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Pokemon Learning League


Written By
Timothy Whitfield
(Episode opens with an overview shot of Celestic Town on a
clear sunny afternoon. A breeze and the balmy sunshine
envelops the area, bringing with it a calm atmosphere. Now,
we pan down/cut to Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Dedenne, Zinnia
and Aster entering through the town gate and Bonnie turns
over to the audience.)
Bonnie (casually): Hey, there guys.
Dedenne (casually): Dede.
Serena (casually): Hey.
Clemont (casually): Hello.
Zinnia (casually): Hi.
Aster: Whis.
(They go down the street. From there, they see the locals going
about their business, the various shops & restaurants and the
local Pokemon Center. As they continue along, they see the
citizens going about their business.)
Zinnia (stretching out her arms): Mmm. It really feels nice out
Bonnie: You said it, Zinnia.
Dedenne: Dede.
Clemont: You know, everyone around here seems very nice.
Serena: Mmm-hmm, and the town does have a nice place to
Zinnia: Yeah. Speaking of which, are there any good places to
visit here?
Serena: Hmm, let me see. (She pulls out her guidebook and
looks at the section for Celestic Town.) Ah-ha, there’s the
Historical Research Center & the Ruins, the contest hall, a shop
owned by a famous stylist & former coordinator named Lila and
a famous buffet restaurant. What do you think, guys? Should
we check them out?
Bonnie: You bet.
Dedenne: Dede.
Zinnia: Sounds like a plan.
Aster: Whis.
Clemont: I don’t see why not. Sure.
Serena: All right, then.
(They continue on down the street. Cut to twenty-one minutes
later, and they arrive at Lila’s store, where they peer through
the windows and Serena & Bonnie marvel at the various
wardrobes made by Lila herself up on display.)
Bonnie: Wow! This Lila is a great stylist.
Dedenne (agreeing): Dede.
Serena: Yeah. She’s really got great taste and an eye for detail.
(They go inside and see the rest of the store. Various
mannequins are set up all around, donning differing men’s &
women’s outfits.)
Zinnia: I may not be big into fashion, but even I’ll admit, these
are pretty good.
Aster (concurring): Whis.
Clemont (agreeing): My sentiments exactly.
(They go on through the rest of the store, seeing. Now, they go
over to the changing rooms and find Lila standing outside one
of them. She knocks on it)
Lila: You ready yet?
Voice (behind the door): Indeed I am.
(The door opens, and… Bianca steps out, wearing a green shirt
with an orange girdle skirt and long jeans on underneath them
and ankle boots.)
Bianca: Be honest with me, Ms. Lila. How does it look?
Lila: I’ve got to say, you look marvelous in that.
Bianca (ecstatic): That’s fantastic! I’ll take it!
(She goes back to the changing room and changes back to her
regular outfit.)
Clemont: Hello, Bianca.
Bianca: Hi Clemont & Serena. How are you both doing?
Serena: Terrific, thanks. How about you?
Bianca: Same as you. What did you think of my new outfit?
Serena: It looked amazing.
Bianca: Thank you.
Zinnia: Hey, there. My name’s Zinnia, and this is Aster.
Aster: Whis-mur.
Bonnie: I’m Bonnie. This is Dedenne.
Dedenne: Dede.
Bianca: It’s nice to meet you. (She takes notice of Aster and
Dedenne.) Oh, my gosh! You are just the cutest things I’ve ever
(She tickles Dedenne and Aster on the cheeks with her fingers.)
Dedenne (happily): Dede.
Aster (happily): Whis-mur.
Lila: I see you know one another.
Clemont: Indeed, we do.
Lila: Anyway, is there anything I can help you with?
Zinnia: That’s all right. We’re just looking around is all.
Lila: Got you.
(She walks over to her station.)
Serena: So, what brings you to Celestic Town?
Bianca: I’m here for an upcoming Pokemon Contest.
Clemont: Ahh, that sounds great. Which Pokemon will you be
Bianca: You’ll see later on. Now, how about you guys?
