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Name: Reem Yousif

Professional development plan

(What do YOU need to work on to grow professionally?)
Provide for students new knowledge and give them interactive activities

1. Choose and describe an aspect from a teaching competency that you need to
work on (Goal)
How to manage the student's behavior in a professional way.

2. Describe what you will do to help achieve your goal ( Strategies Used)
Reward system.

3. Describe how you can tell if your achieving your goal (Evidence)
Ask them questions and look at their way of answering if they will raise their hands or not

Grade Level: Subject: Learning outcome (ADEC

KG 2 English code and words:)
- recognize the sound of the

- learn the letter O.

Resources ( What materials/equipment will you Preparation ( What do you need to make
and the students use? Be specific) or check before class?)
- Laptop. - Check if all the materials that I will used
- Projector. is in their places.
- Whiteboard. - Make sure that their is no missing items.
- Worksheet. Key Vocabulary
- colors.

Whole Time Introduction (warmer activity + teacher active engagement)

:15min I will show the students a video about the letter O. After I explained for them the
letter and the sound, I will let them stand up and I will explain for them each center
and what they have to do then I will let them go to their places.

Independent Experience ( small group activity 1)

Students will color the letter O.

Independent Experience ( small group activity 2)

Students will have a worksheet that with a several letters and they have to find the letter O.
Independent Experience ( small group activity 3)
Students will have a worksheet with a paragraph and they have to circle the letter O

Closing Time After the students finish from the activities, we will end the lesson by asking them
: 15min where is capital O and small O?

Assessment I will ask the students some questions before we end the lesson to make sure that
they learn and get new knowledge.

In this lesson, I teach the students about the letter O, the students will learn a new letter.

I have noticed that the students was enjoying the class today, they were happy and excited when

they was doing the activities, and they understand how we can make the letter O and the sound

of the letter. Moreover, they was happy because before I start the lesson we did a song and that

makes them feel enthusiastic to learn and know what we will have today

I have seen that the students know the letter but they dont know how they can write it,

I think that the students are able to write the letter O alone or shows their parents that they can

write it.

At the end of the lesson, I walked around to see if they understand it correctly and I start to give

the students a good feedback about what they did today and I praise them with a happy face


I feel happy that I achieve my goal to let them learn the lesson.