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celebrating women volunteers

who give so much to their
rural communities.
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State of New South Wales through Department

of Industry, Skills and Regional Development 2017.
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with this publication for any purpose, provided that
you attribute Department of Industry, Skills and
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Recognising that some of the information in this

document is provided by third parties, the State of
New South Wales, the author and the publisher take
no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, reliability
and correctness of any information included in the
document provided by third parties.

Hidden Treasures is an initiative of Department

of Primary Industries Rural Womens Network.

Rural Womens Network

Department of Primary Industries
161 Kite Street
Orange New South Wales 2800
Telephone 02 6391 3620
We are delighted to present the 2017 Hidden The Hidden Treasures Honour Roll presents some
Treasures Honour Roll, celebrating the valuable wonderful examples of outstanding women. We
work of 103 female volunteers from across encourage you to read and share their stories and
New South Wales. importantly, to consider the opportunities and
roles you could play within your own community.
These women have devoted their time and skills
to improving the lives of others and once again,
we have an Honour Roll of inspirational stories.
Each story unique and each story acknowledging
Niall Blair
the important work they do to improve our rural
Minister for Primary Industries
and regional communities.
Minister for Regional Water
The Honour Roll provides a lasting legacy and is Minister for Trade & Industry
a chance to thank these women for the enormous
amount of support and generosity they provide.

The 2017 nominees add to the growing list of

more than 900 rural women volunteers who have
been identified since the first roll was published Ray Williams MP
in 2010. Minister for Multiculturalism
Minister for Disability Services
Volunteering can have many positive benefits
such as improving health, reducing social
isolation, raising self-esteem and contributing
to the wellbeing and unity of our regional

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 1
2 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
2017 hiddentreasures nominees

7 Kim Allwood 12 Judy Charlton 19 Stephanie Greacen

7 Iris Barry 12 Joan Clancy 19 Sally Green
8 Kimberley Beattie 13 Joy Coggan 20 Francene Halliger
8 Suzanne Bibby 13 Natalie Cole 20 Dianne Hand
8 Marie Blundell 14 Margaret Dekkers 20 Sandra Harlor
8 Beryl Brain 14 Kathy Denning 21 Jane Harrison
9 Tracey Briggs 15 Lisa Duerinckx 21 Kirsty Harris
9 Jo-Louise Brown 15 Suzanne Duggan 22 Roxy Heckendorf
9 Kim Brown 16 Patricia Ford 22 Barbara Heckman
10 Barbara Campbell 16 Dorothy Foster 23 Margaret Hocking
10 Stacie Carroll 17 Shirley Fowler 23 Doris Hoffman
11 Jane Carter 17 Freida Frankham 24 Vanessa Hoffman
11 Narelle Chaffey 18 Tammy Galvin 24 Kay Hopton
12 Veronica Chandler 18 Margaret Gilligan 24 Lyndall Horne

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 3
2017 hiddentreasures nominees

25 Joanne Horne 30 Carolle Leach 35 Virginia Marshall

25 Susan Howland 30 Charmaine Lee 36 Nadine Mattiske
26 Patricia Hughes 31 Gwen Lee 36 Dorothy McCabe
26 Sharon Hutchinson 31 June Lennard 37 Fran McDonald
26 Shirley Jensen 32 Merilyn Limbrick 37 Fran McLaughlin
27 Sue Jogever 32 Norma Little 38 Sheila McNamara OA
27 Simone Joliffe 33 Noeline Lummis 38 Gwen Meyer
28 Janice Kapeen 33 Anna Madden 39 Judy Mussared
28 Vanessa Kapeen 34 Kath Mahy 39 Ann Murray
29 Jodie King 34 Marilyn Manning 40 Leonie Napier
29 Julie Knight 34 Josie Marks 40 Jo-anne Newberry
30 Mary-Anne Lattimore 35 Shirley Marks 40 Kerry O'Connor

4 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
41 Margaret O'Connor 46 Naomi Schmidt 51 Jodie Wilton
41 Tania Peene 47 Ruth Shanks AM
[MACLEAN] [DUBBO] 54 Volunteer agencies
42 Marion Phelps 47 Lola Shearer
42 Ellen Pippin 48 Joan Smedley
43 Carla Pittman 48 Pip Smith
43 Jennifer Potts 48 Kerry Sproston
44 Roslyn Press 49 Robyn Stockdale
44 Lee Reavley 49 Rae Stove
44 Teena Redman 49 Frances Wallace OA
45 Sharyn Rowlands 50 Barbara Warburton
45 Jodie Ryan 50 Margaret Waters
46 Joy Schulz 51 Sybil Watson

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 5
6 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
The following stories celebrate and acknowledge these voluntary programs, while undertaking her
rural women volunteers across New South Wales Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention.
and were submitted by appreciative members of She does it all because she loves helping others,
their communities. and because she understands first hand what its
like to be in need. This year Kim was honoured
with an Australia Day Volunteer Award. She says
Kim Allwood [DUNGOG] she loves giving back to the community.

