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File Transfer and Chat Project in

October 2, 2014

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Developed for the BSNL company, this File Transfer and Chat Project is a simple
application developed using Java programming language. It aims at sharing
information between exchanges of the company. Here, working on listening
mode, client can chat or send message to other clients using signals. A single or
multiple clients can be selected to send/receive files; it solely depends on
whether or not the path exists.

Both file transferring and chatting (message sending) has been incorporated in
a single system in this project. You can download the complete Java source
code, project report, project files and documentation of File Transfer and Chat
application from the download link in this post. Below, I’ve briefly introduced
the features and various requirements of the system.

Download File Transfer and Chat Project in Java Source Code,
Project Report, and Documentation

Download File Transfer and Chat Project in Java with Source Code,
Project Report, and Documentation

File Transfer and Chat Project Abstract:
This File Transfer and Chat (Message Sending) system has been
developed in Java 1.3 which is based on Object Oriented Methodology.

that’s why Java is said to be Secure and is applicable for Internet. . it eliminated the Pointers Concept. This is known as platform independent. . can be sent using this system. but active clients can send as well as receive files. Features of Java:  Simple: Java is a language which is based on Object Oriented Methodology. Modules Overview: This project works under two modules.  Compiled & Interpreted: – Unlike other Programming languages. Any kind of files.There are several packages in Java.  Portable: – Java Programs are Portable that those can be run under any kind of environment irrespective of the hardware used. which makes Java a Platform Independent Language.exe files and more. but mainly swing packages and networking has been utilized in developing this project. This Byte Code is a new evolution. for that Applet is designed which can be understandable by the browsers. Upon successful transfer of a file.fmx files. Java code is both Compiled and Interpreted. So it is not possible to access memory directly. The output after compilation is ‘Byte Code’ which is interpreted to produce output.  Secure: – Even though Java is developed using Object Oriented Principles. and then the passive clients can be disconnected. Only passive clients can receive files. so it is very easy to learn and can be used effectively. namely Active and Passive. an acknowledgement of successful file transfer is received. including .  Robust: – Java Programs are said to be robust because they will take care of memory management and will never crash under any circumstances.

the Source & Destination paths must be entered correctly. It is depend upon the network constraints.  To disconnect a single client or multiple clients. If more than 50 clients are connected then the burden will increase. the requirements of the clients are shown as Use cases and Scenarios. After disconnecting. If less than 50 clients are connected to the Server then the burden on server is less. If the server is running. If the Destination path is wrong then the client has to be intimated by the server that the path doesn’t exist in the remote client. 2. If the Source path is entered wrong or not entered. Once a client connected to the server. Functional Requirements:  It is only possible to connect to the server whenever it is under running. The response time will also be considered to assess performance.Since the File Transfer and Chat system is built using Objected Oriented Paradigm. it is not possible to connect again to the server.  In order to send a file. then any number of clients can get connected.  The remedy to the problem is simply disconnecting some of the clients in passive state. the hardware configuration of the Server. which is also depending . System Requirements: 1. The detailed information for this can be found in the project report. Performance Requirements:  The Performance of the Server is not constant. choose the clients and disconnect. then an error should be displayed. observe whether the clients are in the connected clients list or not.

 Application Software: – ActiveForm.  Memory: – 128MB RAM. 104keys Keyboard  Processor: – Intel Pentium III processor. Client-side Hardware Requirements:  Console: – Mouse.4.  Memory: – 64 MB RAM. upon the network constraints. Filter.class. 4.  N/w Components: – Network Adapter.  System Software : – JDK 1.3 (or) JDK 1.  Application Software: – Ftpser. and the hardware configuration of Server. HUB. Server-side Hardware Requirements:  Console: – Mouse.class. 20GB Hard Disk. Monitor. ChatForm.class. Server-side Software Requirements:  Operating System: – MS-DOS. Sendall. RJ-45 Connector. UTP Cable. Monitor.  System Software : – JDK 1.class .class. 104keys Keyboard  Processor: – Intel Pentium III processor.2. 3.  N/w Components: – Network Adapter. Windows 9x/XP (or) Windows NT.4.2 (or) JDK 1.class.class.3 (or) JDK 1.class 6. Windows 9x. 5. Chat. Client-side Software Requirements:  Operating System: – MS-DOS. Form.1 GHz speed. RJ-45 Connector. 1. Killall.2. HUB.2 (or) JDK 1.  Database: – Oracle. 20GB Hard Disk.

Screenshots/Diagrams: Use Case & Scenario for Server Connection Use case and Scenario for File Transfer .

you can use the description provided here as a synopsis of this project. . organize. so. a project management software is the one which helps plan. resource allocation. Depending on the scope of the application. decision-making. This is an academic project proposed with a website where students can search for projects from previous years and share their projects with friends. 2015 0 2743 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Project management system or project tracking system is a web-based application developed using PHP. these resources may be estimating and valuation. The complete PHP source code and necessary project files of project management/tracking system application are available in the link below. and handle resource pools and develop resource estimates. cost control and budget management. Download Project Management System PHP Application with Source Code Download Project Management System PHP Application in PHP with Source Code Project Management System Abstract: In general.Project Management System PHP Application March 20. planning and tracking. There’s no project report or documentation for this project. quality management and communication.

They are assigned with tasks such as manage projects. etc. They can search. check notifications. in this application. and being visible on the web. Most of the universities and colleges today use their official website for keeping track of projects uploaded by senior students. see project status. a website has been designed where users can register with username and password. upload. email. and download projects from the website. search projects. these projects can be downloaded by students from any location. Such projects can be helpful to juniors. The registration process is completed after verification via email and log in. only few of such university websites provide security that allows only college students to access the website and get relevant materials from there. List of Forms:  Sign Up/Registration  Search Projects  Upload Projects  Download Projects  Review Projects  User Request. So. and mobile number. Modules Used:  Sign UP/Registration: New users can sign up into project management system application by providing details such as name. manage users. gender. let’s look at the need/demand of this type of application. location. In present context.  Admin: Admin is the main controller of this application.Proposed System: In context of the proposed project. view uploaded . birthday.

authors. etc.NET Projects. project abstract. and click search. Some sample keyword examples are: PHP Projects. year. Project Report. select department or faculty.  Search: Search feature in this application is developed using a simple search box. Here. deny and grant access. delete projects. These options can be filled out to upload files of the project to the website. acknowledgement. Documentation. students can enter keywords. accept and reject. etc. delete users. projects. Project Screenshots: Sign Up/Registration . VB. and domain.  Upload Projects: This module consists of project title. programming language used.

Upload Projects Project Status .

These uploaded projects can then be downloaded by any registered student from any location using their registration info. Online College Management System University Management System More PHP Projects Once a project is uploaded.Project Lists Also see. . it is first approved by the admin and it appears on the project portal of project management system.