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EDUC 424: Process for developing a class profile

After obtaining parental consent and in collaboration with your mentor teacher,
develop a summary of some of the key interest and learning information for the
students in your practicum class. A template for both the individual student and
holistic profiles can be found in the Field Guide. Electronic copies are also posted
on the ETEP 2/School Experience webpage.
All collected information must be in hard copy only and be stored in your field

Please note that your mentor teacher may direct you to omit some student
information from your class profile.

General guidelines for developing a class profile:

a. Meet with your mentor teacher and obtain a copy of your class list
(including students first/last names, language at home, and pertinent
medical information. At this meeting, also discuss plans/ideas for
distributing a questionnaire and/or interviewing the students during the
fall visits. (Target date: Oct. 2, School Visit 3)
b. Teach a mini-lesson that includes distributing a questionnaire to your
students. (Make sure the questions provide you with information about
students interests/special skills, preferred ways to learn, friendships etc.).
Note: For younger children (e.g. K/1) you might need to develop a simpler
questionnaire (1 or 2 questions) and arrange a follow-up interview with
each student. (Target date: Oct.16, School Visit 4)
c. If possible, interview each student (approx. 6-8 students per school visit)
(Target dates: Oct. 23 & Oct. 30, School Visits 5 & 6)
d. Summarize individual student information from the questionnaire,
interview, observation and work sample information on the Student Profile
Template. Please anonymize student identity (e.g. use initials) on the
e. Consider priorities for further learning for your whole class. Use the holistic
class profile template to summarize your ideas.

Due date: Student profile and holistic profile are due on November 3 for your
EDUC 415: Learning Differences class.
A Complete/Pass Class Profile will include:
a) Sufficient relevant information about each child in the class
b) Confidentiality is maintained. Student identification is coded.
c) Holistic class profile reflects a growth mindset and commitment to accessible learning
for diverse learners.
Preferred Learning Contexts
Siblings Works well
Pertinent Learning = works well, X = challenging Other comments &
Language *= attend Interests/ Hobbies with these
Name Medical Info. Modalities considerations:
at home this school adult pair group indep. students:
Holistic Class Profile: Next Steps in Further Learning CONFIDENTIAL

CLASS STRENGTHS: CLASS NEEDS: What are some potential barriers to address?

GOALS: What are some possible opportunities to maximize? DECISIONS/TO DO


Medical Language Learning Social/Emotional Other