work carefully. Test results will also be sent home. how your child is doing. When you call the school (275-4332) during the instructional day you will be asked to leave a voice message for the teacher to return your call unless it is an emergency. She/he will return your call within 24 hours. Always talk with your child about the contents of the weekly folder. HOMEWORK Homework is assigned to provide students with the opportunity to independently practice a skill that has already been taught or an extension activity to a lesson. Teachers will keep you informed of your child’s daily progress through the weekly envelope. We feel that these two reports convey to you. Report cards will be issued every nine weeks and progress reports at the mid-point of each grading period. If you have questions about the grades and would like to help your child review. the parent. SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL Guilford County Board of Education policy CLA states that “Each school shall have a seven (7) member Community School Advisory Council composed of five 26 . math and writing before being promoted to the next grade. we ask that you take the time to look over both very carefully so you will be aware of your child's progress.

They will send a letter home at the beginning of the school year outlining rules. Do not wear hats. 2. 4. who are elected in the spring for two year terms. Walk quietly on the right side in the halls in a straight line. Do not chew gum in school. bandannas. In an effort to accomplish this goal. Speak kindly to everyone. 6. or headbands in the building. 5. rewards. secure. Four (4) members must be parents of children attending that school. Each Council shall meet at least once each semester. 27 . Respect yourself and others. Additional meetings may be called by the principal and/or the chairman as deemed necessary. Come to school ready to give your personal best. SCHOOL-WIDE AND CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE The entire staff at Colfax Elementary School has the goal of establishing an atmosphere where children will feel safe. Be responsible for your learning and your work. happy. and responsible. 3. At Colfax. Legal guardians shall have the same status as parents. Parent participation on the School Leadership Team may substitute for the School Advisory Council. each teacher has established rules and consequences for their classroom. Please go over these with your child. Our School-wide Rules are: 1. All students are expected to follow the school rules at all times. 7. No employee of the Board may serve on the Council except as an elected faculty member. Keep your hands and objects to yourself. No individual may serve on more than one Council at a time. Parents who do not reside in the school attendance zone but whose children attend the school by an approved transfer shall be classified as residents of the attendance zone. Always wear appropriate clothing in an appropriate manner.citizens of that attendance zone and one teacher elected by the faculty of the school”. The Leadership Team meets once per month on the first Wednesday of the month after school. and consequences. we would like to have 3 parents on the Leadership Team. All meetings of the Council shall be open to the public with meeting dates posted at least five (5) school days in advance of the meeting at the area in each school designated for announcements.

Students are expected to use the bathrooms quietly. 10. After the first 10 minutes this will change to a green cup and the children can talk. Hallway Regulations 1. 2. Talk to the people at your table only. 4. students should avoid spilling or throwing water and paper on the floor. 3. the red cup will be placed back on the table and there will be no talking for 5 more minutes. There will be absolutely no running in the halls. 3. 9. Restroom Regulations 1. 11. Line up quietly when directed. No running. students follow a management plan based on these rules: 1.) Stay in your seat at all times and raise your hand for help. Restrooms should be kept clean at all times. Students should walk quietly on the right hand side of the hall. Children are expected to talk softly during the allowed times. Each student receives a copy of the Guilford County Schools Code of Conduct which lists specific conducts and consequences if students do not follow the 28 . using an inside voice. This means no talking for the first ten minutes. right and across from you. Enter and leave the cafeteria in a quiet and orderly manner. Practice good manners and eating habits. 5. Face forward in your seat. (The people on your left. Speak only to school staff while in the serving line. 7.Cafeteria Behavior To encourage positive behavior. If they talk too loudly. Do not change seats once you are seated. 4. Writing utensils are not allowed inside the bathroom. A red cup will be placed on the tables when the students arrive. 2. Students are expected to keep hands and feet off the walls. To help prevent accidents and maintain safety. Keep the area where you eat clean and throw away trays when directed to do so. 3. 6. 2. 8. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

2. When you come to school to visit. and co-workers to volunteer. Please be aware that your child needs to be here unless sickness is a factor.expected behaviors. Be sure your child gets adequate rest each night and eats a good breakfast each morning. Talk with your child and explain the importance of testing. please contact the teacher ahead of time. TESTING Benchmark testing is done quarterly each school year. and return it to your child’s teacher. parents will be contacted and disciplinary measures will be taken. You may come to school to have lunch with your child. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM The Colfax PTA is looking forward to an exciting year. please go directly to the office to sign out your child. This is for everyone’s protection. we do want each child to understand that the tests are important and he should take the time to do his best. You are welcome to volunteer and/or observe in the classroom. Encourage grandparents. friends. If possible. Please read this system-wide Code of Conduct carefully with your child. When you come to school to pick up your child early. 29 . also. always enter through the front door of the building and pick up a Visitor’s Pass in the office. This is for everyone’s safety. No one will be allowed down the hallways without a Visitor’s Pass. sign the form enclosed. We do not want to stress the importance of testing to the point that the child becomes very nervous and does not do his best. At this time. If students cannot follow rules. However. Any time that you can give to your child and to Colfax Elementary School will be rewarding for you and valuable to your child. Do not retrieve your child from the classroom. If your child is sick. do not place the testing above the health of your child. 3. Your child’s attendance during testing week is very important. It is our hope that each of you will become involved in school activities throughout the year. we appreciate your support with the following: 1. VISITING THE SCHOOL We are happy for you to visit Colfax Elementary at any time to spend some time in your child’s learning environment.