Bonnie: We’re just exploring around, checking out some of the
Bianca: That’s nice. Mind if I join you?
Serena: Not at all. It’ll
Bianca: Yay!
(They go up to the front register and Bianca pays for her
Lila: Hope you all have a nice day. And good luck in the contest,
Bianca: Thanks, Ms. Lila. See you later.
(They exit from the store and resume strolling down the street.
Cross-fade to fifteen minutes later, and the quin arrive at the
contest hall, where they see some trainers go over to it.)
Serena: Hmm, wonder what’s going on now?
Bianca (puzzled): Yeah. The contest isn’t for another two days.
(They head inside, go up to the registration desk and come to
the receptionist, Annie. She has short brunette hair, green eyes,
and is wearing a receptionists’ uniform.)
Bianca: Excuse us, but why are there trainers coming in today?
Annie: Oh, they’re here for a seminar.
Bianca: Really?
Annie: Sure. We like to help new up-and-comers get an idea of
what to expect. You can go see if you’d like.
Serena: Okay, that’ll be fine. Thank you.
Annie: You’re welcome.
(They walk into the main hall and see the trainers MC Marion
up on stage, giving pointer on how to give a good performance
to a few trainers. She has her Lurantis out. One of them,
Raphael, raises his hand up.)
Raphael: Ms. Marion, what’s the secret to a great opening
Marion: Ahh, it’s really simple, be sure you give your own style
and flare, and avoid using the same attack multiple times and
play to your Pokemon’s strengths. Now, Lurantis, use Sunny
Day and go into Solar Blade!
(Her body becomes surrounded in golden energy and raises one
of her hands into the air and forms an orb of golden energy into
the air. Now, it explodes above them, creating synthetic
sunlight. Next, it absorbs sunlight into herself and forms a large
yellow ball of light above her head. Lurantis then raises one of
its hands and turns the ball into a giant blade of yellow light.
Lurantis then slams the blade down onto the ground.)
All (in awe): Wow!
Marion: See? That’s how you do it. Now, during the battles,
they’re judged not just by how effective they are, but the
presentation of them as well.
Students: Got it.
Marion: Good. So, who would like to step up and give it a try?
(They all raise their hands. We cut over to the gang, and we
Serena and Bonnie watching and listening intently, with Serena
showing a pensive expression, while Bonnie gives off an
inspiring one.)
Zinnia: Man, that Marion is doing a great job here.
Clemont: I agree. She’s definitely had a lot of experience.
Zinnia: Certainly, more than you or I ever will.
Clemont (concurring): Yeah, you said it.
(They exit the hall resume their stroll across the town. Eighteen
minutes later, they come to one of the local restaurants, the
Celestic Three Meal Buffet restaurant. The overhead sign
consists of a blueberry muffin & buttered toast, a Rueben
sandwich and spaghetti & meatballs.)
Serena: Well, this is it.
(Just then, hers and Aster’s stomachs grumble.)
Aster (awkwardly): Whis.
Zinnia: Oh, and not a moment too soon.
Bianca: (gives a small chuckle.) Yeah, it’s time for lunch,
(They walk inside and are beholden by the large number of food
stands full of food on display, from spaghetti & meatballs,
salads and breadsticks, to sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal,
muffins and pizza. Now, they walk up to the front counter and
are greeted by the cashier, Rob. He has hazel eyes, green hair
and is wearing a standard cashier’s uniform)
Rob: Greetings, and welcome to the three-meal buffet. Now,
let me guess: five buffets for this group.
Zinnia: You got it.
Aster: Whis.
(Rob smiles and chuckles.)
Rob: Coming right up.
(They walk up to the register and he inputs the information.)
Rob: That’ll be ¥6424.10.
(Clemont gives the money to him and Rob places it in the
Rob: All right, enjoy your time here.
All: Thanks.
