West Super Block Project

Involved Parties: Makati Development Corporation (MDC and Fastem Construction, Inc.)

Location: West Super Block Project on 5th Avenue Corner 28th Street, Taguig City

Proponent: Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Number of Casualties: 2 Dead and 11 Injured

Date of Accident: February 2015

I. Background

Safety and health are no insignificant matters. More often than not, especially in risky

workplaces where accidents can happen any time, they are a matter of life and death. Therefore,

complying with the OSH regulations or other regulating agencies and following fully to the

accepted standards are a must. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is mandated

by our national government as the division in charge in ascertaining that the OSH regulations

and accepted standards are being followed and strictly implemented in site and that the building

developers, contractors, or anyone given the position to supervise or manage a construction

project will abide to the provisions in order to ensure safety and health of their laborers.

Moreover, the national government also tasked the aforementioned agency to continue formulate

and implement policies and programs to cope with the ever-present change in the society.

In February 2015, DOLE brought down an order to stop the work of then ongoing

construction project at Taguig because of a fatal accident that had transpired when a shoring on

3. Cast of Characters Owner / Developer . Government Authorities . The owner of the The Suites. Inc. The incident took away 2 lives and injured 11 others. MDC was only able to secure only one approved Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP) of their seventeen (17) ongoing projects in the NCR alone.the second floor of a building on which concrete was being poured collapsed. 2015. Quality Products.” According to initial reports. They are known for construction excellence in the following areas: 1. Inc. were brought into questioning and the case was put to investigation in order to identify who were liable for the accident on January 14. is BG West Properties. Timely Delivery. People and Processes. the contractors of this project. and 5. Sustainable Construction or called the “SQTCS. Sub – Contractor . 2. The sub-contractor that was hired by MDC is the Fastem Construction. Safety. The Makati Development Corporations and Fastem Construction. Cost Efficiency.The main contractor of The Suites hotel is the Makati Development Corporation (MDC). despite the corporation’s reputation.. Inc. II. and Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation located at 5th Avenue corner 28th Street. to take into consideration that they are responsible for the accident. Taguig City Main Contractor . a part of the West Super Block Project. 4. That compelled DOLE.

which during the time of accident was headed by Regional Director Alex Avila. Casualties . If OSH regulations and adhering fully accepted constructions standards are followed. She also condoled with the bereaved families and assured the families of those involved in the accident of the benefits that are due them. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). the certifications ensure the safety of the laborers and health and passed minimum standard safety of a workplace. Labor and employment secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz. . and left 11 others injured. firms and building developers to ensure safety and health in their workplaces. then why is that the scaffolding and the floor slab of the building collapsed which supposed to be properly observed and checked by a safety engineer. The incident cost 2 lives of workers namely Renan dela Cruz. . The workers who were squashed to death were at the bottom of the part of the building that collapsed. They were serving as look outs at that time. Therefore. . 32. who after the time of accident urged the construction companies. and Ruben Racraquin. Statement of the Problem The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) approved the safety and health programs of Makati Development Corporation (MDC). III.

Ethical Response Makati Development Corporation is known for their “SQPTS” mission which is an abbreviation for 1. and 5. they owe it to their clients and to the general public to make sure . Quality Products. 3. Trade Union Congress of the Philippines-Nagkaisa (TUCP-Nagkaisa) are now condemning the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for “sleeping on the job” which is their way of saying that the agency was slacking on their job and being ineffective. People and Processes. Being one of the most eminent and biggest contractors in the country. 4. Cost Efficiency. Safety. Sustainable Construction. 2. the occurrence of accidents in workplaces may have been curtailed and prevented if they only they do their jobs well particularly in conducting safety inspections before and after issuing building and construction permits. Timely Delivery. According to them. IV.

367. They have the necessary resources to make sure these are being implemented in all their projects after all. this accident.475. They were very open to cooperate in the investigation and fast in giving support to those people affected by the accident. So. Fastem had spent P251. MDC and Fastem reported that three (3) of them were discharged the other day from St. However. despite the lack of this important program. all of these projects are ongoing at that time. bore that MDC is a business and is predominantly lead by businessmen whose main intent is to make profit.85 for the hospitalisation of the 11 injured . a few days after the accident. maybe. and showed photos on the conduct of a one-day safety orientation on-site.that these missions are carried out. With regards the 11 injured workers. gave very speedy and immediate response after the accident. despite not being able to secure CSHP. It has also submitted a Demolition Works Methodology for the collapsed floor slabs. this is also a wake up call for DOLE to be more efficient on their jobs and be more stern in the implementations of their regulations to prevent this type of accidents to happen. and the list of all its subcontractors—20 in all— engaged in the West Super Block Project. although not the first of its kind. All in all. MDC. including the composition of its Safety Committee. and presented an official receipt for the payment of P138. Based on the initial reports led by the DOLE-NCR. only one has an approved Construction Safety and Health Program.73 in hospital bills. The MDC also submitted a copy of memorandum endorsing 132 workers on the West Super Block project to the project management teams of MDC’s two ongoing projects for temporary assignment effective 9 February until the resumption of operation at the WSB project. Luke’s Hospital- Global City. However. they found out that out of the 17 ongoing projects handled by MDS at that time in NCR. MDC. also submitted its DOLE-approved Construction Safety and Health Program.

Conclusions and Recommendations With regards to the families of the workers who were injured and killed by the accident. If viewed objectively. This may not mean much to some. Makati Development Corporation: OUR COMMITMENT. 2016 from http://www. injures 11 others. They also gave monetary support to the bereaved families. owner.dole. References DOLE (2015. DOLE halts MDC work at Taguig City construction site after accident kills 2 workers. even if he exhaust all his effort and resources at his disposal.workers. and the workers in order to make sure maximum safety is achieved and to minimalize the chance of accidents VI. MDC has appropriated necessary compensations to aid those who were injured’s hospitalization and took care of the funeral services of those who died. The best thing that one can do is to make sure that all necessary precautions are observed in order to minimize the chances of these accidents from happening. There should be a mutual effort between the regulating agency. The contractor alone cannot ensure safety. there is no formula nor a definite guideline that will assure that this ideal will come into reality. contractor.com.mdc.ph/our-commitment/our- mission . February 4). 2016 from http://www. V. Safety is a collaborative effort. no matter how hard one try in making sure that no accidents will occur in the workplace.ph/news/view/2714 MDC. but it meant a lot to the family of those affected by this accident.gov. Retrieved September 15. Retrieved September 15. Our Mission.