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Lesson Plan #1 Author Study

Teacher: Cassie Beckett, Kalen Critchley, Tayah Huether, Haley Glanzer

Age Level: Kindergarten

Content of the Lesson

Title of Lesson/Content Area:
Gingerbread Babys Adventure Map
Recalling Details of text/ Math direction words

SMART Goals:
After reading The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett and developing a map children will recall
five locations from the text and describe them using at least five directional words.

Standards/Benchmarks Addressed:
Geometry K.G Identify and describe shapes- 1. Describe objects in the environment using names of
shapes, and describe the relative positions of these objects using terms such as above, below,
beside, in front of, behind, and next to.

Reading standards for literature/ Key ideas and Details (3.) With prompting and support, identify
characters, settings, and major events in a story.

Process of the Lesson

Anticipatory Set/Motivation:
We will talk about different words we can use when referring to the location of an object. We will use
a cut out of a gingerbread baby and a box; we will come up with a list of words that can describe the
gingerbreads location in relation to the box. Then we will create a map of the gingerbread babys
journey from the oven to the gingerbread house and list the places he visited along the way. We will
explain to the children that We will be tracking all the places the gingerbread baby traveled on the
way to his final stop, the gingerbread house.

Activities and Procedures:

1. We will read Gingerbread Baby as a class and using highlighter tape highlight directional
2. We will do an activity about directions with each child holding paper gingerbread babies, for
example, the teacher will say, put your gingerbread baby in front of you, now put him under
you. and the children will respond by doing the movements.
3. We will have a gingerbread hunt around the town where we find and follow clues and mark
them on a map to find where the gingerbread baby is.
4. At the end we will have make gingerbread cookies together and focus on using locational
words by using phrases like, pour the sugar in the bowl and, set the spoons beside the

We will sit down at large group and reflect on the map and the places it led us. We will calculate how
many different places the gingerbread baby and ourselves went. As a class we will discuss what could
have happened if we were to get lost. We will design a map of the school to help our incoming
students find the bathrooms, water fountain, art studio, etc.

Each child will identify or describe spatial or positional vocabulary they heard or seen within the book.
Child: Below Expectations (Could not At Expectations Above
identify or describe any (Identified or Expectations
spatial/positional vocabulary) described some (Identified and
spatial/positional described all
vocabulary) spatial/






Class Management/Individualization: Some children may not have an extensive spatial

vocabulary and may need introductions to new location/position words when referring to the
location of an object. Some children may know some location words but not understand their
correct meaning. It is important to mark the top of the map in order for all students to follow
it correctly.