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March 26, 1992 (Phone: 202/453-8400) RELEASE: 92-40

3 p.m. ET

NASA ADMINISTRATOR SUPPORTS TEACHING FROM SPACE Today while presenting the National Aeronautic Association's Brewer Trophy, NASA Administrator Richard H. Truly said that he supports using space to enhance education and that he is making a recommendation to administrator-nominee Daniel S. Goldin that NASA fly Barbara Morgan. The following text is an excerpt from Truly's remarks: "As you know, I'll be leaving NASA very soon but, there is one more thing we need, I believe, to inspire our young people. The time has come to begin a formal program of teaching from space. "We use the medium of space to enhance education in many areas. The next step for us will be to make routine a program of teaching from space by astronauts in space to take advantage of the weightless environment, the explanation of experiments that are on board the Space Shuttle and the view of the Earth, the solar system, and the universe that the Space Shuttle provides. Later, we will continue the teaching from Space Station Freedom and I predict from the surface of the Moon and Mars. "Earlier I pointed out that our astronauts have already proven their abilities as teachers. But to state the "Teaching From Space" Program in the most positive way, it is time that NASA kick off this endeavor by flying Barbara Morgan, who was backup to that marvelous teacher, Christa McAuliffe. Christa McAuliffe was one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She was a hard

working, devoted and creative teacher who understood how young people are attracted to the wonders of space exploration, just as she was. When given the opportunity to participate in this great adventure to help encourage America's young people to do better, she seized it; but fate intervened. - more -2"Barbara Morgan is another great teacher. I talked with Barbara last night. She's participating in the National Science Teacher's Association Convention. She still is an elementary school teacher in McCall, Idaho. She's ready, the Space Shuttle is ready, and the American people are ready for the educational inspiration that flying Barbara will provide. "We now have a substantial amount of experience with our new Space Shuttle program. I can tell you today that we have the highest confidence in it and the system we have designed to operate it. "NASA senior management has reviewed this situation annually, and I am more than satisfied; I am eager. But for this opportunity to succeed, it must have the full support of the new NASA Administrator. Accordingly, I am making a recommendation to Dan Goldin that, once aboard and quickly, he take his own look and that he invite Barbara to join the crew of some appropriate mission. I have every confidence that this will happen soon." Truly made these remarks while presenting the National Aeronautic Association's Frank G. Brewer Trophy at the National Congress on Aviation and Space Education, Oklahoma City. The trophy is the nation's highest award for contributions to aviation and space education. This year's recipient is Lt. Gen. Kenneth L. Tallman (USAF Ret.)

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