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Combined steel and concrete tension

and compression testers
Two models available, semi-automatic and automatic

Combined semi-automatic digital system, 500 kN cap. in tension and
1000 kN cap. in compression
Automatic computerized system, 500 kN cap. in tension and 1000 kN
cap. in compression or up to 5000 kN with a second frame.

These machines have been designed for performing, in the field or labo-
ratory, tension tests on steel rebars up to 24 mm diameter and compres-
sion tests on cylindrical concrete specimens up to 160 mm diameter x
320 mm height and cubes up to 150 mm, using the appropriate acces-
sories. They are comparatively lightweight, with small dimensions, good
accuracy and a low cost, making them ideal for site and educational

EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) | EN 15630-1 | ASTM C39


Semi-automatic model
General description Frame Hardware and firmware Machine outfit
and specifications -- Maximum capacity: 500 kN tension; DIGIMAX UTM: The machine is supplied complete with
1000 kN compression -- Touch screen graphic display 240x128 tensile grips for 12 to 24 mm bar dia.
The machine consists of rigid pixel as described. The compression platens
-- For testing steel rebars up to 24 mm
frame fitted with a double-acting diameter and flats up to 12 mm thick -- 4 channels: 2 channels for load sensors for compression on concrete have to be
cylinder assembly and a set of and 2 channels for extensometers. A ordered separately. See accessories.
-- Grips: 4 wedge grips for flat and round
tensile holders with four grips for specimens up to dia./thickness 12 mm; maximum of 2 channels (1 for load and
flat and round specimens up to 4 wedge grips for round specimens from 1 for extensometer) selected by the user Software
a diameter/thickness of 12 mm, 12 to 18 mm dia. and 4 wedge grips for can be contemporaneously used. DIGIMAX UTM machine is sup-
four grips for 12 to 18 mm diam- round specimens from 18 to 24 mm dia. -- Effective sampling rate up to 50 / sec plied complete with UTSoftware
eter specimens and 4 grips for 18 -- Maximum distance between grips -- Effective resolution 17 bit (131000 Light for:
to 24 mm diameter specimens. (tensile mode): approx. 200 mm divisions)
-- Input of specimen identification, test and
The machine is fitted with the -- Specimen length (tensile mode): -- Data storage on USB pen drive name of customer
DIGIMAX UTM digital micropro- approx. 400 mm (included)
-- real time downloading of test data
cessor unit, which has a large -- Maximum distance between platens -- Connection to PC via LAN port (UTSof-
-- simultaneous display of stress/time and
240x128 pixel graphic display (compression mode): approx. 580 mm tware Light included)
stress/elongation when extensometer
and can be connected to elec- -- Distance between columns: 310 mm -- Real time clock and date is adopted (coaxial extensometer series
tronic extensometers (e.g. co- -- Maximum ram travel: 100 mm TENSILE TEST: 70-C0961/xx or universal extensometer
axial extensometers 70-C0961 -- Overall dimensions: 1820 x 740 x 420 mm -- simultaneous display of load, stress series 70-C0954/x), with possibility to
series and universal extensom- (approx.) and, using an extensometer, specimen display multi diagrams
eters 70-C0954/C) for elonga- -- Weight: 535 kg (approx.) elongation (acquisition only) -- elaboration of tension test results once
tion measurements. It is supplied -- graphical test data option showing test is completed: ReH, ReL or Rp, final
complete with UTSoftware Light, Hydraulics the load/elongation curve (when an elongation, etc. in conformity to EN ISO
The machine is fitted with a dual stage extensometer is used) 6892-1 (method B) and EN 15630-1 (for
dedicated PC software for down-
pump complete with self compensated steel rebars)
loading and post processing test COMPRESSION TEST:
proportional valve for the manual preset of -- machine calibration via software
data. The PC is required and not -- Simultaneous display of load and stress
load rate. For technical specifications see -- unit selection: kN, lbf, mm, in, MPa, psi
included. Platens for compression
page 232 -- printout of test reports
tests on concrete not included,
see accessories. -- multi-language software


Test execution

70-S10T02 with accessory 70-C0019/41 during compression test on a

concrete cylinder 150 mm dia. x 300 mm height.

