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“Make of the world one family”

Xaverian Mission
Volume 65 - No. 4 | November 2017 Newsletter •

Fr. Mark’s Message ........................................2
Tearing Down Walls of Hatred ..................3
Challenges of the Church in Brazil .........4
Interfaith Journey ........................................5
XVII General Chapter ................................6-7
St. Francis Xavier .......................................8-9
World & US Province News ....................10-11

Xaverian Missionaries deliberate at their XVII General Chapter in Tavernerio, Italy
Reflecting Christ

Mission at the Heart of
Xaverian the Christian Faith
Missionaries Dear Mission Friends:
Provincial Headquarters
12 Helene Court A minister shared something that happened to him a
Wayne, NJ 07470-2813 few days earlier. One evening he went down to lock the
Tel.: (973) 942-2975 church for the night and found a teenager peacefully
Fax: (973) 942-5012 sleeping in the last pew. He was sorry he had to wake
missionmedia@xaverianmissionaries. him up and ask him to leave the church before locking the
org doors. The boy tried to make the minister understand that he
Xavier Knoll Mission Center had nowhere to go and was hoping he would be allowed to stay
4500 Xavier Drive for the night. The pastor, on the other hand, was hoping that the teenager would
Franklin, WI 53132-9066 understand the situation and would leave the church.
Tel.: (414) 421-0831
Fax: (414) 421-9108 The minister invited the youth to his office, made a couple of phone calls to
Email: shelters in town, but they were all full. So, the pastor excused himself and showed
the young man to the door. Once in the house, the minister shared what had just
Global Youth Mission Services (the happened with his wife. She looked him in the eyes and asked: “Why didn’t you
GYMs) take him in, he could have used our guest room.” The pastor thought about it and
Fatima Shrine
101 Summer Street
then, shaking his head, said: “It’s too late now.” He took the Bible, sat down to read
P.O. Box 5857 the passage for that very day: it was the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:
Holliston, MA 01746-5857 25-37).
Tel.: (508) 429-2144
Fax: (508) 429-4793 Suddenly he realized that the boy he met in church a few minutes earlier was like
Email: the man beaten by the robbers and left half-dead on the side of the road who
needed someone’s help. He realized that he behaved like the priest in the parable
Xaverian Mission Newsletter and didn’t take care of his neighbor’s urgent need. He also understood that what
Official publication of the counts is not how many times you read the Bible, but how often you put it into
Xaverian Missionaries practice.
of the United States

Publisher: Fr. Mark Marangone SX In the words of Pope Francis for World Mission Sunday 2017:
Being Christian is …the result of an encounter with …a Person, which gives life a
Communications Board
new horizon and a decisive direction.
Fr. Carl Chudy SX
Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez Gómez
Through the Church, Christ continues his mission as the Good Samaritan, caring
SX for the bleeding wounds of humanity, and as Good Shepherd, constantly seeking
Fr. Tony Lalli SX out those who wander along winding paths that lead nowhere.
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX We are challenged “to go forth from our own comfort zone in order to reach all
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX
the peripheries in need of the light of the Gospel.
Editor In carrying out our mission, let us draw inspiration from Mary, Mother of
Mary Aktay
Evangelization. May she help us to say our own “yes.” May she obtain for
Printing us renewed zeal in bringing to everyone the Good News of the life that is
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ
victorious over death.
Email & Web: With deep gratitude we thank you for your loving care and generosity over the years.
Website: We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving as well as a Merry Christmas and Happy
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New Year 2018!
Fr. Mark Marangone, SX