(They all walk in to the buffet. Now, they each pick up trays &
sets of plates and go over to the food stands. Clemont gets
some muffins, a Rueben and mac & cheese, Zinnia gets some
breadsticks, French toast and mashed potatoes, Bianca serves
herself a piece of pot pie, crepes and a chicken wrap, Serena
gets a plateful of spaghetti & meatballs, two pancakes and
some pita and Bonnie serves herself an English muffin
sandwich, a piece of lasagna and a ham and cheese sandwich.
Now, they go over to a four-way tables, seat themselves and
start feasting on their food.)
Bianca: Oh, my! This is delicious!
Serena: This is good, but it isn’t as good as how you make it,
Clemont: (He takes a bite of one of the muffins.)
Serena: Say, Bianca. How have your adventures been going?
Bianca: Oh, just terrific. I’ve had a few bad days, but otherwise
it’s been great
Clemont: That’s good to hear.
Bianca: Mmm-hmm. In fact, I wrote about them just so that I
wouldn’t forget them.
(She goes into her backpack and pulls out a stack of four
journals and places them on the table.)
Bonnie (impressed): Wow! You have done quite a lot.
Bianca: I know, and I’m going to tell my family & friends back in
Unova all about them.
Clemont: Um, are you sure about that?
Bianca (inquisitively): What do you mean?
Clemont: Well, that’s a lot to tell them. Wouldn’t it be better to
condense them down so they won’t get bored?
(She ponders about it for a moment.)
Bianca: Good point. Then, I’ll do a summary of them, but I’d
like to keep a lot of the good stuff in it.
Clemont: Okay, we can understand that. Hmm, perhaps Lex
can help you with just that.
(He whips out the Pokepilot from his pocket, switches it on and
speed dials Lex, who is on Akala Island, painting an overview of
the ocean.)
Zinnia: Hey, there Lex.
Lex: Hey, guys. How are you doing?
Serena: Terrific. Right now, we’re eating at this three-course
buffet restaurant that has a lot of great food.
Lex: Oh, sounds great. Well, as you can clearly see, I’m visiting
Akala Island and capturing this great ocean view here.
Clemont: Yeah, we can tell, and it looks beautiful.
Lex: Well, thank you.
Bianca: Hi, Lex.
Lex: Oh, hi there Bianca. Now, what else is going on with you?
Bonnie: Well, Bianca’s been telling us some of her adventures.
Lex: Ahh, sounds interesting.
Clemont: Mmm-hmm, and she wants to tell her family &
friends about them, but doesn’t want to make it tedious, so do
you know how she can summarize them without cutting the
important information?
Lex: Sure. To start off, what you do is thoroughly look over the
piece and focus on what it’s trying to say rather than making
any sort of remark about it.
Clemont: That’s a good start. Now what?
Lex: Next, you put down what you think the main point of it is,
and to find it, look at the first and last paragraphs, as that’s
where the author tends to emphasize them, or ask yourself
what point or theme pops up throughout it.
Zinnia: Very well. Where does it go from there?
Lex: Now, when you’re absolutely sure what the main point is,
reread it and look for the ways that support it, be it title
references, any surprises that pop up, repetition or a great
attention to detail.
Serena: That’s a good step. What now?
Lex: Avoid focusing on the evidence the author gives. You only
need to know what they’re argument is and concentrate on
Bonnie: That’s a good point there. What’s next?
Lex: Once you’ve done that, working from memory and without
looking at your notes, write down the main point of each
section in your own words.
Bianca: All right, then what?
Lex: When you’re presenting the material, do it in a neutral
fashion. Only summarize what you originally said, and not
insert your opinion of it or any of the events.
Clemont (getting it): All right, then.
Lex: Now, you reread the draft against your notes, and if you
forgot to put down any major points during the first
passthrough, add them in.
Serena: Got you there. What’s after that?
Lex: Next, eliminate any repetition that pops up. While it’s fine
when it’s done in a book, since it’s meant to underline the main
points, for a summary, you only need to do them once.
Bonnie: Got you there.
Lex: Now, if you really want to get across each main point, add
some transitions if you need to. When it comes time to revise
your piece, be sure to connect each paragraph with one
another and back to the main point.