The youngest of six children, Kim was born in

Newcastle and grew up in a family where money Iris Barry [YETMAN]
was tight. At the age of four the family home was
destroyed by fire, and during this time they were Its the unforgettable smile, laughter, warmth
supported with public housing. Kim attended the and humanity that make encounters with Iris
local Catholic school, where her love of learning Barry memorable. A people person, mother to
began. She worked in the engineering industry four and wife to John, Iris comes in contact with
for over 20 years with her ex-husband together many others every day. As Manager of the Council
they built a small business while raising six sons Caravan Park, she lifts hearts and souls with her
on a farm in Dungog. Since moving to Dungog genuine interest in helping travellers, and also
30 years ago, Kim has been very involved in the through her chats with them about their lives
community. She held the position of Regional in general. Its her caring ways, and her offers
Scout Leader for five years and has been involved to help others, whoever they are and wherever
in the local P&C groups, both as president and they find themselves, that make Iris a hidden
treasurer. Kim also assists with the local rodeo gem, a treasure. This is whether its through the
and raises funds for community causes. Later, businesses that she and John have run in the
as a single mother to her six boys, Kim lost past, or raising and encouraging her family to
everything and her local community provided succeed and grow, or her endless hours of selfless
her with much needed support and assistance. community work. Her work for the community is
Over the past 18 months Kim has helped the especially applicable to the CWA. Iris has been
local community centre with the Bounce Forward the NSW Yetman Branch Secretary, Treasurer
project, assisting people who have lost their and Cultural Officer. Shes touched even more
homes due to the floods. She also helps with the people through her role as Publicity Officer to
Horse Tails program for children in need, plus she the surrounding Gwydir CWA Group. Iris finds
assisted the local education centre in organising moments to help others wherever she is. On the
a ball to raise funds for adult literacy, and other Yetman Reach of the McIntyre River shes a true
programs. Last year Kim worked 300 hours in Hidden Treasure.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 7
and is the mother of nine kids five of whom
Kimberley Beattie [NARRANDERA] are now adults, plus four younger ones. She also
devotes time to helping her elderly mother-in-
Kimberley grew up in Narrandera NSW, and is law. I nominate Suzanne because she works hard
one of those quiet achievers who can easily fly in everything she does, and is a caring and kind
underneath the radar. Kimberley has volunteered person to all.
on many local committees and has worked
tirelessly to achieve local environmental, social
and economic outcomes. Shes currently self-
employed in her business of web design/
Marie Blundell [QUIRINDI]
creation, social media management and Marie Blundell has served on the Quirindi CWA
blogging training. Previously, she was employed Branch as Branch Treasurer for many years, at
by Murrumbidgee Landcare Incorporated as a the same time as caring for her grandson, who
Regional Landcare Facilitator for the Riverina suffers from autism. Marie also is coordinator of
region. Kimberleys most recent committee role the Branchs Trash and Treasure stalls, which raise
has been as Communications Officer for the funds for the local community for a wide variety
NSW Rural Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera of projects. These stalls save a lot of good second
Committee. Other committees Kimberley has hand goods from being sent to landfills, at the
worked in include: The Narrandera John OBrien same time helping those less fortunate in our
Festival, Narrandera Landcare Community community.
Garden, Narrandera Landcare Inc., Narrandera
Koala Committee, Narrandera Visitor Centre,
and an artist-led organisation called The Cad
Factory. She is also the Community Engagement
Beryl Brain [GRONG GRONG]
Representative for Women of Western Riverina
Beryl is a role model for many women in the
Networking (WOW).
Grong Grong, Narrandera and regional area. Shes
previously held a role as State Vice President

Suzanne Bibby [CASSILIS] for the CWA of NSW, and is also the Sturt Group
Secretary. If thats not enough, Beryl also sits on
the Community Advisory Group for the Centre for
Suzanne is a member of our small Rural Fire Rural & Remote Mental Health (CRRMH). Beryl is
Service Brigade in Cassilis. She holds the Team Leader for the Sponsorship/Funding sub-
positions of Secretary/Treasurer, Deputy Captain committee of the NSW Rural Womens Gathering
and Rural Fire Service Association Delegate, 2017 Narrandera Committee. Shes also involved
Community Liaison Officer, First Aid Officer and
Junior Member Coordinator. On top of all that she
works part time at the Coolah Aged Care hostel

8 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
in the Narrandera Shire Council Australia Day
Committee. Beryl runs a successful family sheep Jo-Louise Brown [COBAR]
property at Grong Grong with her husband Peter.
Jo-Louise is always volunteering her time for the
Festival of the Miners Ghost, Auto Club, Pot Pullers
Tracey Briggs [WALLABADAH] nights and other activities held in Cobar. Her
work that she does for the Auto Club is amazing.
For this nomination I pick my mum. Born and She organises the whole event, including
raised in Quirindi NSW, Tracey Briggs has insurances and paperwork, as well as selling
volunteered and worked for the NSW Rural Fire raffle tickets most weekends to raise funds for the
Service (RFS) for many years. In fact for as long Club. At every function she is there completing
as I can remember shes been involved with registrations, in the canteen, or scoring, and stays
organisation. All through my primary school years until midnight or later on event nights. Shell
she was part of that community, and after moving always help when an event is scheduled, such as
back to the area in 2013, she re-joined. Tracey the Pot Puller Variety Night (shes been involved
volunteered most days of the week working in for over 10 years), which annually raises much
the RFS office at Willow Tree, as well as visiting needed funds for locals in need. She also assists
primary schools to teach them about fire safety. with events such as Seniors Week dinners, where
Because of her hard work and dedication, she she sells tickets at the door. She always helps at
now works in this role in a paid capacity. In her the Festival of the Miners Ghost, and any other
role as a member of the Community Education event for that matter. She certainly is a Hidden
section of the RFS she works to involve the Treasure in Cobar.
community, plus publicises fire safety information.
As well as this she helps with cadet training. All
this involves a lot time, including days and nights. Kim Brown [PARKVILLE]
She still spends most of her weekends and time
off volunteering and helping with extra work, Kim was born in England and emigrated when
purely because she loves doing so. She gives her she was a toddler. After initially living in Esk Qld,
all. I truly believe shes worthy of this nomination! the family moved to Parkville, and at an early
age she went to school in Scone. She became a
nurse, resigning after marriage and children. Kim
worked for Scone and District Pre-School for over
25 years and during this time she always found
time to volunteer with many organisations. These
included both the primary and secondary schools,
with canteen, reading and gross motor program
duties. She also delivered fire safety awareness