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2 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017
Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Tearing Down Walls of
hose who witnessed the events of September 2014 in Burundi
have a deep wound that is difficult to heal. From the first dra-
matic moments after the murder of our Sisters we have all
shared the sensation that the evil had taken possession of the spir-
its of those who perpetrated this terrible crime. Sr. Olga, Sr. Lucia,
and Sr. Bernardetta were massacred in their home. We all grieved
over this tragic event; we had difficulties accepting that
human beings could commit this crime.
The house of our Xaverian Sisters was a place of welcoming,
listening, and sharing. The Sisters were accustomed to open-
ing the door to people needing help. Their home was loved
by the poor, people in need, and those who were discour-
aged. These people always found a piece of bread and com-
forting words. It was the place of encounter for those
unloved or simply a space for a brief stop, before or after a
hard day of work. In short, it was the house of peace.
From the day their lives were violently taken away, people
continued to go to their Chapel daily to pray and with a
desire to keep the Sisters’ memory alive.
A month after their deaths, after the Eucharist in their mem-
ory, we prayed: “Lord, help us transform this place where
innocent blood was shed, into a holy place in which it will be
possible to worship the God of Peace and Mercy.” We imag-
ined the transformation of their rooms into a space in which
everyone could find peace in their own heart, in prayer and
contemplation. It would be a “living monument” that could
help us remember and give us comfort in faith. Building this
Chapel, we tore down a lot of walls. We also tore down walls
in our hearts; the walls of hatred, vengeance, and ethnic or
political division. We tore down these walls to speak clearly
to anyone who is thirsty of love, peace, and forgiveness. They
may be able enter in this holy place where it is possible to Chapel of Peace and Mercy ‘n Kamenge, a district of
receive and give forgiveness. Bujumbura, Burundi
In January 2016, our Bishop of Bujumbura,
We didn’t
Most Rev. Evariste Ngoyagoye blessed the “Chapel of Peace and Mercy” in the presence of the
want a Secretary of the Nunciature, religious women and men from everywhere in Burundi, local priests,
shrine; rather Xaverian Sisters and Fathers and a church packed with parishioners. The Chapel is a place where
a place of everyone can pray in silence and in adoration to the Blessed Sacrament in order to remember all
prayer and those who have given their lives for peace in the countries of the great African lakes. At the
entrance, we put pictures of our Sisters, and also pictures of Msgr. Countney, Msgr. Ruhuna, Fr.
silence for
Ottorino, Fr. Aldo and Katina, killed in Buyengero, our Xaverian fathers killed in Baraka, Msgr.
refreshment Munsihirwa, killed in Bukavu, and the seminarians of Buta and others.
for the soul. We didn’t want a shrine; rather a place of prayer and silence for refreshment for the soul. We
want to promote reflection to ask for peace and pray for the forgiveness of all of those who
believe that peace could be achieved only through the use of weapons, violence and the suppression of the others
who are different. Our people will find a spot in this holy place; the poor, the weak, the wounded in the spirit, and
for those who use weapons of violence. The example of those that have given their lives for the Kingdom of Peace
must be for them―and for each one of us―a living spring of faith, peace, and forgiveness.
Fr. Mario Pulcini SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017 3
Xaverian Missionaries in the World

Challenges of the
Church in Alto
Solimões, Brazil
Tucked in the triple border between Brazil, Colombia and
Venezuela, southwest of the state of Amazonas, the dio-
cese of Altos Solimões faces major challenges to promote
evangelization in the largest biome on the planet.
According its Bishop, Adolfo Zon Pereira SX,a Xaverian
Missionary, the first challenge is that of the diversity of
“We have a population of six indigenous peoples in the Javari Valley, in an
already demarcated area, and another six along the Solimões River, among
which are the Ticuna people, with about 46 thousand. The riversides are
populated by former rubber tappers and also urban people,” he said. “These
peoples mingle within the cities and in the marginalized peripheries.”
In order to strengthen evangelization in the midst of the diversity of these
peoples, it is also necessary that “evangelization be diversified,” said Bishop
Adolfo. “We have to start from a very respectful presence in the midst of
these peoples, of friendship, of fellowship,” he said.
“The bishop needs pastoral workers. But as the laity become more prominent
and the congregations are collaborating, the diocese will gradually gain more
help. Two aspiring Ticunas have been ordained to the deaconate. The chal-
lenge of reaching the communities of the diocese distributed in seven parish-
es over 131 thousand km is met by boats that circulate through the rivers.
The distances are very large. It takes days to visit the communities and villag-
es. Through the rivers and tributaries we are present among these peoples,” he said.
Trafficking in people, animals and drugs is another challenge faced by the Church, present in the triple frontier. “We
are seeking to create opportunities for people to have a livelihood and earn their own bread, not through drug traffick-
ing. We are also investing heavily in communities to create conditions and be productive,” he said.
After more than 20 years as a missionary in the Amazon, the Bishop said that the greatest value of the people of that
region is hospitality. “We feel at home wherever we go. People welcome you, give you love and care, and what little
they have,”
Bishop Adolfo is enchanted by the flora and fauna of the Amazon. He calls it “a precious place that helps us to have an
authentic experience of God. The silence of the forest, the beauty of the trees, the admiration that this environment
instills in people.”
The Church of the Amazon, according to Bishop Adolfo Zon Pereira, can help the Church offer people the opportunity
to meet Christ. “I believe that our Church in the Amazon is a special place to encounter Christ and to be missionary
Reprinted from the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil

You can help Bishop Adolfo and the Church in Alto Solimões. Either clip this paper and send it to the address
below or help the environment by donating online at
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Address: City: State: Zip
Email or phone: Xaverian House Supported:

Mail to: Fr. Mark Marangone SX, 12 Helene Ct., Wayne, NJ 07470 □Xaverian Knoll, Franklin WI; □Fatima Shrine
Holliston, MA; □Provincial House Wayne, NJ

4 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017
Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

A Journey in
Interfaith Dialogue:
Dialogue beyond
the Religious
By Fr. Carl Chudy SX
(Last of three installments)

Since 2012, together with our United Kingdom Province, we cre-
ated the Common Ground project to bridge secular and religious
voices, particularly in Europe & the USA, and exhibit a new form
of the missio ad gentes. Dialogue with atheists, secular humanists, Common Ground Presentation at the Scottish Parliament
and the religiously unaffiliated takes on the similar dynamics of
interfaith dialogue, and includes a growing population of the non-
religious who are expected to be the third largest group globally. If
interfaith dialogue is about creating a diverse global exchange for
sharing and collaboration, it must also include secular voices.
We held two conferences: one in Coatbridge, Scotland (2013),
and the other at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New
Jersey (2015) entitled: Common Ground: Conversations Among
Atheist, Humanists, and Religious Believers. Our collaboration
with the British, Scottish and American Humanist Associations
has been crucial to both of these conferences. Scotland now
holds a yearly gathering to address environmental, political
and social concerns. We run Meetup groups in New Jersey and
Massachusetts where religious and non-religious people gather
for dialogue on a monthly basis, and we produced a video for
YouTube. I now contribute to an atheist blog on Common Ground Conference at Rutgers University
called Secular Spectrum.
At first glance this may seem odd for some religious believers.
Many have determined in their minds that atheists, humanists,
agnostics, skeptics, and the unaffiliated are anti-religion. How-
ever, this distorted thinking, without the aid of dialogue, is far
from the truth for most. Although there is a smaller group called
the “new atheists” who are anti-religious, the new generation
of secular humanists and atheists, however, are very open to
connecting with religious believers, Our common ground search
involves ethics, community, justice, peace, and hope. I hope to
explore this more in my studies at Hartford Seminary.
The “Catholic tradition” of dialogue with non-believers began
with the institution of the Secretariat for Non-Believers by Pope
Paul VI in 1965, one of three new secretariats to address our
dialogue with the world that is not Catholic, nor Christian. In Meetup at the Xaverian Provincial House in Wayne NJ
1968 an important, document of the secretariat was published
entitled Dialogue with Non-Believers. It outlined both a theology and practical guidelines for this dialogue. St. Pope
John Paul II brought this important work into the Pontifical Council of Culture to re-look at the evangelization of
culture with renewed interest in secularity. In 2005 Pope Benedict XVI instituted the Courtyard of the Gentiles
to gather believers and non-believers in conferences around the world, which continues to this day. Pope Francis
reminds us in the Joy of the Gospel: “As believers, we also feel close to those who do not consider themselves part
of any religious tradition, yet sincerely seek the truth, goodness and beauty which we believe have their highest
expression and source in God. We consider them as precious allies in the commitment to defending human dignity,
in building peaceful coexistence between peoples and in protecting creation.”

