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Life Beginner Unit 3b

Possessive adjectives

Woman: Have you got your ticket?

Man: Yes, I have.
Woman: And your credit card?
Man: Yes, of course.
Woman: And your mobile?
Man: Yes, yes, Ive got my mobile and Ive got my keys and
Woman: What about your passport?
Man: Oh, no!


Use possessive adjectives to talk about objects, people and places.

Subject Possesive
pronouns adjectives
I my Ive got my ticket.

you your Have you got your passport?

he his His parents are Italian.

she her Her fathers from Argentina.

it its Venice is famous for its canals.

we our Our cameras a Nikon.

they their Their daughters a doctor.

A possessive adjective has got one form for singular and plural: his brother, his parents.

Key vocabulary Everyday objects: credit card, glasses, laptop, mobile (= mobile phone), passport, ticket
Adjectives: awful, brilliant, fantastic, great, terrible
People in your life: mother, father, parents, son, daughter, children, husband, wife, brother, sister

1 Write sentences.
1 my keys 3 Ive got my keys.
2 your laptop 7 You havent got your laptop.
3 our passports 3
4 his glasses 7
5 her camera 3
6 our credit cards 7
7 my mobile 3
8 their tickets 3

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Beginner Unit 3b
2 Write sentences. Exercises
1 Ive got a Nikon camera. Its fantastic! My cameras fantastic!
2 Shes got a new motorbike. Its great!
3 Hes got a Dell laptop. Its brilliant!
4 Weve got an old car. Its terrible!
5 Theyve got an old television. Its awful!

3 Complete the text with his, her, their or its. Then listen and check.

Anas Argentinian but 1 husband, Jacob, isnt from Argentina. 2 fathers

Nigerian and 3
mothers Scottish. Anas got a sister and a brother. 4
sisters a
teacher and 5 brothers a doctor. Hes married. 6 wifes Italian. Theyve got
two children: a son and a daughter. 7 daughters ten and 8 sons six. Theyve
also got a dog. 9
name is Rex.

4 Choose the correct words.

1 Jane hasnt got she / her passport. 7 Whats its / its name?
2 We / Our new motorbike is fantastic. 8 They / Their son has got an apartment opposite the park.
3 She / Her is a doctor. 9 Have you got I / my phone?
4 I / My havent got a fast car. 10 We / Our have got a house near here.
5 Where are you / your glasses? 11 He / His mobile is on the table.
6 He / His father is from the USA. 12 I / My mother is from Madrid.

5 Complete the sentences about a friend. Use the words in brackets.

1 My friend has got two sisters. Their names are Clare and Penny. (brothers/sisters)
My friend (brothers/sisters)
2 He/She (married/single)
3 He/She (children/dog)
4 He/She (car/bike)

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