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 9
programs while volunteering with the Rural Fire Samaritans Purse, the local branch of the CWA
Service (RFS). Kim has been a keen member of the and Christmas Carols in the Park. Her enthusiastic
local Parkville Tennis and Social Club for the last involvement as a member of the Festival of the
30 years and has held the position of Secretary Fleeces Committee for the past five years was
for the past 10. In this role she assisting with recognised with Barbara being awarded the 2016
raising money to build the tennis courts, as well Pam Power Award. When Barbara isnt working
as pitching in to help build them. She also assists on her numerous committees, or raising orphan
with Clean-Up Australia and The Biggest Morning lambs on the family property, she spends time
Tea. Kim has been an active member of the RFS with the elderly. Shes truly an inspirational
for over 30 years, holding down positions as First contributor to our community and an undisputed
Aid Officer and Deputy Captain, and shes been Hidden Treasure.
Brigade Captain for the past two years. Shes
also an RFS Community Engagement Officer with
the Zone Support Brigade, delivering fire safety
programs to schools and community events, as
Stacie Carroll [YANCO]
well as attending fire situations and holding open Stacie is a crowd entertainer and mover who
days at the shed. Kim also volunteers at the Food keeps the team of the NSW Rural Womens
Pantry, helping those in need. Kims commitment Gathering 2017 Narrandera Committee constantly
to serving her community is endless. laughing. Shes the coordinator of the awesome
registration satchels for the Gathering. Stacie has
worked tirelessly, enthusiastically and with real
Barbara Campbell [MERRIWA] passion to do all she can for this event. Another
of Stacies previous volunteer roles has been with
Barbara is a wonderful example of why local the Local Health Advisory Committee of Leeton. A
voluntary contribution is so important. Often little known talent of Stacies is that she is an avid
referred to fondly as Aunty Barb, there are hardly line-dancer! Stacie was born in Narrandera into
any in the Merriwa community whose lives have a large family, the 10th and youngest child. She
not been impacted in some way by her inspiration moved to Sydney when she was three years old
and dedication. Since the 1960s her passion and attended Petersham Girls High School in her
for the pastoral care of our youth is evident, not senior years. She then worked in retail until she
only from her involvement with St Davids Uniting met David, who she married in 1990. They started
Church, but with scripture in local schools, as a family and moved to Leeton in 1996 with their
well as the Auslife Program in the Secondary three children, later settling in Yanco in 2006.
Department of Merriwa Central School. Barbara Stacie has been a volunteer at three different
is also the creator of the annual primary school schools in the local area, and has assisted with
church play. Shes a prime mover in fundraising work social clubs. Stacie has volunteered for over
for St Davids and is involved with street stalls, the 20 years. In 2009 Stacie started work as a cleaner

1 0 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
at the Yanco Agricultural Institute, and in 2015
took a position as a Domestic Service Officer for Narelle Chaffey [SOMERTON]
the Department of Primary Industry. Stacie has
also been a carer for her dad for the past nine Narelle (Nell) was born in Moree and spent her
years. This is a full-time commitment. Shes also childhood on a farm in Gravesend. She completed
been taking him to the Leeton Mens Shed four her schooling at Gravesend Public, Calrossy
days a week for the past eight years. The Mens and Inverell High School before continuing her
Shed supports mens health and wellbeing, teacher-librarian studies at the University of New
addressing cancer and other health issues. It England. Nells teaching career began in western
holds functions and fundraisers throughout the Sydney, before moving to Gunnedah, Tamworth,
year, which Stacie attends and supports. Stacie is Manilla, and finally Somerton. She currently
a caring, kind person who enjoys doing things for works as a teacher-librarian at Oxley High School
others, throwing herself wholeheartedly into any in Tamworth NSW. Nell has lived on a farm at
situation. Somerton for the last 35 years with her husband,
raising four children. Her interests have always
been focussed on the natural world, history,
Jane Carter [NARRANDERA] family and learning. Nell has volunteered in
various capacities over the years. Her volunteering
Jane moved with her husband and flock of has been influenced by her interests and has
Corriedale sheep to a beautiful part of the included work within her school community, pony
Narrandera district, from Crookwell NSW. Shes clubs, supporting a school in Kenya and being an
taken to being involved with the Narrandera/ active member of the local community group
Uroley/Gillenbah communities like a duck to Somerton Hall and Recreation Grounds. Shes also
water. It was difficult getting Jane to agree to played a role in a number of Landcare groups for
being nominated for this honoured role as she many years, and as a landholder and educator her
is a quiet achiever. Shes the Workshop sub- contributions have been invaluable. Nell currently
committee Team Leader for the NSW Rural volunteers with Tamworth Regional Landcare
Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera Committee. Association (TRLA) for approximately 10 hours
Shes been super-excited about being involved per month as Secretary. Shes also written units of
with this event, and has met many women work for teachers on Grassy Box Woodlands. Nell
through her volunteering work on the committee. volunteers because she believes communities
Jane is also a rural romance author who is about (both human and natural) are important. She likes
to publish her third book. to create opportunities, build networks and make
the world a better place. We believe that she
certainly achieves this.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 1 1
Veronica Chandler [COONAMBLE] Judy Charlton [NARRANDERA]
I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs Judy is a fabulous supporter of women, having
Veronica Chandler most of my life. She was our achieved professionally and personally. Shes
Administration Officer through my high school been an active and valued member of Soroptimists
years I was in school at the same time as her Narrandera branch and is often spotted with
children. Veronica was born in Wongarbon NSW, the team preparing food at many of the events
and married her husband Brian in 1979. They where the Soroptimists have volunteered. Judy is
have two adult children. What makes Veronica the former CEO for Narrandera Shire Council and
so unique is her drive for life and her limitless most notably, the first female CEO for the Shire.
ambition. During her 22 years as Administration Her leadership qualities have been crucial on the
Officer at Coonamble High School she was more rocky journey to steering the Council away from
like a friend, always helping others. She was amalgamation. She has been an encouraging and
never judgmental or biased in any way, shape inspirational member of the Women of Western
or form. Veronica chose a new path in May of Riverina Networking group, sharing her talents
2015 when she started studying for a Bachelor with others. Judys mentorship and leadership is
of Business Management degree at Charles Sturt something thats truly worthy of recognition. Her
University. She graduated with honours and support for the community definitely shouldnt be
now holds the position of Grants and Events hidden beneath the surface.
Officer at Coonamble Shire Council. Veronica has
overseen many wonderful community projects
in Coonamble, and although I moved away from
my home town many years ago, I really see the
Joan Clancy [NARRANDERA]
difference she has made to our small community. Joan grew up at Shepparton Vic, before moving to
All this by the way of battling bowel cancer, but Narrandera. She has spent most of her life here,
that barely broke her stride. I now live in the living in the beautiful area of Gillenbah on a sheep
city with four children of my own and I sincerely grazing property with her husband. Joan worked
hope that my three daughters grow up following at Narranderas Teloca House aged care facility
the lead of women like Veronica. Shes truly an for many years, before taking up volunteering
inspirational woman. with Can Assist. Joan is a keen knitter of childrens
clothing and her exceptional creations can be
seen on many a newborn in the district. She used
to supply her beautiful knitwear to the former
Petrol Pump Clothing Store in Narrandera. She has
three children, nine grandchildren and 10 great