Ordering info Accessories Test results

70-S10T02 70-C0019/41
Combined semi-automatic digital tension Compression test set comprising: upper
/ compression testing machine, 500 and lower platen with spherical seat, 216
kN cap. in tension and 1000 kN cap. in mm diameter, for testing cylinders up to
compression, for rebars tensile tests 160 mm diameter x 320 mm and cubes
conforming to EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) from 100 to 150 mm; three distance pieces
and EN 15630-1. 200 mm diameter x 68 mm thick; one
230V, 50 Hz, 1 ph distance piece 96 mm diameter x 158
70-S10T03 mm thick; one distance piece 200 mm
As above but 220V, 60 Hz, 1 ph diameter x 50 mm thick
70-S10T04 Weight: 87.5 kg (approx.)
As above but 110V, 60 Hz
Coaxial extensometers
(see page 386)

Universal extensometers
(see page 387)


Combined steel and concrete tension and compression testers (continued)

main feature
>> For tensile tests up to 500 kN
>> Connectable to a second frame up to 5000 kN capacity for com-
pression tests on concrete cubes, cylinders and block specimens,
conforming to EN and ASTM
>> Can also be fitted with accessory for compression test
>> Fully automatic test cycle with closed-loop digital feedback
>> Double stage hydraulic pump with rapid approach and precise oil flow
>> Adopts the latest ES technology for reduction of power consumption
>> Frame control expandable up to four, with active frame selection via
>> Full conformity to EN ISO 7500-1, EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) and EN
15630-1 (for steel rebars)
>> Advanced data processing by intuitive very comprehensive software
>> The AUTOMAX control console can also be used for many other tests:
flexure and splitting tests on concrete, compression tests on cement
samples etc.
>> Elastic Modulus and Poisson ratio determination on concrete and
cement specimens can be performed once upgraded with the suitable
testing kit including the testing frame and the relevant accessories
(see pages 264). Ask our technical department for more details


Automatic computerized Frame The technical specifications of the Hydraulics

model The frame features the same tech- console are: -- Dual stage pump: centrifugal low
nical specifications listed on page pressure for fast approach and automatic
70-S11U02 switching to radial multi-piston high
376 and in addition is fitted with
Automatic computerized system, Hardware pressure for loading
a 100 mm travel high precision -- 131.000 points effective resolution
500 kN cap. in tension and 1000 displacement transducer allow- -- DC motor 720 W, 50-60 Hz
kN cap. in compression or up to -- Closed-loop P.I.D. control -- Maximum working pressure 700 bar
ing test execution under cross- -- 4 channels for load sensors (pressure
5000 kN with a second frame. head separation control. -- Third and fourth frame option, active
transducers and load cells) frame selection by software
-- 6 channels to measure rebars elongation -- Flow-sharing technology to perform
A unique testing system for steel AUTOMAX UTM Power and Control with extensometers (see accessories
rebars with possible extension to loading and unloading cycles and
Console 70-C0954/C or 70-C0961 series) or advanced rebars testing in conformity to
compression/flexural test on con- AUTOMAX UTM performs steel strain/displacement under compression the Standards
crete tensile testing, compression, flex- testing with LVDT and magnetostrictive
transducers (e.g. our compressometers -- ES Energy Saving technology
ure, splitting tests, Elastic Modu-
lus and Poisson's ratio determi- 55-C0222/F, see page 264) User-interface:
General description
nation on concrete and cement -- 4 channels for strain measurement with -- Fully PC controlled
and specifications
specimens when connected to strain gauges
The system includes the same -- memorization of the calibration curve Software
a suitable testing frame with the The new AUTOMAX UTM is supplied
frame already described for the enabling sensors to be easily connected
relevant accessories. complete with UTSoftware, specifically
DIGIMAX UTM machine and the and immediately operated
AUTOMAX UTM Control Console The console consists of an ergo- -- digital linearization of the calibration designed for tensile testing under:
which can automatically control nomic cabinet which houses the curve (multi-coefficient) -- load/stress control
up to two testing frames (ex- hydraulic system, the power sup- -- crosshead separation control (by using
pandable to four, see accessories) ply, the electronics and the PC. PC the displacement transducer supplied
resulting in an extremely practical and software enable remote con- with the machine)
and convenient solution. trol of the complete system. >> real sampling rate: 100 per second;