Zinnia: Okay, we’ll remember that. What’s next?
Lex: Next, this one very much speaks for itself: do a grammar
and spelling check.
Serena: You’re right about that.
Lex: Now, be sure you check the length of it. Usually, a
standard summary is about 1/4th the length of the original
Bianca: I’ll keep that in mind. Anything else?
Lex: Yep. Lastly, ask another person to read & evaluate your
work. They might see a point or argument from a different
perspective than you do, thus providing. Also, it can help to ask
them to give some constructive criticism.
Bianca: Wow,
Lex: Thank you, Bianca. So, how about I present you with a
Zinnia: Okay, Lex.
Aster: Whis.
(Pan left to a left side panel depicting a Pokemon researcher
observing the Pokemon’s instincts and behavioral patterns. A
blank summary is on the left-hand side of the screen and his
findings are on the righthand-side.)
Lex: All right, you guys ready to do this?
Bianca: You bet.
Lex Very well. To start off, Prof. Satoshi here has done a
summary about Pokemon instincts & behavioral patterns.
What do you think he is talking about?
Serena: How groups of the same kind of Pokemon act
differently when certain change occurs.
(As she states her answer, the first part of the summary gets
filled in.)
Lex: You got it, Serena. Now, what do you think his main point
should be?
Clemont: They find different ways to adapt to their
environments when the seasons change.
(The second part gets filled in.)
Lex: What are the ways he supports this point?
Bonnie: He talks about how some of them might bulk
themselves up, growing their fur longer, eat a lot of food and
hibernate, or migrate from their homes to warmer places.
(The third section gets filled in.)
Lex: Nice job, Bonnie. Now, what argument could Satoshi be
trying to make?
Bianca: That some Pokemon like Butterfree, Beautifly and
Vivillion migrate to warmer regions to escape the cold weather
and return to their homes to feed.
(The fourth section gets filled in.)
Lex: All right, then Bonnie. What would be the main points of
each section?
Zinnia: Their migration patterns, what triggers it, where they go
to and how they make the full journey.
(The fifth section gets. Now, some corrections and tweaks get
made and the finalized version is displayed.)
Lex: You got it, Zinnia. Great job there, guys.
Serena: Thanks, Lex.
Lex: You’re welcome. Now, if you’ll guys excuse me, I need to
get back to capturing this view.
Bonnie: See you, Lex.
Dedenne: Dede.
(Clemont switches the Pokepilot off and puts it back in his
Bianca: Tell me, Zinnia, what kind of trainer are you?
Zinnia: I’m a Draconid, and I came from Meteor Falls.
Bianca: Really? That’s great.
Bonnie (to Bianca): How about you? How did you start out on
your journey?
Bianca (with a hint of embarrassment): Well, I was very clumsy
and not very organized. In fact, I’d almost rush through
everything and it would sometimes cost me some battles.
Serena (comprehending): Ahh.
Bianca: Yep, but I’ve gotten a lot better since then, and will
continue doing that.
Clemont: Good for you, Bianca.
Bianca: Thanks. (Just then, she gets an idea.) Say, guys. After
this, how would you like to see some of my new Contest moves
& Pokemon?
Serena (intrigued): Sure. That’s be great.
Bianca: All righty, then.
(They resume their dining. Cross-wipe to fourteen and a half
minutes later, and the gang exits the restaurant and head over
to a nearby bustling park, with many training either training or
playing with their Pokemon.)
Bianca: Ready, guys?
Serena: Go ahead.
(They take a few steps back. Now, Bianca steps into position
and takes out three Pokeballs out of her bag.)
Bianca: Let’s go, everybody!
(She tosses them and a Vespiquen, an Oricorio and a Bagon
emerge from them.)
Oricorio: (vocalizes.)
Bagon: Bagon!
Bonnie (impressed): Whoa! They look so cool!
Clemont: Yeah, and they’re certainly healthy.