1 2 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Joy Coggan [JUGIONG] Natalie Cole [TURONDALE]
Joy Coggan is one of those women that every My mum was born and raised at the edge of the
community needs. Shes lived on her Jugiong bush in Hornsby Heights. She spent more time
farm for 50 years and has been involved in the outdoors tackling the ticks and leeches than at
community for all of that time. Shes involved in the chores she had to do at home. By the time
many community organisations and groups, and she moved to Turondale she knew the bush like
she puts her heart and soul into several major the back of her hand, which came in handy when
Jugiong events . These most notably include the she decided to join her Local State Emergency
Bi-annual Arts Festival and the Jugiong Writers Service (SES). This opportunity led Mum to meet
Festival. Joy never hesitates to learn new skills. my father. Their relationship blossomed, and low
Our Jugiong Writers Festival began several years and behold five daughters came of it. While we
ago, all due to Joys connection to women in the were growing up she was extremely involved in
area. At the time we had six published women our school lives, and is still the P&C President of
authors around Jugiong and each of us didnt the Dubbo School of Distant Education. However,
know of the others existence, though Joy did. She these responsibilities have not in any way
brought us all together and organised a fair in diminished her love for the SES. Jumping right into
Jugiong to sell our books and promote our work. it when she saw the need in the local community,
After this event we realised we had a lot of talent she has become a Community First Responder,
in the area, and the Writers Festival was born. qualified in Road Crash Rescue and Flood Rescue
Joy has been the catalyst, ensuring that we stay as well as a member of the Rural Fire Service. In
focussed on the Festival. She took on the role these roles she has attended bush and house
of developing our website, learning many new fires, saved properties, rescued people from flood
skills. She also undertakes the work of treasurer waters, attended hypoglycaemic episodes, cardiac
and secretary. She runs our successful short story arrest, hypothermia, trauma, motorbike and car
competitions and assists with our Small Skills Day. accidents, anaphylaxis and more. Shes helped
Without Joy there would simply be no Festival. a huge range of people, from infants to 87 year
We recently had our second Festival and it was a olds. Its no surprise that she and her husband
resounding sell-out success, with authors such have saved over 50 lives in this rural community.
as Di Morrissey and Stan Grant attending. Joy She spends roughly 15 hours a week in all her
is our rock, ensuring everything runs smoothly. volunteer roles. Without her the community of
This is only one example of Joys community Turondale as well as Dubbo Distant Education,
involvement. Shes more than a Hidden Treasure would be vastly different.
shes an absolutely priceless treasure.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 1 3
She facilitates reading corners at local events
Margaret Dekkers [MANILLA] and arranges for books to be given to newborns.
Shes also initiated a weekly childrens story
Margaret Dekkers (nee Sinclair) was born in reading group for children in the local library.
Warialda, lived in Sydney prior to her marriage,
and moved to Manilla in 1968. She was a Girl
Guide leader from 1964 in Sydney and then
became a leader in Manilla. She was awarded the
Kathy Denning [COWRA]
20 Year Long Service Award in 1992, after holding Kathy was born in Essex, London and migrated
various positions in local guiding, and keeping the to Australia with her family as a Ten Pound Pom.
Association alive by filling various positions which She went to Hornsby High and on leaving school
needed her support and experience. She also worked at Myer in Sydney. She married in 1977,
held camping and leader training qualifications. and in 1983 moved to Cowra with her husband,
Margaret was awarded the Associations Banksia who had to complete one year of country service.
Award for meritorious service within a local area She fell in love with Cowra and stayed. Shes a
in 1996. As a parishioner she is involved in the founding member of the Cowra Antique Vehicle
activities of St Andrews Presbyterian Church Club, and has been Secretary for many years.
a Sunday School teacher from 19772000, She works tirelessly for the Club, raising money,
Kids Club leader 20002015, as well as Youth cleaning the Cowra Railway Station and the
Camp leader. She is on the Church Committee Cowra Antique Vehicle Clubrooms. She often
of Management, and for the past 12 years is a spends her own money to purchase items for the
volunteer in the op shop. She has been a Meals Club, especially items for raffles. She organises
on Wheels volunteer since 1969. She regularly events and meals for visiting clubs, does all the
visits the elderly and lonely. Since 2013, she shopping, and helps with catering and serving.
has been a Court Support volunteer for people She even arranged for a carpet donation from
awaiting hearings. She was a scripture teacher the Cowra Services Club for the railway station.
19802016 at the local school, reader/writer for She was recently involved with the construction
exams, camp helper, and worked on the canteen of a Driver Reviver building in Cowra, obtaining
roster for six years. She was a Pony Club Volunteer donations from Woolworths and setting up a
from 19801989, and has been a member of raffle. She works a regular Driver Reviver midnight
the Country Womens Association Manilla Evening to 6:00 am shift, and helps out wherever possible.
Branch for 13 years. A highlight is her support Never has she asked for payment or reward for
for the education of children, particularly with any of her community work. For a few years she
reading and social skills. Since 2003 she has also helped Holman Place Special School. Shes a
been part of Born-to-Read, a group that organises friend to everyone, and loved by many.
three day experiences for local schools with well-
known authors or illustrators of childrens books.