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017 5
Rooted in the Person of Jesus
Delegates from the 19 regions around the world
where Xaverian Missionaries serve held their XVII
General Chapter in Tavernario in Northern Italy.
We were diverse group, with not only our different
regions being represented, but our cultural
diversity. What is a General Chapter, you ask? From
our constitutions we read, “The General Chapter
enjoys supreme authority within the Congregation.
It is the foremost sign and instrument of co-
responsibility and participation of all the confreres
in the life of the Congregation” ( #92). Forty-two
delegates gathered with two of us from the USA.
We elected our new general leadership, reviewed
our ministries and pointed to the future. It was a
time of listening, sharing, clarifying, and action as
we endeavor to build a future full of hope and grace,
especially for those who have yet to know of the Lord,
Jesus. This is our particular and singular mission: To
share the reality of the Lord Jesus with those who
have never known Him. We are rooted in the person
of Jesus, attentive to our mission and our brothers,
especially our seniors and our young confreres….
and we are all in this together.
Fr. Rocco Puopolo, SX
Xaverian Missionaries XVII
General Chapter

“The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives
of all who encounter Jesus. With Christ joy is
constantly born anew.” Joy and enthusiasm,
novelty and fidelity, courage and determination,
these are our styles of proclaiming the Gospel.
All of them help give shape to a definite style
of evangelization which I ask you to adopt in
every activity which you undertake. In this
way, we can take up, amid our daily efforts,
the biblical exhortation: “Rejoice in the Lord
always; again I will say: Rejoice” (Phil 4:4).

Fr. Fernando Garcia Rodríguez SX
to The Confreres of the XVII General
Tavernerio August 1-19, 2017

Xaverian Missionaries’ XVII General Chapter pictured from top left: Liturgies celebrating diversity; confreres meeting with Bishop
Natale Paganelli SX of Sierra Leone; communal meals; group assembly; working session; Frs. Mark Marangone SX and Rocco Puopolo
SX from the USA; The newly elected General Direction: (l to r) Fr. Javier Peguero Perez Sx, Counselor, Fr. Fabien Kolehezo, Counselor, Fr.
Fernando Garcia SX Superior General, Fr. Mario Mula SX, Vicar General, Fr. Eugenio Pulcini SX, Counselor
St. Francis Xavier

Portrait of St. Francis Xavier by Mary C. Henry of South Carolina

8 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017
and the Missionary Horizon

St. Francis Xavier and the Missionary Horizon
“Saint Francis Xavier is the model and patron of our Institute which
bears his name” (C 2)

feast of St. Francis Xavier falls at the because of the many examples of persevering and holy
beginning of Advent. I believe that this confreres, worthy journey companions of Francis Xavier;
is an important coincidence: how much we are great because of the number of men and women
“missionary meaning” is there in Advent? What does a throughout the world who have listened to us and wel-
missionary hope for and desire? The essential motive comed us in our apostolate; we are great because of the
of our vigilance and expectation is the mission of the courage that the mission has demanded of some of us,
disciples and the Church in history. The mission allows including even persecution and martyrdom; we are great
us to broaden our perception of reality and grasp the because of the audacious projects. We are great because
meaning of encounters and events from the perspective the proclamation of Christ is our certainty and Guido
of the Kingdom of God that comes in Jesus Christ. This is Maria Conforti and Francis Xavier are our roots, upon
the dynamism of one who positions himself within such which we grew and from which we have drawn strength.
a wide horizon that it becomes infinite, and he remains They are strong, healthy and holy roots that do not have
fascinated by a goal that is always greater than his own a shelf life! We too can have the faith, courage, tenac-
achievements, constantly nourishing in himself a hope ity, enthusiasm, generosity and joy that inspired Francis
that is Christian, because personal prestige and suc- Xavier and Guido Conforti. We too, small branches, hope
cess are not the criteria by which he measures things. to possess something of their virtue, and be capable of
We celebrate the Feast of Francis Xavier with friends, sharing the same, open horizon, even when we feel more
benefactors, bishops, diocesan priests and other reli- scattered than sent, in a world that does not always wel-
gious who accompany us in our missionary activities. We come or understand. It is said that uprooting is a cause of
contemplate with them the horizon of the mission, with depression. Unless we recognize, cultivate and love our
our eyes fixed on the future that has been made more spiritual roots, we cannot grow and bear fruit; and we
limpid by the Hope that Advent teaches us, even when will no longer recognize our own typical way of serving
the future can cause more fear than desire. the Gospel.
Following the example of Francis Xavier does not ask Francis Xavier died on 3 December 1552; he was just 46
us to hand out easy responses or immediate solutions years old.
to every problem. It asks us to be open and courageous Thanks to his missionary work in the great countries of
persons, who are capable of seeing “beyond” and, at the Asian continent – and not only – he is still an indelible
the same time, willing to “remain within” – as believers reference point today. His 10 years of missionary work
– the reality of life/history, just as it is and not for what in the East were done with intelligence and absolute
we would like it to be. This is our trustworthy hope, by dedication ad maiorem Dei gloriam. “Indeed, to live this
virtue of which we can face our present, even the ardu- troubled life without enjoying God is not a life, but a
ous present (cf. Spe Salvi 1). We do not distance our- constant death” (Francis Xavier, Letter 90, par. 26).
selves from life and its places. We remain within it with
the sentiments and the mentality taught to us by Jesus The dream of Francis Xavier seemed to disappear just
Christ, without entrusting ourselves to abstract proj- when he had China in his sights, but others (the Xaverians
ects done at the drawing board, or by trying to activate among them), in his memory and following his example,
or orient processes (as Pope Francis would say) in the shared that same dream: to open new paths for the Gos-
cheating belief that “we” are the creators. Let us avoid pel in the immense Asian continent.
“... falling prey to any excessive form of «eagerness» to A happy feast of St. Francis Xavier to all!
do only great and difficult things, because this is not
really «eagerness», but true temptation” (Francis Xavier, ~Fr. Eugene Pulcini SX
Letter 90, par. 35).
Today is an ideal day for living gratitude more intensely. “It is not the actual physical exertion that counts
Let us say so softly, humbly, but also with the pride towards a one’s progress, nor the nature of the
of those who know they are in the truth: it is good to task, but by the spirit of faith with which it is
be aware of the greatness of our vocation and of our undertaken.”
Xaverian Family. After more than 120 years, we are great
~St. Francis Xavier

