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Objectives of the Plan Target Audience Procedures for Sharing Modalities Plan Evaluation

To communicate the Staff Social Media (closed To the Communities

Community members of
YMCA rebranding Volunteers groups) blasts to the In the year preceding the
affected communities will
impacted individuals Affected Communities communities rebrand communications be polled via robo-calls and
To emphasize the urgency o Facebook will be made quarterly voter buttons on social
for rebranding to all o Twitter As the year progresses and media sites
stakeholders and o Nextdoor App we are within 6 months of Community members will
organization members o Intranet for staff the rebrand receive invitations to pre-
To communicate coming Present at HOA and communications will be launch events to evaluate
branch closures and neighborhood meetings made monthly their understanding of the
potential employee removal Advertise on the local Within 2 months of the impending changes to the
and/or replacement television and radio stations rebrand communications YMCA
Staff and volunteers will be
To keep all impacted Staff meetings will be made on a weekly
basis polled via intranet surveys
individuals involved and o Teams
The YMCA will host open
aware of the process o Divisions To Staff and Volunteers session meetings where
staff and volunteers will
The inevitability of change and the rumor weed that results from it is why organizations should be intentional Communication will be
have the opportunity to
with the delivery of their change message (Cawsey, Deszca, Ingols, 2016). There are many approaches that can ongoing as will training to communicate their
be taken to implement change. Leaders are responsible for making the determination as to which approach will encourage excitement and understanding of the
be best suited for the culture of their organization. Once that approach is determined the change management anticipation of the rebrand rebrand process so that any
team must develop, not only the process plan for change, but they must also develop a plan for communication. inconsistencies can be
-After implementation of the
This document outlines the communication plan for the rebranding of the YMCA. The urgency for this corrected
change, communication will be
rebranding is initiated from the YMCAs decline in membership and community involvement as it looms in the
ongoing until the rebrand Staff and volunteers will
shadow of newer innovations. The goal of this change is to increase membership, restore the value of the YMCA attend pre-launch events to
in communities, and regain member loyalty to the organization. The YMCA is prepared to communicate this becomes ingrained into the
reiterate the plan to
change which will also result in some branch closures. culture of the organization and community attendees
the community