1 4 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Lisa Duerinckx [REPTON] Suzanne Duggan [MERRIWA]
Lisa joined the Repton Rural Fire Brigade in 2012 Sue has devoted 19 years of service to the aged
after making a tree change to the Bellingen area. community of Merriwa. For most of this time she
Her initial interest in the Brigade was ignited has been Supervisor of Gummun Place Hostel,
when she often from her nearby home heard where she continues to go above and beyond
laughter coming from the station. This resulted in the call of duty, making herself available to staff,
Lisa and her husband John attending a brigade medical professionals and residents and their
social event and led to them both signing up as families, regardless of the time of day or night.
dedicated members of the NSW Rural Fire Service Sue does an outstanding job assisting family
(RFS). Lisa is an active firefighter and has quickly members of hostel residents, at a time when
moved through the ranks during her time in the they need it most. She sensitively helps residents
Brigade, holding the positions of Deputy Captain and their families make the often challenging
and Senior Deputy Captain. Shes now in her decision to transition to a care facility from their
second term of being Brigade Captain. She shows own homes. She is also the one to let families
great leadership qualities and is well respected know when their loved one has passed away,
by all members. Before joining the RFS, Lisa was and offers support through the grieving process.
an AUSTSWIM instructor, teaching swimming She is involved in fundraisers for the hostel and
and water safety to babies, children, adults is always looking for ways to generate funds to
and people with disabilities. As a member of a enhance the amenities and comfort of residents.
scuba diving club she assisted youth with brain She strives to keep her skills up-to-date. She
injuries to discover the underwater environment. stays involved in the local community and liaises
This experience in devastating illness and injury with other aged care facilities to network and find
led Lisa to implement a fitness program in her ways to continually improve the hostel and overall
brigade in 2016 something thats hopefully set wellbeing of residents. Sue was recently a finalist
to become an ongoing initiative. One achievement in the statewide NSW Regional Achiever Awards in
Lisa is particularly proud of is her attainment of a Wollongong, in recognition of her services to aged
heavy rigid truck licence, enabling her to drive a care and the community. This is an honour she
Category 1 fire tanker and proving that girls can richly deserves.
do anything! Lisa thoroughly enjoys volunteering
and believes that if everyone did just a little bit
for their community the world would be a better

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 1 5
organisation is meticulous. Patricia still attends a
Patricia Ford [GOULBURN] small widows group and the War Widows Guild
in Sydney. Shes very aware of service personnel
Patricia was born on a property at Quirindi on who need assistance returning to civilian life.
the Liverpool Plains in NSW. The property was Legacy has been very good to me and Im giving
covered in cyprus pine, and Clydesdale horses back now, she says.
were used to run it. Young Patricia needed to
stand on a 44 gallon drum to help harness these
horses. She attended a small school, before going
to Sydney to train as a nurse. Patricia married
Dorothy Foster [DEERVALE]
Keith, a printer, and they had three children. Dorothy joined the Deervale Rural Fire Brigade
Patricia joined the Mothers Club and P&C, and in 2002, as one of the Brigades first female
was known to stop traffic on Parramatta Road to members. She is an active firefighter and has
allow school children to cross. After her children held many positions including Deputy Captain,
were grown up Patricia and Keith moved to Permit Issuing Officer, Training Officer and Junior
Ulmara. She worked in the Post Office for two Member Coordinator. She has also supported
years, until he became very ill and she resigned her husband Mark during his 14 years as Brigade
to care for him. Following Keiths untimely death, Captain, and six years as Deputy Group Captain.
Patricias second daughters marriage failed and This is in addition to raising her seven children
Patricia moved to Sydney and made a home for and spending time with her eight grandchildren.
her daughter and two granddaughters. This she Dorothy has been a notable advocate for
did for 12 years. She worked for Australia Post the Brigade in securing equipment through
at the same time, retiring in 1994. Patricia then grant submissions. Her proudest achievement
lived in Bungendore for a short time, joining within the Brigade was successfully lobbying
Queanbeyan Legacy. From here she travelled to for additional lighting equipment, resulting in
Sydney at weekends to care for her sister-in-law increased safety and better working conditions for
and to attend TAFE, to learn machine knitting. She the volunteers attending motor vehicle accidents
became Secretary of the Canberra Knitting Club during foggy nights on Waterfall Way. She also
and Chief Steward at the Canberra Show. This recently ran a very successful recruitment drive,
position she held for 10 years, finishing in 2012. signing up 13 new members and improving the
Patricia then became Resident Judge for Machine health of the Brigade, to better respond to the
Knitting at the Canberra Show. In 2008, after a car needs of the community in times of emergency.
accident, Patricia moved to Goulburn where she Dorothy is passionate about holistic health within
became more involved with Legacy. She joined communities, and strongly believes the essence
the Rosemary Club, became their Secretary and of a community is the ability of its individuals to
helps with Appeals Week each year. She organises look after one another. Dorothy is a highly valued
amazing bus trips for the Legacy widows. Her member of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