Test data input

70-S11U02, controlling a second frame 2000 kN cap. for compression test on concrete cubes and
cylinders. All the other compression and flexural frames conforming to EN and ASTM shown and
described on pages 216 to 225 can be controlled by the AUTOMAX UTM console.

>> simultaneous display of: stress/ Machine outfit

strain, stress/time; stress/%; The machine includes the AUTOMAX UTM
strain/time and stress/elongation control console, the testing frame fitted
when extensometer is adopted with tensile grips. The frame is identical
(through coaxial extensometer to the 70-S10T02 model described on
series 70-C0961/x or universal page 376 Test execution
extensometer 70-C0954/C),
with possibility to display multi Ordering information mm thick; one distance piece 200 mm Ordering info
diagrams diameter x 50 mm thick
>> elaboration of tension test results: 70-S11U02 Weight: 87.5 kg (approx.) 70-C20U82
ReH, ReL or Rp, final elongation, Automatic computerized system 500 AUTOMAX UTM, computerized control
etc. in conformity to EN ISO 6892-1 kN cap. in tension and 1000 kN cap. in 50-C10D/3F console for multipurpose combined
(method B) and EN 15630-1 (for compression, including AUTOMAX UTM Hydraulic pack for AUTOMAX System for tension / compression testing frame model
steel rebars) control console and frame fitted with grips connection and control of a third frame. 70-S10Z00, for automatic rebars for tensile
for tensile test conforming to 50-C20E/4F tests conforming to EN ISO 6892-1 and EN
>> machine calibration via software; EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) and 15630-1 (for steel rebars).
>> unit selection EN 15630-1. Hydraulic pack for AUTOMAX System for 230V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph
230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph. connection and control of a fourth frame. 70-C20U84
>> multi-language software, customi-
zable with a further local language 70-S11U04 As above but 110V, 60 Hz, 1 ph
(only latin letters) Same as above but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph AUTOMAX UTM for use with exist-
ing machine Upgrading options
Accessories It may be convenient to update an
DATAMANAGER software (see page 238) old tension/compression tester series 70-C0019/UP
for compression, flexure and indirect tensi- 70-C0019/41 70-C0019/x, replacing the old semi- Upgrade kit comprehending displacement
le test on concrete and cement specimens Compression test set comprising: upper automatic system composed by hydraulic transducer 100 mm stroke and mounting
is supplied with the controller. and lower platen with spherical seat, 216 pump and readout unit with the AUTOMAX device to be fitted on existing tension /
mm diameter, for testing cylinders up to UTM automatic control console. compression systems.
E-MODULE software for Poisson ratio and 160 mm diameter x 320 mm and cubes This application requires a suitable
Elastic Modulus determination available from 100 to 150 mm; three distance pieces upgrading kit, code 70-C0019/UP, see
on request. 200 mm diameter x 68 mm thick; one upgranding options.
distance piece 96 mm diameter x 158


Universal automatic computerized system, 1000/2000 kN

main feature
>> 1000 kN capacity in tension and 2000 kN in compression
>> Completely automatic test execution at a press of a button up to
printing of the test certificate
>> Strain gauge load cell incorporated in the piston, providing accurate
load measurement
>> Rapid vertical displacement of the mobile crossbeam by remote
>> Hydraulic gripping system remote controlled
>> Three sets of grippers for round rebars up to 40 mm diameter and flats
up to 70 x 35 mm
>> Front loading of specimens for quick and easy operation
>> Display of stress-strain diagram in real time
>> Printout of stress-strain diagram and test results