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017 9
World Mission News

World Mission News Digest

Fr. Mario Pulcini SX in the Xaverian Mission, Missionary Congress of Brazil Rohingya refugees wait to receive aid (CNS/
Kamenge (GSR photo: Claire Schaeffer-Duffy) Cathal McNaughton/Reuters)

AFRICA/Burundi accused of extra judicial executions, arbitrary ASIA/BANGLADESH
Inclusive dialogue only path to detention, torture and sexual harassment. Caritas busy assisting Rohingya refu-
peace: bishops make new appeal AMERICA/BRAZIL gees ‘totally dependent on aid’
to overcome political crisis Dhaka (Agenzia Fides) Caritas Bangladesh is mo-
Missionary Congress: corruption, lack
Bujumbura (Agenzia Fides) “Inclusive dialogue of ethics, environmental devastation, bilized to offer humanitarian assistance in Rakh-
is the only path to peace” the Bishops of call in a “Church that goes forth” ine state to 14,000 Rohingya refugees families
Burundi said in a message issued at the end Recife (Agenzia Fides) The 4th National Mission- fleeing Myanmar. Francio Atul Sarker, Caritas
of a Plenary Assembly. “We stress once again ary Congress of Brazil with over 700 participants Bangladesh executive director, stated: “Presently
that inclusive dialogue must be adopted for issued its final Message on the theme: “The Joy there are about 400,000 Rohingya refugees but
the greater interest of the nation if we are to of the Gospel for Church that goes forth”: “The if the flow of new arrivals continues, the figure
stop the advance of those who want to take example of martyrs and prophets like Dom Helder will reach 500,000. We have concluded a first
the path of war. We ask all those involved in Câmara helped us look at Brazil, immersed in a emergency aid effort and are preparing for a
the crisis to participate in dialogue with the deep crisis that affects us and many impoverished, second. We have the support of Caritas Interna-
mediation of a facilitator.” excluded and marginalized brothers and sisters,” tionalis: for example 100,000 euro supplied by
The appeal from the bishops comes at a “We denounce the reinforcement of neoliberal poli- Caritas Spain has enabled us to provide each
time when there appears to be no exit from cies that restrict the rights of workers, indigenous family with a food parcel of rice, vegetables, oil,
Burundi’s political crisis which broke in April peoples, fishermen, and those living in other salt, sugar and water, as well as a small sum
2015 following an announcement by President geographic and existential suburbs. We are angry of money to purchase basic necessities.”
Pierre Nkurunziza that he was standing for to see the devastation of the Amazon and the “A considerable number of refugees,” Director
a third term, in violation of both Burundi’s degradation of nature”, This reality imposes a Sarker continued, are totally dependent on
Constitution and the Arusha peace pacts. Since vigorous missionary action on us. In the mission, humanitarian aid. Supplies of clean water are
his re-election in 2015, violence and repression we are encouraged by the testimony and prophecy running out and the health situation is far
have increased forcing more than 425,000 of so many women and men who have found their from good. Over 200,000 Rohingya children risk
Burundians to seek safety in neighboring joy in the Gospel and have shared it with God’s disease and are in serious need of help. 60%
countries. In 2015 the bishops called for favorite in the radical gift of their lives.” The of those fleeing are children.
“inclusive dialogue” to involve opposition leaders last part presents some commitments, first of all
forced into exile to start authentic talks Immediate needs assessed by Caritas Bangladesh
that “for children, teenagers and young people
and put an end to the crisis. However, the include clean water, food, medical care, shelters,
to be the protagonists of the mission, wherever
government has limited itself to dialogue with medicines, measures to protect minors. Arrived
they are”. Therefore “we reaffirm the vocation
groups not representative of the entire political in Bangladesh in the last decade, almost half a
of Christian laity as subjects in mission. Guided
and social situation. million Rohingya live in two registered settle-
by the Holy Trinity, we live our vocation in com-
ments and the Bangladesh government intends
Experts charged by the United Nations have munion, engaged as a Church that goes forth and
to open a third camp at Tyingkhali for new
called on the International Court to investigate promotes the encounter and proclaims the joy of
abuse committed by Burundian security forces the Gospel to all”.”