1 6 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Shirley Fowler [WAUCHOPE] Freida Frankham [CESSNOCK]
85-year-old Shirley Fowler has volunteered in the Freida Frankham was born in Kitchener, an outer
Wauchope community for over three decades. suburb of Cessnock in 1932. She was schooled
Shirley was born and schooled in Sydney and in Cessnock and secured her first job at a general
lived there until her retirement from paid work store in Aberdare (another outer suburb) which
in 1985. She then moved to Wauchope with her catered mainly to the mine working population.
late husband, originally settling in Huntingdon. She has been a very active member to many
For over 30 years she volunteered at Huntingdon community organisations and service clubs.
Public School, teaching scripture and sewing. Although now well into her 80s, she can still be
She has watched children go from being primary seen around the community of Cessnock selling
school students to parents with kids of their own, raffle tickets and sewing, knitting and cooking
and then her teaching the second generation. for the underprivileged, as well as providing
One of the highlights of her volunteering has self-made craft items for prizes. Frieda has
been sewing the students costumes for various been a very active member of Cessnock VIEW
eisteddfods and productions, and seeing the Club and was recently presented with a service
pride in the childrens faces as they performed. badge representing 50 years of membership.
The experience has been all the sweeter when the She has held the position of Secretary of this
school students have actually used their newly organisation. Frieda continues her involvement
acquired sewing skills to sew their own costumes. with the Cessnock Hobbies and Handicrafts
Although shes scaled back her volunteer work in annual exhibition by exhibiting and assisting
the last few years, Shirley continues to support with the organisation of the series of events. Her
the Beechwood Uniting Church as a lay preacher, involvement with the community has been quite
and with conducting funerals. She likes to keep varied. She has been a member of school P&C,
her mind active by planning church services. and assisted with taking the trolley of supplies
Shirley believes that volunteering has allowed her to aged care residents in one of our local aged
to stay connected to the community and keeps care facilities. Frieda has been a involved with her
her feeling young. It is her belief that giving back two childrens needs during their schooling and
as a volunteer is mutually beneficial as it helps adulthood and now enjoys her five grandchildren
everyone out the community and the volunteer. and six great grandchildren. Frieda belongs to that
Shirley started volunteering because she wanted priceless category of women who will do anything
to help others. Somewhere along the way she to help a friend or a person in need, as well as
realised that she was getting as much out of it as serve the community whenever she can be of
she had given. service.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 1 7
Tammy Galvin [NARRANDERA] Margaret Gilligan [BREWARRINA]
Tammy Galvin is the Chair of the NSW Rural Margaret has lived in Brewarrina all her life. When
Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera Committee. she left school she worked in the local hotels and
She was instrumental in securing the event for the bakery until she got married. In the early days
Narrandera, as the Rural Womens Gathering she was alone a lot as her husband often worked
celebrates its 25th anniversary. Tammy is a true out of town. Margaret and her husband raised
lady of the land, spending many of her early years their family in Brewarrina, and Margaret always
droving cattle with her family along the travelling had lots of other children around as well. She
stock route, before moving away from home to always had a pot of stew, soup or curry on the go
complete a degree in environmental science. for them she never knew how many she would
Tammy now managers the family beef and sheep have to feed. For 30 years Margaret supported
property, and together with her partner operates the Brewarrina Return Services League (RSL) by
a contract sowing and harvesting business selling raffle tickets every Friday night and on
while working full time in an agricultural and Market Sundays. She is currently Vice President of
environmental advisory position with the NSW the Womens Auxiliary and the Catering Officer for
Government. Tammy is also an active member the RSL. Margaret also plays an active role in the
of the Narrandera branch of Country Womens Anglican Church as well as the Historical Society,
Associaiton, a member on the Narrandera and through these organisations has raised
Domestic Violence Committee and an elected funds for the church restoration. She cleans the
councillor on the Narrandera Shire Council. This church voluntarily, and arrives half an hour early
young human dynamo is extremely dedicated on Sundays to ring the bell, letting people know
to empowering and connecting women in rural that the service is on that particular day. Margaret
areas. She established and coordinates the has a strong sense of family and community.
Women of Western Riverina Networking (WOW) She made us feel welcome when we moved here
group, which connects women through social and also made sure we knew how to access the
and business channels across the western services of the town shes proud to call home.
Riverina. Despite all this, Tammy would tell you Shes definitely a Hidden Treasure.
her most important role is that of mother to her
five-year-old daughter. Shes educating her by
example, empowering her to become part of the
next generation of strong, compassionate and
community minded young women.

