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Directed Writing Writing Techniques

1. Letter Writing i)Personal Comprehension a. Effective communication

Letters a. Introduction to Narrative style
ii)Formal letters Passages (Fictional Passages). b. Idioms usage and
- Format layout (Formal Introduction to Factual understandability
letter) passages. c. Figurative language use
- Language Use (Formal b. Understanding of elements d. Compound Complex
Letter) of sentence
- Format layout (Informal narrative passage structure.
Letters) c. Reading for Ideas e. Responding with reasons
- Language Use (Informal Content points (Comparative, correlative
Letters) Summary writing and
2. Letter Writing (drill/ Fact and Opinion relator axis Conjunctions)
practice mode) d. Factual Information. f. Evidence based judgments
(Formal Letter) e. Reading for meaning
3. Letter Writing (drill / (Explicit
practice mode) and Implicit questions
(Informal Letter) technique)
4. Report Writing f. Reading for meaning
- Third person writing (Vocabulary)
- Writing on facts and
opinions Creative Writing
- Writing on a. Narrative writing
incidents/events/happenin b. Descriptive Writing
c. Story writing (including
d. Components of narrations
e. Narrative vs. Descriptive