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It is with great enthusiasm that I apply as an outgoing student for this exchange program. I am in
the 3rd year of Medical Students at University of Jambi and looking for the best possible start for a
successful medical career.
Talking about SCOPE, I didnt have any idea what it is about at first. As I read more about it, I
realized that that there are a lot of things out there to be explored. I would like to take part in this
exchange program because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It gives the opportunity to all medical
students to learn experience clerkship abroad whereas medical education systems all over countries are
different. I am keenly interested in acquiring more theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the medical
field of other country with various challenges.
I have started looking where to go on exchange before I was admitter to the program. Germany
drew my attention from the first moment. Germany is famous for its education system, especially in
medical field. A lot of best-known universities are from Germany. I had learned about Germany in Senior
High School whether it is about the country itself, the people, and also the language. And since that, I fell in
love with the country. I am very eager to learn more about medical education and health care systems
there, and experience other methods of hospital organization and provision of medical care.
During the exchange, the outgoing-students may develop many academic and social skills that are
important in medical career. Meeting new people, living in a completely different environment,
experiencing cultural and educational differences and learning how to deal with them are the challenging
yet exciting things for me. Furthermore, I want to prove that even student from small city can have a big
dream. People around me think that this is an impossible thing to reach. They think that participating in
activities other than studying is unimportant things. But I will never give up to try to open their eyes that
even the slightest chance of opportunity can lead us to the door to success.
During my studies, I have been a student with multi-organizations. I was chosen as the General
Secretary of Asian Medical Students Association of Universitas Jambi, the Chief of Financial Department of
Islamic organization, and general secretary of medical students senate of Jambi University. My
responsibilities, as a general secretary of Asian Medical Students Association of Universitas Jambi included:
organizing the documents and files, being the vice chairman of the organization, and also taking parts in
determining some important decisions. Those assignments enabled me to develop strong organization skills
and to become a responsible young individual, taking into account the needs of my colleges. Also, being a
student with multi-organizations, I discovered the usefulness of a team work and the importance of time-
It woul.d be my absolute pleasure to be part of SCOPE CIMSA 2017 and I believe that I have the
potential to be a valuable outgoing-student of this program.