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017
USA Communities News

News from our USA Communities

Provincial House Missionaries, for his parishioners and friends, in Christmas Concert
Wayne NJ the certainty of the Resurrection and Eternal Sunday December 10th
Life! 3:00 p.m.
Our beloved Fr. Robert S. Maloney SX passed
away to his heavenly home on Wednesday, Oc- Berceto Banquet Christmas Liturgies
tober 4 2017 The first Xaverian Missionary from Fr. Mark Marangone SX attended the 55th and December 24th: Christmas Vigil - 8:00 p.m.
the United States, Fr. Bob was ordained June 8, sadly final Bercetese celebration of its ties to December 25th: Christmas - 11:00 a.m.
the Xaverian Missionaries and St. Guido M. Con-
1957 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Working briefly Xavier knoll
in Holliston, he was sent to Bangladesh and forti. See more pictures at http://www.bergotto.
com. The Xaverian Missionaries express their
Franklin WI
returned to the US in the mid-60’s. He worked
never ending gratitude to the Berceto Founda- December Ministries
in leadership in the US Province and internation-
tion for over half a century of service! Fr. Alex Rodriguez, will give a talk on Our
ally in Rome for many years. This past June we
lady of Guadalupe on December 5, 201 at St.
celebrated his 60th anniversary of priesthood. Knights of Columbus Retreat
Edward, Racine in English.
(See May 2017 XMN.) We ask for your prayers for Fr. Michael Davitti Sx will be conducting a
him, his family, and all Xaverian Missionaries who retreat for the Knights of three Wayne NJ December 12th Frs. Alexander and Alex will be
grieve his loss and rejoice in his coming home to parishes on Nov. 25. at St. Patrick, Racine for the feast of Our Lady
the Lord. of Guadalupe.
For Christmas we will have ministry in the
different parishes.
Mission Banquet
(See above.) More pictures of this year’s festive
event can be found on our website.

For more information
Fatima Shrine on events please consult
Fr. Gino Nasini SX died on July 29, 2017, in the the home, event, &
city of Londrina Brazil. Fr. Gino was a parish Holliston MA
community pages on
priest of Our Lady Aparecida, in the archdiocese Christmas Light Display www.xaverianmissionaries.
of Campinas. Born on April 9, 1938 in Italy. Fr. Saturday December 2nd through Thursday org
Gino made his religious profession in 1957 and December 28th, 2017
was ordained a priest on May 27, 1965, serving Everyday from 5:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m.
in Holliston for over ten years. He then missioned During the Christmas Lights the Giftshop will be
in Brazil in several parishes. We join in prayer open everyday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
for his relatives in Italy, for all the Xaverian
Praesidium Accreditation™ publicly demonstrates that the Congregation of the Xaverian
Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in abuse prevention and response.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017 11
Xaverian Mission Newsletter • November 2017

Christmas Blessings
from the Xaverian

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