1 8 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Stephanie Greacen [SAWTELL] Sally Green [MANDURAMA]
Stephanie (Steph) Greacen is a devoted member Sally Green was born in Blayney and went to
of the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS). She joined the school in Sydney for her secondary education.
RFS in 2012, when she moved back to the Coffs When she came home she worked in the bank
Harbour area after completing tertiary studies before she married at 21. Sally has raised three
in childcare and primary school teaching. Shes children on the family farm with her husband
previously been a member of Nana Glen and and has seven grandchildren, all of whom live
Eastbank Rural Fire Brigades, and is currently a close by. Sally has always worked on various
member of both Red Hill and Mid North Coast committees in the district the P&C when the
Support Rural Fire Brigades. Steph originally children were at school, Carcoar and Blayney
joined the Service for the social aspect, but Hospital Boards, View Club Blayney and for the
quickly discovered her passion for firefighting. past six years the Carcoar PA & H Society as
She has held many positions during her time, Treasurer. She became treasurer of the show
including Training Officer, First Aid Officer and society six years ago and has revitalised this
Permit Issuing Officer, and is currently the Brigade previously fairly quiet committee. Sally has
Captain for Red Hill, providing leadership for been able to get various grants to improve the
30 members. She has also held the position of Carcoar Showground for all the groups who use
Secretary for Eastbank, Red Hill and the Rural it throughout the year. Shes done an amazing
Fire Service Association Division 2 all at the job with the show schedule; its the envy of many
same time! Steph has attended many local fires, show societies in the area. Sally and her husband
including two significant fires at Nana Glen, as like to get away from the Central Tablelands
well as being deployed to the Blue Mountains winters, but they must be back by early August
fires in October 2013. She has also participated (according to Sally), when the action really
in the Region North Exercise and the 2012 State gets going for the Carcoar Show, held on the
Championships, and assisted in providing fire last Saturday in October. Sallys commitment is
protection for the Coffs Harbour events of World second to none and she seeks nothing in return.
Rally Australia. In addition to this she has been Sally Green is a true Hidden Treasure.
involved in many community engagement events
including the Orara Valley Fair and Get Ready
Weekend. Shes currently promoting Gratitude Day
a local thank you day for emergency services.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 1 9
has delivered meals weekly since 1992. With a
Francene Halliger [QUIRINDI] high family risk of cancer, Di was approached to
become involved in cancer research. For the last
Francene Halliger has been a devoted member 10 years she has travelled to Bendigo, where she
of Quirindi Country Womens Association (CWA), has undergone tests, been given medications for
Quirindi Show Society, Quirindi Arts and Craft trials and participated in research data collection.
Shop, Quirindi Heritage Village and Quirindi Di has been a driver behind successful Rotary
Historical Society for many years. Shes shared Club events such as the Deniliquin Ute Muster,
her many talents teaching women a great Australia Day Breakfast, Deniliquin Fishing Classic,
variety of handicrafts at the CWA. Francene is a the Annual Deniliquin Easter Art Show, the student
tireless volunteer in all the above organisations, exchange program and countless fund raising
contributing her numerous skills such as spinning events. A board member of the Deniliquin Rotary
and weaving. Shes played a major role in many Club for 20 years, shes only one of two recipients
handicraft projects with the CWA, including of the Paul Harris Sapphire Pin. Since retiring in
Knitting for the Needy. Shes also been a volunteer 2015, she has continued to volunteer tirelessly,
at the Arts and Craft shop for a very long time. and has increased her involvement in charities
such as Days for Girls, which provides sanitary
kits for African women. Di has sewn hundreds of
Dianne Hand [DENILIQUIN] these kits, and encouraged the Deniliquin Rotary
Club to become involved. She knits clothing for
Dianne (Di) was born and raised in Deniliquin, the Angel Babies project, for deceased, newborn
devoting her entire life to her much loved and premature babies. Since 2015 she has knitted
community. Shes been actively involved in over 500 sets of beanies and booties, but whos
numerous non-profit and volunteer organisations counting?!
in Deniliquin since the 1960s, continuing her
volunteer work while raising her children and
working in the insurance industry. Her contribution Sandra Harlor [WARRAGAMBA]
had a major impact on so many people and
organisations in the area. She was instrumental in Sandra was born a twin (fraternal) in Guilford in
the Girl Guide movement, especially in fundraising 1957 at the Royal North Shore Hospital, moving
and the establishment of the new Guide hall in to Mulgoa in her teens. Sandra has three sisters,
the mid-1980s. When the Deniliquin community four daughters and six grandchildren. In 1975
opened the Disability and Day Care organisation, Sandra married Mark and moved to Warragamba.
Yallambie, in the late 1980s, Di started Sandras husband lived with an acquired brain
volunteering, and was the voluntary Treasurer injury and she became his primary carer until
for over 10 years. Di has been actively involved his death in 2011. Sandra then cared for her
in Meals on Wheels in Deniliquin, for which she mother-in-law, who is currently 94-years-old and

