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Call setup exercise

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Call setup analysis exercise

- Files:
KPI report: KPI_Report_LTE-2
Nemo log: Nemo log 6 call setup exercise.1.nmf

1. Check the KPI report:

Can you find any connection setup problems in KPI stats?
Based on the KPIs, in which phase of the connection setup the problems appear?

2. Check the Nemo log:

Can you find any connection setup problems in the drive test log?
Can you tell the reason for failures?

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- Write the key parameter controlling the transmission power/CR for each
message in RRC Connection Setup Flow

RRC Connection Request

RA Preamble,

RA Response

RRC Connection Request

Contention Resolution

RRC Connection Setup

RRC Connection Setup Complete

NAS Attach Request, PDP Connection Request

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Call setup exercise

Analyze following RRC Setup failures (Emil logs).

What message (UL or DL) is the most probable failure reason?

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