70-C0820/C complete with platens 70-C0901/5 for compression tests on

concrete specimens

Standards General description and specifi- vertical adjustment by

EN 15630-1; EN 15630-3; EN 10080; UNI EN ISO 6892-1 cations two independent auxiliary
The system includes: cylinders controlled by the
This machine has been specifically designed to suit the requirements of push button panel. This feature
Frame makes the machine extremely
central and commercial laboratories of the construction industry and civil easy to operate, enabling one
-- Steel base with rigid frame
engineering in general. It is a universal tester that can be used for tensile housing the lower grippers operator to perform the test in
tests on steel rebars up to 40 mm diameter and flats up to 35x 75 mm, as a very short time
-- Piston/cylinder assembly
well as compression tests on standard concrete specimens. It can also mounted on the top of -- Crosshead displacement
be used, with the appropriate accessory, for transverse and bending tests the rigid frame. Load cell controlled by a bi-directional
on steel, flexural tests on concrete beams and general compression tests. incorporated in the piston encoder
Special accessories are also available for testing steel strands and electro- -- Mobile crossbeam consisting
Control console
welded steel screen. of four high-tensile-strength
The lower section houses the hy-
All the control functions are managed from a PC, which is supplied as columns, upper crosshead
draulic assembly which includes:
directly connected to the
standard. The software incorporates a complete suite of programs cover- hydraulic pump, proportional
piston, intermediate crosshead
ing tensile, bending, flexure and compression tests. valve, hydraulic valves, heat ex-
with compression platen and
Once the specimen has been placed in the machine (using accessories changer to control the oil tem-
lower crosshead housing the
perature, and oil tank. The upper
if required) and the specimen details entered, the test is run completely upper grippers
section houses the control board.
automatically at the press of a button, up to the printing of the test certifi- -- Hydraulically operated
cate and storage of the test data. gripping system and


Grippers Technical specifications -- Gripping system: hydraulic with remote Upgrading options
Three sets of standard grippers -- Maximum load in tension: 1000 kN control
are supplied with the machine, -- Maximum load in compression: 2000 kN -- Maximum rebar diameter: 40 mm
for rounds and flats, plus two -- Maximum plate specimen size: Frame modification increasing the vertical
-- Maximum piston speed: 83 mm/min clearance of approx. 140 mm.
sets of grip liners to provide the -- Crosshead adjustment speed: 500 mm/ 75 x 35 mm
Particularly indicated for strands testing.
maximum bearing and holding min The distances (max and min) between
surface for specimens of all sizes. Transverse test (using accessory
-- Maximum piston stroke: 610 mm grips (for rebar and strands) are increased
-- Distance between columns: 330 mm -- Maximum load: 200 kN of 140 mm. To be specified at time of order.
Hardware Dimensions: -- Maximum distance between bearers:
The upper section of the Control -- Testing frame (piston fully out): 800 mm
console houses an electronic card 955 x 635 x 3960 mm
that controls all functions and has -- Control console: 565 x 540 x 1350 mm Bending test (using the accessory
the following specifications: Weights and shipping cubage (approx.): 70-C0820/31)
-- Testing frame: 2900 kg -- Maximum load: 200 kN
-- Effective resolution: 32000
divisions -- Control console: 200 kg -- Maximum distance between bearers:
-- Total gross weight: 4000 kg 800 mm
-- No. of outputs for electro-
-- Shipping cubage: 7 m3
valves: 4 Ordering information
-- Analogue output for load and Tensile test
-- Maximum distance between rebars
strain control:12 bit
grips: approx. 700 mm * Computer controlled Universal Testing
-- Load cell input Machine, for tension tests up to 1000 kN
-- Maximum distance between strands
grips: approx. 650 mm* (1) and compression tests up to 2000 kN,
complete with three sets of standard grips,
-- Minimum distance between rebars
PC, printer and software.
Safety features grips: approx. 100 mm*
380 V, 50 Hz, 3 ph.
-- Pressure switch that -- Minimum distance between strands
grips: approx. 50 mm* 70-C0820/CZ
automatically stops the
As above but 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph
machine when the oil pressure
approaches the limit
-- Maximum travel limit switch *Note: the distance between grips varies
to stop the mobile frame at its according to the specimen size/diameter.
upper position
(1) This distance can be increased up to
-- Software stops the machine
approx. 790 mm by modifying the testing
when the maximum load is frame. This frame upgrade must be specified
reached at time of order. See upgrading option.
Consequently also the minimum distance
between grips is increased of about 140 mm.
Standard outfit
The machine is supplied com-
plete with: 3 sets of grips for
round specimens up to 40 mm Software
diameter and flat specimens up The software controls the machine either in
to 70 mm wide x 35 mm thick manual or automatic mode to perform:
plus two sets of grip liners; set of
-- Tensile tests on steel reinforcing bars
foundation bolts; service spanner;
in accordance to UNI EN ISO 6892 and
instruction manual; PC and a col-
our graphic printer.
-- General tensile tests, flexural (transverse)
and bending tests on steel conforming
to ASTM E290 and UNI 564
-- Flexural tests on concrete beams
conforming to EN 12390-5
-- Compression tests on concrete
specimens conforming to EN 12390-3


