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Speech & Language

Development of Children
November 2, 2017
Ask the Experts! SOIS parents are invited to meet with Dr. Carey and Ms. Yandeau. You can
ask any questions regarding
phonological awareness (putting sounds into words)
reading development
language development
articulation development (speech clarity)

Should I speak Japanese or Will my child grow out of his

English to my child? stuttering or should I seek help?

How many disfluencies are normal for How can I raise my childs
a 7 year old and when should I seek level of reading?
speech therapy?

My daughters classmates
speak much clearer her, should
I be worried?

Thursday November 2
SOIS Cafeteria
2:30 - 3:45 PM

Dr. Brenda Carey is a world renown speech and

language pathologist, research and lecturer from the
University of Sydney specializing in speech fluency.

Elaine Yandeau is a speech and language pathologist

certified with the American Speech Language and
Hearing Association from Yokohama International

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