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Oral Individual Presentation :-

Title : PERSUASIVE TO PARTICIPATE IN SLIM, ( Skim Latihan Satu Malaysia)

Why ? Great Training Programe.

What is SLIM

Is a Training program conducted by the Prime Minister Department Under Economic Training (EPU).

What is Purposes.

SLIM with purposes to help for fresh and unemployed graduate to help them to increase their level
ability by preparing them with. SKIL, Knowledge, working experience and chances of getting job.

What is Benefit of SLIM

Fresh and unemployed graduate may undergo training such as :

1.Soft Skill communication,analytica & Creative thinking and so on

2.Indoor Training Business, Management, Professional Skill

3. Out Door Training CSR, Team Building and Event Management

4. Allowance RM 1200/mth. Overall

5.Flexible training period.