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July 21,

NASA AND THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY JOIN FORCES FOR EDUCATION NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin announced that NASA and 26 private-sector aerospace contractors have taken a major first step to coordinate the industry's education activities in supporting the nation's education reform efforts. "The education of America's youth is far too important for just the government to solve. Industry has a vested interest in America's future and that future resides in the classrooms today," said Goldin. "I'm moved and overwhelmed with the variety of education programs and with the genuine concern and strong support of the aerospace industry in helping with national education reform. I hope that our joint initiative with the aerospace industry will be a model and an inspiration for other industries." The 26 companies participating in the NASA-Industry Education Initiative (NIEI) reported conducting almost 600 education programs, with the majority (57 percent) of activities focused at the high school level. The hundreds of activities range from cooperating on and sponsoring PBS and other science education productions to awarding scholarships, conducting on-site teacher training programs to providing tutoring and mentoring programs. The education programs primarily emphasized science (55 percent), with the remainder emphasizing interdisciplinary studies. The first step of the initiative was to survey existing

education programs, produce an inventory and assess the level of program support for the national education goals. The resulting NASA-Industry Education Initiative : Education Programs Report 1991 provides a foundation for the next critical step of the initiative -- that is, to enhance government-industry cooperation, share information and leverage resources, and coordinate programs and reform efforts to help solve our nation's education problems. - more -2 The NASA-Industry Education Initiative Supports Education Reform The NASA-Industry Education Initiative (NIEI) seeks ways in which NASA and the aerospace contractors can refine and align current and planned education activities to support the nation's education reform strategies and to accomplish the National Education Goals established by President Bush and the nation's Governors. NASA and the aerospace industry's educational efforts reach several millions of Americans and involve well over 92,000 government and industry personnel annually. The industry supports a broad range of education programs at all grade levels, as well as with adults. The initiative and its various education programs parallel the efforts of the Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology's (FCCSET) Committee on Education and Human Resources (CEHR). The CEHR was created by the federal government for education coordination. Some of the objectives of both FCCSET/CEHR and NIEI are to improve science and mathematics performance, improve public understanding of science and technology, and to promote lifelong learning projects. In keeping with the widely recognized need to increase the educational achievement of groups traditionally underrepresented in science and engineering, approximately 32 percent of NIEI programs are at least partly geared towards

bringing and keeping minorities, females and people with disabilities into the educational pipeline. NASA and the aerospace industry plan to update the NIEI report periodically to allow continued evaluation of the level and direction of NIEI education programs. The 26 corporations participating in the NASA/Industry Education Initiative are Aerojet, Allied-Signal, BAMSI, Boeing, Computer Sciences, Cray Research, EG&G Florida, Fairchild Space, General Electric, Grumman, Honeywell, Hughes Aircraft, IBM, Johnson Controls, Lockheed, Loral, Martin Marietta, McDonnell Douglas, NSI Technology, Orbital Sciences, Rockwell International, Teledyne Brown, Thiokol, TRW, Unisys and United Technologies. Copies of NASA-Industry Education Initiative : Education Programs Report 1991 can be obtained from NASA Headquarters Newsroom and from the 26 participating corporations. - end -