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through excellence
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About Us
A well-established and reliable name
in the manufacture and distribution of
high-quality wires and cables.

PT. Sutrakabel Intimandiri (SUTRADO kabel) is a premier cable

manufacturer in Indonesia offering an extensive range of high quality
products and superior after sales services. Supported by a dedicated
team of professionals, SUTRADO kabel is continuously improving its
quality and services excellence for customer satisfaction.

We set high standards in everything we do and determine to bring

the best quality and services in the cable industry. Building a strong
relationship with our customer is our priority and we are committed to
deliver the quality and convenience that our customer deserves.
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Continuously growing since our establishment in 1991,

we have gained recognition within the industry as a reliable
and trusted cable manufacturer for a large number of
customers from domestic market that includes reputable
state owned enterprises, such as PT. PLN (Electricity)
and PT. Pertamina (Oil and Gas), as well as international
customers from countries, such as United States, Myanmar,
Iraq, Mozambique, East Timor and many others.
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Vision & Mission

To become an excellent company dedicated
to our customer with mission to be a leader in
high quality cable manufacturer in Indonesia,
supported by talented, fast, effective and
efficient human resources.
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Our Products
Our products are widely used in various electrical applications
and available in various types and sizes to accommodate for best
application in different electrical installations, including:

Low voltage power cable with rated voltage 300/500 V;

450/750 V; 0.6/1 (1.2) kV
Medium voltage power cable with rated voltage 3.6/6 (7.2) kV;
6/10 (12) kV; 8.7/15 (17) kV; 12/20 (24) kV; 18/30 (36) kV
High voltage transmission and substation installation
(overhead transmission)
Commercial, industrial and residential installation
Copper Buss bar for panel grid and switchgear installation
Copper rod for copper grounding
Product customizing

All products are manufactured at our modern facility in Bogor,

Indonesia, and have to pass through a rigorous inspection process
to ensure best delivery of the products and compliance to any
related industrial requirements and standards.
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With current yearly production

capacity of 25,000 tons,
PT Sutrakabel Intimandiri continues
to expand and innovate in order
to be able to meet the growing
demands from our customers.
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In achieving a standard of excellence in delivering products and services,
SUTRADO Kabel continues implementing quality management system and
obtaining certifications for domestic and international standards.

Our company is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for quality excellence, ISO
14001:2004 for our commitment in environmental management and OHSAS
18001:2007 for controlling and improving health and safety performance.

Our cables are manufactured in accordance to the SPLN LMK or SNI

(Indonesian standards), as well as conforming to the standards as follow:

IEC : International Electrotechnical Commission

ASTM : American Society for Testing and Materials
BS : British Standards
NEMA : National Electrical Manufacturers Association
JIS : Japanese Industrial Standards
DIN : Deutsches Institut fr Normung
ICEA : Insulated Cable Engineers Association
VDE : Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und
SABS : South African Bureau of Standards
NF : Norme Franaise

Excellence Reliable
We set high standards in everything we do. We strive to Reliability in the quality and delivery of our products and
be the best, embrace change and continuously challenge services is close to the heart of our customers. Therefore,
ourselves to keep improving. We believe by striving for to manufacture products that are in the best quality,
excellence in everything we do, we are keeping a promise to be able to meet our customers demands in timely
to deliver excellent products for our customers. manner, to be able to provide solutions to customers
needs, and to continue to be innovative with our
products and services, are high in our priorities.

We listen to you and deliver what you need.

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Core Value

Committed Efficient
With more than two decades of proven experience, Our company continues to invest in professional
we always keep our commitment to our customer in developments and continuous improvements in our
delivering products and services that are best in quality operational systems to achieve speed and efficiency in
as well as after sales service support. all operations and distributions.
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The ongoing infrastructure developments of the bustling
and vibrant cities throughout Indonesia will continue to
need a lot of support, especially in the electrical system.

As a proud supplier to state-owned enterprises, building

contractors, manufacturing companies, oil and gas
companies as well as distributors in the country, SUTRADO
Kabel is committed to continue supporting the government
as well as the private sectors by providing high-quality
cables, reliable custom engineering and fast services.

We look forward for a bigger participation in the

developments of major construction projects, electrical
grid and commercial and residential constructions around
Indonesia, which subsequently can provide more benefits
and opportunities to the nation as a whole.
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Customer Care

Our commitment on quality inspires us to focus on providing the best

customer experience to our loyal customers. Therefore, we offer superior
end-to-end customer service, which starts from pre-sales consultation, rapid
prototyping and custom engineering services, up to after-sales support.

Contact us now to receive full benefits as our

valuable customers.

Engineering Services After-sales services

Free consultation Fast response: 2x24hours
Custom engineering Maintenance & repair
Rapid prototyping

Contact Us
For further information about our products
and services, please contact our sales
representatives at our office.

PT Sutrakabel Intimandiri
Raya Bogor KM 49
Jl Roda Pembangunan No 5
Ds Cimandala Kec Sukaraja Kab Bogor 16710
Ph. 021 875 3735
Fax. 021 875 3736

Email :
Website :
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PT Sutrakabel Intimandiri
Raya Bogor KM 49
Jl Roda Pembangunan No 5
Ds Cimandala Kec Sukaraja Kab Bogor 16710
Ph. 021 875 3735
Fax. 021 875 3736
Email :