Bianca: Bagon, use Flamethrower and Oricorio, Revelation
(Bagon releases a red and orange stream of fire from its mouth
and then spirals it around Oricorio, who then dances around,
rubs the ends of its wings together and gathering electricity. It
then throws them forward, firing a bolt of yellow electricity
from the ends of the wings up through the spiral.)
Bianca: Now, Vespiquen use Poison Sting! Bagon, Ember
(Vespiquen thrusts its abdomen and shoots multiple light purple
darts from it into the air. Now, Bagon releases a blast of fire
from its mouth at the poison sting, streaking across them and
leaving a glowing red aura on them, and then they explode like
Bianca: And now, Vespiquen go into Power Gem, and Oricorio,
use Air Slash!
(Vespiquen puts her hands together and a glowing red ball is
formed between her hands. Now, she raises her hands up and
the ball grows dramatically, and throws the ball into the air.
Now, Oricorio flaps its wings and fires multiple light blue
glowing sat disk-esque energy blades from them at the orb,
blowing it up and making it rain down sparkles. Bianca and her
Pokemon take a bow and the gang applauds them.)
Bianca: So, what did you think?
Serena: They were amazing, Bianca!
Bonnie (agreeing): Yeah!
Dedenne: Dede.
Bianca: Why, thank you. We think the judges will be very
impressed by them. Oh, and I almost forgot. Here are the
ribbons I’ve won so far.
(She pulls out her ribbon case and shows she’s won two so far.)
Serena: Wow! That’s impressive, Bianca.
Bianca: Thank you, Serena. You know, I can hardly believe it
(Zinnia briefly ponders and gets an idea.)
Zinnia: Hey, how about you tell everyone back at home about
your contest moves?
Bianca: That’s a great idea, Zinnia. In fact, I think I’ll do it right
Serena: That’s good. (making an offer.) Would you like some
help with it?
Bianca: Okay. That’d be nice.
Clemont: Very well, then. Let’s see if the audience if up for
doing this before we start.
Serena: All right. (She turns over to Bianca.) Bianca, you want
to take this?
Bianca: Okay. (She turns over to the audience.) You guys want
to do this? (She casually waits for an answer from the audience
for one second.) Oh, okay then.
(Side wipe to a blank summary broken up into five sections.)
Zinnia (V.O.): What does Bianca want to talk about? (She
casually waits for an answer from the audience for one and a
half seconds.) How she perfected her Pokemon’s contest
moves. All right, then.
(As every answer is given, each section gets filled in.)
Bianca (V.O.): What should my main point be? (She casually
waits for an answer from the audience for one and a half
seconds.) The way I managed to pulled them off so well. Okay.
Clemont (V.O.): What are the ways Bianca can support her
point? (He casually waits for an answer from the audience for
one and a half seconds.) She thoroughly planned each one out
and spent a lot of time bonding, training and practicing with her
Pokemon to get them just right. Very well.
Bonnie (V.O.): Now, what would her argument for it be? (She
casually waits for an answer from the audience for one and a
half seconds.) That they each worked because she played into
her Pokemon’s individual strengths. You got it.
Serena (V.O.): Lastly, what should the main points of each
section? (She casually waits for an answer from the audience
for one and a half seconds.) How each combination supposed
to work, which Pokemon gets teamed up with one another,
how much time she poured into crafting them and executing
them. All right, then.
(Cross-dissolve back to the gang and Zinnia casually speaks.)
Zinnia (casually): Great job, you guys.
Aster: Whis.
Bianca: I really appreciate the help, guys. This’ll be much easier
Zinnia: It was no trouble at all, Bianca.
(Bianca whips out her journal and starts jotting down her
experience. Twenty-nine and a half minutes later, they arrive at
the research center. They head inside and are greeted by stone
tablets, a fresco carving, portraits of the two Sinnoh
legendaries, Dialga & Palkia, and two large orbs in tightly
secured glass displays below them.)
All (with intrigue & fascination): Ahh!
(A guide named Zelda comes up to them. She has long brunette
hair, dark blue eyes, has Caucasian-colored skin and is wearing
a standard guide’s uniform.)
