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REINFORCEMENT 3 Write examples for each category.

Vocabulary drink vegetable fruit

1 Find the food words. Then complete the
1) k i e s i a o t o a s t l w o a u s o d s n a
School subjects
o 4 Write the correct words.
2) j i d e o r a n g e j u i c e l a o w p s n t i o
3) k e o w u a b a c o n l e w o s t a n x o e
4) p o e p i z z a w i e t a h s k o c a l e i d k
5) u r e t w g s a r o a s t b e e f b a o w u e
6) g a w i e v e g e t a b l e s o e p w a n d

1) For breakfast I eat .

2) I always drink . My favourite subjects are:
3) I sometimes eat sausages 1) atr & ngides .
and . 2) thsma .
4) For lunch I eat a . 3) renhcf .
5) My mum makes me sandwiches 4) ecneics .
with . 5) sicmu .
6) My dad doesnt eat . 6) geophygrap .

2 Match the foods with the category. 5 Complete the school timetable.
banana and apple
ham and bacon 9.00-10.00 (1) Fr
water and milk 10.00-11.00 (2) PE (Physical
bread and cheese educ )

salmon and tuna BREAK

11.15-12.15 (3) mat
onion and cucumber
12.15-1.15 (4) ICT (information
meat and communication
fish tech )
2.30-3.30 (5) his
3.30-4.30 (6) dr
Grammar Frequency expressions
4 Complete the sentences.
Countable and uncountable
nouns 1) Rafa Nadal plays tennis day,
from Monday to Sunday. (eryev)
1 Circle the correct option.
2) We play tennis a week at
1) I love a bacon.
school. (witce)
I love bacon. 3) I go to the tennis club
2) Do you like pasta?
times a week.
Do you like a pasta? (reeth).
3) I have two apple for lunch every day. 4) He only does his homework
I have two apples for lunch every day. a week! (ceon)
4) I need a onion for the salad. 5) My teacher gives the class
I need an onion for the salad. homework times a week.
(oruf )
5) Im sorry. I dont eat a meat.
Im sorry. I dont eat meat.
How many?/How much...?
6) Would you like milk with the coffee?
5 Circle the correct word.
Would you like milks with the coffee?
1) How much/How many school subjects do
you have?
a lot of, some, any, a few, a little
2) How much /How many money do I need
2 Complete the sentences.
to buy the ticket?
a few | some | a lot | any | a little | a lot 3) How much /How many water is there in
the bottle?
1) I eat of fruit. 4) How much /How many tomatoes do you
2) I eat of chips. put in a salad?
3) I normally dont eat cheese. 5) How much /How many times a week do
you have English?
4) I have slice of bread in the
morning. How often?
5) I always have hot chocolate 6 Circle the correct option.
after the cereal.
Mum How often (1) does/do your teacher give
6) I always drink glasses of milk you ICT homework?
every day. Juan She gives us ICT homework every day.
Mum How often (2) does/do you do your
3 Complete the words. Tick () if the ICT homework?
sentences are true about you. Juan I do it every day, mum!
1) I drink s milk every day. Mum How often (3) does/do your English
teacher give you homework?
2) I dont eat a chocolate. Juan She gives us homework twice a week.
3) I eat a l of pasta. Can I watch television now?
Mum Juan, how often (4) does/do your sister
4) I eat a bananas every week.
watch television?
5) This tea has a Juan She never watches television!
sugar. Mum No television for you today.
Juan Mum, how often (5) does/do I say this?
6) I eat a l of vegetables.
Claudia watches TV on the Internet!