character development can equip students with the tools and motivation necessary to be the change they wish to see in the world.Some of the volunteer opportunities listed below are some of the areas where your help is essential. We need two people each day to help in the office to answer the phone and help visitors. and straightening shelves . we recognize that teachers of the highest caliber. (Excerpt from Colfax SIP) 30 . Do you have ideas to share? 5. If you can help one day a week for a few hours. Attend the membership meetings. Room representatives for each class will be needed to help with stations. to weigh and measure our children. in every school. 2. This is greatly needed to allow secretaries to do other important tasks. Character Education “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” Rev. checking out books. at every grade name it! 3. please let us know! 4. Check the Volunteer Handout for other opportunities! 1. It also takes something else. Help is needed in planning and working in PTA membership programs. reading/math buddies. class parties. And while the details of this essential lesson are not outlined in any textbook. tutoring. helping with Media Center activities. and to recruit other Moms or Dads to help on special Martin Luther King. it will be reinforced by every teacher. it’s demonstrated during those common instances when our students are given the opportunity to think for themselves. Co-room representatives are recommended. We will need assistance in the Media Center whenever you can give it! Reading to our children. The benefit of strong character can’t be measured by any test. Please see the PTA calendar of events. We refer to this missing piece as character development. http://www. an engaging curriculum and even the most advanced technology are not enough to prepare our students for life outside the classroom.gcsnc. Jr. Simply put. and all school sponsored events.html At Guilford County Schools. the Book Fair. Rather. And if we can emphasize it from the moment a child begins school. character is about making the right choices.

Being committed to active involvement in your school and community. RESPECT Showing high regard for other people. 100% of students will engage in civic education. character education and service learning through curriculum integration.Area for Improvement: Expand character development strategies to create learning opportunities that address the whole child. GCS Character Education Monthly Themes MONTH August / September TRAITS and DEFINITIONS RESPONSIBILITY Being dependable in carrying out obligations and duties. Strategy 3: Provide opportunities for students to participate in service learning. Strategy 2: Provide opportunities for students to build and use citizenship skills. National Day of Remembrance 9-11 October Character Education Week Make A Difference Day Red Ribbon Week 31 . Strategy 1: Implement school-wide and classroom-level activities to support the monthly district character traits. and for country. Supports this Area of the GCS Strategic Plan: Area V – Safe Schools and Character Development Target SMART Goal: By June 2011. for property. Being accountable for your own actions. character education and service learning through curriculum integration. Understanding that all people have value as human beings. at least 50% of students will engage in civic education. Showing reliability and consistency in words and conduct. Overall SMART Goal: By June 2012. for self.

and generosity. or discouragement. or failures. cher_leader_resources. mistakes. friendship. Acting justly and honorably. Doing your best in all situations. trustworthy. aspx 32 . Attempting difficult things that are worthwhile. SELF DISCIPLINE Demonstrating hard work and commitment to purpose.habitat. and desires. actions.November / December KINDNESS Being considerate. Having the strength to follow your conscience rather than the crowd. Showing care. impulses.aspx http://www. Being in proper control of your words. Exhibiting patience and having the determination and strength to try again when confronted with delays. Regulating yourself for improvement and restraining from inappropriate behaviors. Volunteer Greensboro’ Human Race April National Volunteer Week Global Youth Service Day Earth Day May / June Memorial Day Flag Day Character Development Awards Event The links below provide a variety of resources and activities to support and to engage our youth in service learning: http://www. PERSEVERANCE Being persistent in the pursuit of worthy objectives in spite of difficulty. and honest in all things. and understanding of others. Treating others as you would like to be treated. compassion.habitat. helpful. “MLK Day” – National Day of Service National No Name-Calling Week “Love the Bus” Day President’s Day March INTEGRITY Having the inner strength to be truthful. Teaching Tolerance Month Veteran’s Day Kids’ Vote Mix It Up Day National No-Bullying Month Merry Giving January / February COURAGE Having the determination to do the right thing even when others don’t.

org www. Classroom Teacher If you have any concern that relates to the instruction or to the classroom behavior of your www. make an appointment with both the principal and the www. ask the teacher for further information or http:// www.abcdbooks. you still have a www. 33 www. If you feel unsuccessful after the initial PROCEDURES FOR PROCESSING CONCERNS 1. If after this www. www.americaspromise. you should arrange a conference with your child’s teacher.childrenforchildren.

Principal 3. AND POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM FOR ALL! 34 . Regional Executive Director 4.370-8100 WORKING TOGETHER. Board of Education Sandra Culmer – 878-5391 Angelo Kidd – 878-5391 Maurice Green . WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE for ACHIEVEMENT.2. GCS Superintendent 6. WELLNESS. Principal – Michelle Thigpen. Regional Superintendent 5.

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