70-C0901/20 70-C0820/31
Gripper for electro-welded steel grid. Used Bending test attachment for performing
with the standard grips for flat specimens bending tests on steel specimens confor-
supplied with the 70-C0820/C tester. ming to ASTM E290 and UNI 564.
Weight 5 kg approx. Maximum load: 200 kN
Maximum distance between bearers: 800
70-C0901/31 Bearer dimensions: 50 mm diameter
Grip for seven cord strands 9.3 to 15.2 x 120 mm length
mm diameter. Four pieces are required, Weight: 100 kg (approx.)
with anti-sliding plates 70-T0901/T12 or
70-C0901/T15 - see below. Weight 5 kg
approx. 70-C0820/5
Compression device. Includes: upper and
70-C0901/T12 lower platens, 216 mm diameter
x 50mm; spherical seat; distance pieces
Anti-sliding plates, 15 x 200 mm, for 12.5
200 mm diameter x100 mm and 200 mm
mm diameter wire strands. Pack of 100.
diameter x50mm.
For use with 70-C0901/31 grips.
Weight: 85 kg approx.

Anti-sliding plates, 15x200 mm, for 15.2
Set of compression platens for concrete
mm wire strands. Pack of 100. For use with
specimens. Upper platen fitted with
70-C0901/31 grips.
spherical seat.
Platen dimensions: 310 x 435 x 50 mm
70-C0820/2 Weight: 150 kg (approx.)
Transverse test attachment for performing
transverse tests on steel specimens Extensometers
conforming to UNI 559. (see page 386)
Maximum load: 200 kN
Maximum distance between bearers: 800 PC cabinet
mm (see page 258)
Examples of software
Bearer dimensions: 50 mm diameter x 120
mm length
Weight: 100 kg (approx.)

70-C0820/2 70-C0820/31

Stress-strain graph


Spare parts
Gripper for flat specimens up to 70x35
mm and round specimens from 5 to 9 mm
diameter. Four pieces are required per set.

Vee gripper for round specimens from 9 to
19 mm diameter. Four pieces are required
per set.

Vee gripper for round specimens from19 to
40 mm diameter. Four pieces are required
per set.

Grip liner 9 mm thick. Four pieces are
required per set.

Grip liner 14 mm thick. Four pieces are
required per set.

Graphite grease for grips. 1 kg can.

