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Oral Presentation Rubric (-10 w/o rubric)

Names: _______________Topic: ___________________Pd #:____

Below Standards
Category Exemplary Above Standards Meets Standards
D Points

Student presents Student presents Classmates have Classmates cannot

information in logical, information in a difficulty following follow presentation
interesting sequence, mostly logical presentation because because there is no
which classmates can sequence, which student jumps sequence of
easily follow. classmates can around. information.

Student demonstrates full Student is at ease Student is only able Student does not
Content knowledge with lots of with required to present basic have grasp of
Knowledge details, explanations and content, but fails facts information;
elaboration. Content to elaborate. student cannot
25 knowledge is excellent. answer questions
about subject.

Student fully explains all Student explains Student explains Student mentions
Pictures/ pictures and diagrams all pictures and some pictures and pictures and
Diagrams used in PowerPoint. diagrams used in diagrams and/or diagrams but does
Elaborates and provides PowerPoint. More provides minimal not provide
15 details. details could be explanations. explanations.

Student uses a clear voice Student's voice is Student incorrectly Student mumbles,
with good volume and clear. Student pronounces terms. incorrectly
correct, precise pronounces most Hard to hear at pronounces terms,
pronunciation of terms. words correctly. times. and/or speaks too
quietly for all to

Presentation is completely Presentation is Student tries to Student does not

in students own words. mostly in own present in own words, present in
Voice & None of the information is words. None of but sometimes uses information in own
Style read (student uses the information is source language. words. Student
PowerPoint as tool to read. Some of the reads all
5 remember what to information is read information from
present, not as source from the PowerPoint. PowerPoint.
from which to read).

Time Limit Presentation is at least 9 Presentation is 8 Presentation is 7-8 Presentation is less

minutes. 9 minutes. minutes. than 7 minutes.


Out of 60