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Department of Environment

Land, Water and Planning

Position Description

Position purpose
The Service Delivery and Strategy Lead is part of the Technology Solutions Unit within the Strategy, Capability and
Innovation Division. The TSU is responsible for the development, maintenance and provision of information
systems and associated services that meet the fire and emergency management requirements of Forest, Fire and
Regions Group.

This position will drive implementation of best practice IT Service Management across the TSU to improve value
for the end users of fire and emergency management systems.

The Strategy, Capability and Innovation division is an important part of Victoria's fire and emergency
management arrangements, playing a key role in enabling DELWP to efficiently, effectively and safely meet its
emergency management responsibilities.

Position details
Position title: Service Delivery and Strategy Lead

Position number: 925217

Classification: VPS 5

Salary range: $92,253- $111,619 + super

Employment type: Ongoing - flexible

Group: Forest, Fire and Regions
Capability and Engagement Branch, Strategy, Capability and Innovation
Division & Branch:
Work location: 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne

Reports to: Todd Gretton, Manager Technology Solutions Unit

Direct reports: Yes No If yes, how many? 5

Further information: Todd Gretton 0457 564 793

About the Department
The Department is tasked with ensuring that Victoria has the right conditions to enable economic growth, while
delivering liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities.

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providing clarity and empowerment for staff to deliver improved services to the community. methodologies and procedures are followed Build and maintain client relationships both internally and externally  To provide reports to an agreed schedule (or on request). environment.  Attend service review meetings. Position Description We bring together planning. control and support service delivery. ensuring the SLAs are achieved. The division also works across the department. and business and performance excellence Position specific requirements $TBD . The Strategy. Accountabilities  Management of the IT Service Delivery Team including responsibility for service desk. to ensure an integrated approach to the development of long-term State and regional strategies that build on social.  Definition of service level agreements (SLAs) in relation to internal and contracted services. ensuring systems. service quality and overall expectations are met or exceeded  Effectively monitor.A declaration of Private Interests will be required for positions with Financial Delegation Value financial delegations of >$20. fire and other emergencies. quality and processes. support and coordination functions to drive innovation and service excellence by the Forest. including service desk performance Context The Group/Division The Forest Fire and Regions Group provide end-to-end management of forests.vic. Fire and Regions Group. The division also directly assists in the delivery of significant and complex projects and programs in the regions. areas covered will include performance reports. Importantly. it also drives place-based leadership across all DELWP portfolios. fire and emergency management services and broader departmental priorities. environmental and economic opportunities to provide for future population growth and change. through the integration of policy and on-ground operational delivery. For further information about the department. Capability and Innovation Division provides state wide enabling. all-agencies approach across our built and natural environments to improve protection against natural disasters and other emergencies. climate change.000 This position has the following specific National Police Check will be conducted as part of the selection process requirements: (for all non-DELWP employees). The Branch The Capability and Engagement Branch leads and supports best practice and innovation in the management of capability and engagement for the delivery of forest.  Manage the Service Portfolio and Service Catalogue to ensure all services are defined published. career development and staff appraisals  Establish and refine service delivery processes based on best practice IT Service Management. energy and water functions. please visit our website application support. with portfolio partners and fire and emergency management agencies to support the operational implementation of Safer Together: a new approach to reducing the risk of bushfire in Victoria. We build community resilience by adopting an all-hazards. service improvements. local government and infrastructure. secure and accessible  Build and maintain constructive relationships with internal and external stakeholders and delivery partners  Actively participate in and encourage others to support a positive organisational culture. Victorian Driver’s License is required. 2 October 2016 .

 Understands the organisation's current and future role. Strategic Planning:  Inspires a sense of purpose and direction within context.  Considers the ramifications of issues and long-term impact of work being done. How we deliver our work is as important as the outcomes we achieve for the Victorian community. The departments values are: Teamwork.  Identifies potential issues and setbacks and guides team to optimise outcomes. Verbal Communication:  Clearly and confidently communicates with people at all levels of the organisation. through an all-hazards. all-agencies approach.  Handles difficult and sensitive communications well. partners and the community. Position Description Key Selection Criteria The key selection criteria specified below outline the capabilities required for the position.  Uses audience feedback to refine communication and ensure communications are understood.  Models the behaviour expected of others.  Understands and meets the needs of target audience.  Recognises and rewards behaviour that is aligned with the vision. Service Excellence. Department Values Our values underpin everything we do. Our values are the foundation of our culture and guide how we work together. stakeholders. Staff may be directly employed for these roles or may be called upon to support these activities as required following the appropriate training and “fit for work” assessment.  Establishes an integrated perspective of their organisation's services and identifies the leverage points where intervention will add value. with our ministers. Specialist/Technical Expertise  Relevant degree qualification in IT and/or minimum 5+ years overall experience in IT service management  Demonstrated experience of information technology service management processes Knowledge and Skills Leadership:  Communicates a vision that generates enthusiasm and commitment. Ownership and Wellbeing & Safety. but are not limited to:  Driving  Sedentary desk work  Field work  Emergency response work October 2016 3 . The occupational health and safety requirements of this position include. Emergency Response and Health and Safety Requirements The department plays a major role in Victoria’s emergency response activities. Systems Thinking:  Formulates potential courses of action to achieve objectives based on an in-depth understanding of the business environment and its systems.

au . working from home and paid leave provisions that can be negotiated with your manager to help balance your personal commitments with the demands of the role. We provide various options such as flexible start and finishing times. Balancing your Life We understand that life balance is an important part of our employees’ lives. If you need assistance or adjustments to fully participate in the application or interview process. or email customer. health. The department offers a wide range of flexible arrangements to enable you to balance your work with other commitments and activities including family. working part time. TTY: 133 677. 4 October 2016 . Equal Opportunity Employer The department is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds. hobbies and life/career please use the contact listed under ‘Position Details’. Privacy and Probity The department affirms that the collection and handling of applications and personal information will be consistent with the requirements of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. carer responsibilities. If you would like to receive this information/publication in an accessible format (such as large print or audio) please call the Customer Service Centre on: 136 186.vic. job sharing. study.service@delwp. Terms and Conditions Conditions of employment will be governed by the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 and the Public Administration Act. We aim to attract a diverse pool of applicants and focus on the genuine and essential requirements of the job and being consistent and fair in our treatment of applicants. Position Description Other relevant information Employment Eligibility • Recipients of Victorian Public Service (VPS) voluntary departure packages should note that re-employment restrictions apply • Non VPS applicants will be subject to a probation period of three months Join a Workplace Based on Fair Employment The department offers fair employment and career opportunities. It is a policy of the department to provide reasonable adjustments for persons with a disability.