Zelda: Greetings. My name’s Zelda, and I’ll be happy to show
you around.
Clemont: Nice to meet you, Zelda.
Zelda: Okay, let’s get this tour started.
(They walk up to the fresco carving, which displays the three
lake spirits in a triangular configuration.)
Zinnia: So, what’s the deal with this carving here?
Zelda: Oh, this is meant to illustrate the significant role the lake
spirits had in the legend, which is assisting in calling forth the
two legendary Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia.
Zinnia (understanding & intrigued): Ah-ha, that’s pretty cool.
(Now, they go on over to the paintings and the respective orbs
on display.)
Bonnie: So, what makes these two special to Sinnoh?
Zelda: Dialga is the embodiment of time, while Palkia embodies
space. Also, the orbs were said to have the power to summon
either of them at the peak of Spear Pillar.
Bonnie: Ooh, that’s awesome!
Dedenne: Dede.
Zelda: Mmm-hmm, and that’s not all. There’s also a third one
named Giratina, who’s said to embody antimatter and resides
in the distortion world.
Serena: Ooh, it sounds creepy.
Zelda: Sure does. Now, let’s head out to the ruins.
(They step outside to the ruins. There are pillars standing or
knocked down with some broken and a citadel in the center of it
All (in astonishment): Whoa!
Clemont: Boy, I can certainly imagine what it would’ve been like
to live here thousands of years ago.
Zelda: Yep, and as you can guess, they have a great significance
to the Sinnoh region as a whole.
Zinnia (with honesty & respect): Yeah, they definitely do.
Zelda: Would you like to know something cool?
Bianca: What?
Zelda: Well, not too long ago, an evil organization named Team
Galactic stole the orbs as part of a plan to create the Red Chain
and gain control of Dialga & Palkia, as well as the lake spirits,
and they almost succeeded. However, thanks to three brave
trainers and our regional champion, Cynthia, they thwarted
their plans and Team Galactic officially disbanded after that.
Zinnia: Wow! That is amazing!
Serena (wondering): Zelda, here’s a question for you: How
come you’re giving tours? You seem too talented for this kind
of work.
Zelda: That’s easy: for me, it’s just a lot of fun to be able to tell
people all about this place because it’s got a rich history to it.
Bonnie (understanding & sincerely): Okay, that’s very noble.
Zelda: Thanks. Come on, let’s have a look inside the citadel.
(They enter inside the citadel. Once there, the gang marvels at
the tall columns, as well as the architectural look & design of
the building.)
Zelda: As you can see, it took the architects of the time a long
time to build everything from the ground up.
Serena: They probably felt that it was all worth it when they
Zelda: I’ll bet it did.
(Now, the leave citadel and look around the rest of the ruins.
Cross-fade to twenty-one minutes later, where they exit the
research center.)
Serena: Thanks a lot for the tour, Zelda.
Zelda: Not a problem at all. I hope you come back and visit
Zinnia: Oh, we will. See you later.
Zelda: Bye.
(She walks back inside and the doors close behind her.)
Clemont: Well, that was an interesting insight.
Zinnia: It sure was.
Aster (agreeing): Whis.
Bianca: The role the lake spirits play in the legend was very
Bonnie: Yeah, and that citadel was amazing.
Dedenne: Dede.
Serena: So, what do we do now?
Clemont: Well, how about we head back to the park for some
Serena: Yeah. We could use some after doing all that.
Bonnie: Sounds good to me.
Dedenne: Dede.
(They turn over to the audience.)
All (casually): Thank you, guys.
Dedenne (casually): Dede.
Aster (casually): Whis-mur.
(Iris wipe to the gang back at the park, relaxing and enjoying
Bonnie: Well, that was an intriguing episode. Did you guys
enjoy it? (She casually waits for an answer from the audience
for one second.) Ahh, okay. We’ll see you later, then.
Dedenne: Dede.
(They casually wave goodbye to the audience and resume with
their business. Now, we pan up to an overview shot of the town
and then fade to black, ending the episode.)