Detail of specimen failure 70-C0901/20

70-C0901/31 with 70-C0901/T12 Standard grippers supplied with the machine


Electromechanical universal testers

main feature
>> Electromechanical universal testers for performing tests under
load/elongation control
>> Suitable for:
- Tensile tests conforming to EN and ASTM
- Marshall stability tests to EN and ASTM
- Duriez tests conforming to EN and NF
- CBR tests conforming to ASTM and EN
- Compression tests on cement, concrete and other materials
- Flexural and tension tests on various materials
>> Alternative models with different physical specifications are available on

70-S18B2 with 70-S/UTM5

200 and 300 kN capacity The machines consist essentially manual control of the crosshead,
of a robust two-column frame or the automatic control system
The UTM Series are versatile machines that satisfy the requirements of
with an upper crosshead which by PC complete with software for
central and commercial laboratories performing tensile tests under load/ can be adjusted in height and a Unconfined compression, CBR,
elongation control on steel rebars, rounds and flats, and general compres- lower mobile crosshead moved Marshall and Duriez tests. See
sion, flexural and tension tests on various materials. by an electromechanical sys- Firmware and software packages.
tem with a single recirculating Another software package, 70-S/
ball screw powered by a brush- UTM3, is available for performing
less servomotor which assures tensile tests conforming to EN
smooth application of load at 10002 and ASTM A370.
constant speed.
The machines are supplied com-
The stress is measured by a load plete with a high precision load
cell incorporated in the upper cell.
crosshead and the displacement
PC, gripping systems, compres-
by an encoder fitted in the servo-
sion platens, extensometers and
accessories are not included and
The advanced microprocessor have to be ordered separately -
technology provides large flex- see Accessories.
ibility in conducting tests.
The UTM Series is proposed in
two versions: 200 kN (70-S18B2)
and 300 kN (70-S19C2) capac-
ity. Both of them have to be
equipped with either the Hard-
ware and Software package for


Technical specifications

Product code 70-S18B2, 70-S18B4 70-S19C2, 70-S19C4

Maximum load, kN 200 300
Maximum vertical clearance 900 900
(without accessories), mm
Maximum vertical clearance 500 500
(with tensile grippers), mm
Force accuracy 0.5% of applied force 0.5% of applied force
Distance between columns, mm 450 650 70-S/UTM1

Crosshead travel, mm 200 200

Testing speed range, mm/min 0.1 to 150 0.1 to 150
Maximum load rate, kN/s 100 100
Encoder resolution, mm 0.001 0.001
Encoder accuracy better than 0.2% better than 0.2%
Machine class 1 1
Overall dimensions, mm 1000 x 600 x 2200 1200 x 600 x 2200
(w x d x h)
Weight, kg (approx.) 500 600

Ordering information ASTM

Software package for steel tensile tests
70-S18B2 conforming to EN/ASTM A370.
Universal electromechanical frame, UTM
series, 200 kN capacity. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, Accessories
1 ph.
As above but 110 V, 60 Hz. Compression platens 200 mm diameter
with spherical seat, maximum load 300 kN
70-S19C2 70-S/UTM5
Universal electromechanical frame, UTM Upper and lower tensile heads complete
series, 300 kN capacity. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, with grips for round specimens 8 to 22
mm diameter. 70-S/UTM2 with 86-D2999 (Cabinet and printer optional,
1 ph. not included, see accessories)
70-S19C4 70-S/UTM6
As above but 110 V, 60 Hz. Grips for flat specimens up to 15 mm thick,
70 mm wide.
Control systems
Manual control option Adapter for load cell to connect other
70-S/UTM1 compression devices for Marshall or CBR
penetration piston.
Manual control system including DIGIMAX
data acquisition and processing system. 86-D2999
PC cabinet to provide PC system protection Detail of 70-S18B2
PC Automatic control system op- fitted with compression
from airborne contamination. Filtration
tion platens 70-S/UTM4
achieved by two vented filters in the
70-S/UTM2 cabinet. Complete with three extractable
PC control system with 16-bit A/D con- shelves. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
verter, Windows OS (different languages)
and Multitest software for Unconfined Extensometers (see page 386)
compression, CBR, Marshall and Duriez
test software.

Software fot tensile test to EN and