2 0 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
resides in nearby Warragamba. In the 1980s and lived in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and
1990s Sandra volunteered on Warragambas New Zealand. They finally retired to their property
P&C, Mothers Club, Netball Club, Swimming at Ellangowan near Casino in northern New South
Club and Pony Club. Sandra volunteered at the Wales. John passed away several years later and
Warragamba Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre Jane immersed herself in the local community.
Management Committee for 25 years, taking on She was President of the local Country Womens
various roles during her term. Sandra is currently Association for three years and Secretary for 20
a member of Wollondilly Shire Councils Economic years. She was President of Civilian Widows for
Development, Tourism and Heritage and Australia many years and joined the local Probus club,
Day Awards Community Advisory committees. View Club, Loral Club and Quota Club. She was
Shes spent five years advocating and lobbying Secretary of Ellangowan RFS Brigade for 23 years.
for an inclusive play space to be built, with a Jane was awarded a Long Service Medal by the
memorandum of understanding signed in 2014 Rural Fire Service. In 2011 she was the local
to build the play space in Civic Park Warragamba. electorate Woman of the Year, 2011. She has three
Sandra sees the realisation of this as her greatest grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.
and proudest achievement. She volunteers on
average 15 hours each week. Sandras extremely
giving and has a great deal of knowledge and
expertise in different areas. Wollondilly Shire
Kirsty Harris [MOULAMEIN]
Council is very appreciative of Sandras continual Kirsty is a volunteer for the Moulamein Football
contributions, not only to her local Warragamba Netball Club and has worked tirelessly. She helps
community but also to the broader Wollondilly run the netball competition, turns snags on
Shire. Sandra is very deserving of this recognition. the BBQ and undertakes scoring, coordinating,
applying for grants and many other tasks,
ensuring the Club remains financially viable,
Jane Harrison [ELLANGOWAN] and also a great place to be. Kirsty volunteers
countless hours each week and has done so for
Jane was born in Perth, before moving to many years so much so that she has been
Melbourne and then Sydney. She married John made the youngest life member in the Clubs
Harrison after he graduated from university as history! Kirsty is a single mum and her two kids
a geologist, specialising in oil exploration. They have been a big part of the Club as well, but even
moved to Canada in 1953 and had two children now that the kids are older, Kirsty still remains
there, before returning to Australia in 1959 to integral to the running of the Club. It would be
Adelaide. John worked in the central Australian fantastic to see her recognised for her tireless
deserts on the gas fields. The family then moved efforts in this small rural community. Without
to Sydney in 1966, while John worked in Papua people like Kirsty the Club would really struggle.
New Guinea. Over the next 20 years Jane and John

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 2 1
Roxy Heckendorf [NARRANDERA] Barbara Heckman [WINDELLA]
Roxy was born in Corowa, the eldest of five girls. Barbara grew up in Geelong Victoria. She studied
She was raised on a farm, and loved her cattle at Matthew Flinders Girls School where she
and sheep. She belonged to Latch Workers, where held the positions of house captain and prefect.
she made small quilts for premature babies She was involved in the Girl Guide movement,
and quilts for sick children in Sydney Childrens as a Brownie, Guide and then as a Brownie
Hospital. In her younger years she was a member Leader. Her first job was with the National Bank
of the Australian Red Cross and her church guild. of Australia, Geelong Branch. In the Newtown
Her husband was Mayor of Narrandera and a Methodist Church, Geelong she was active in
local councillor, and she supported him in these Sunday School teaching, Youth Group, leader of
important positions. She joined Soroptimists a club for young girls and also participated in
International, Narrandera and has been an tennis and netball teams. Barbara has travelled
active member, becoming President and Region extensively, visiting the UK, USA and Canada
Delegate. Roxy raises money and helps raise several times, plus Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore,
awareness to support womens health and Japan and France. She is married to Earl, who is
education issues. Every Tuesday and Thursday Assistant Governor, Rotary District 9670 and has
local Soroptimist members supervise self-paced two married daughters and four grandchildren.
exercises at Narrandera District Hospital for those Barbara and Earl moved from Geelong Victoria to
who have been in hospital as cardio/pulmonary Maitland in January 1984, where they became
patients, and those who have come through the actively involved in the community. Barbara
Stepping On program. She is an active participant joined the East Maitland Girl Guide Support
in New Vogue dancing participating in and Committee and joined Maitland Meals on Wheels
organising weekly and other regular events. (MMOW) as a meal delivery volunteer. She
Roxy is currently on the Narrandera Domestic held a number of positions at Meals on Wheels
Violence Committee which raises awareness and including Management Committee Secretary and
provides information to the local community. President until MMOW merged with other services
She is a member of the local Garden Club, which to become a Maitland Community Care Service
meets each month and donates the proceeds in 2008. She also participated in art classes at
of their monthly raffle to our Friends of Cypress Maitland TAFE, completing a four year Certificate
committee, for the supported housing scheme. of Painting course.
Kurrajong members of the local garden club
have their gardens open annually to the public,
thereby raising funds to donate to the local Can
Assist committee, for the ongoing support of local
sufferers of this insidious disease.

2 2 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Margaret Hocking [NARRANDERA] Doris Hoffman [WELLINGTON]
Margaret (Marg) and family moved to Narrandera Doris (known as Marie) Hoffman has spent her
in 2000, when she began work with the Little entire life in Wellington NSW. Her commitment to
Connection Playgroup as Craft Supervisor. the community began in childhood through the
During this time she collaborated in applying Girl Guides Association, in which she attained a
for successful grants to purchase heaters and Queens Guide Award. She resigned from adult
paint for improvements. Marg then moved on to leadership with over 25 years of service, receiving
help at the local school canteen, plus assisted the Good Service Award (1987). She was a leader
with reading, writing classes, athletic days, with Girl Guides in isolated areas through distance
yearly school fetes and was a recorder at the programs, and she initiated and edited the Lone
regional athletic carnivals. Her volunteer years Guides Magazine for many years. Marie was also
have also been spent being a member of the involved locally as a camping and badge trainer
Tourist and Tidy Towns Board, organising the and assessor. Her community involvement has
annual John OBrien Poetry Festival (including been vast and varied. She has sat on committees
the parades) and selling tickets and booking for public buildings extensions, railway gardens,
venues. She was Secretary of both the Riverina Council Access Committee, Careers Expo at the
Vintage Machinery Club and the National Historic High School, Wellington Tourist Office, early
Machinery Association for one year organising editions of Wellington Diary, coordinating the
rallies, displays etc. Marg joined the local Railway Olympic Torch Relay, and large social events. She
Committee as Secretary and was instrumental in has supported vulnerable community members
obtaining new signage for the station, plus the for more than 20 years as a volunteer for Tele
use of a rail motor for a special anniversary. She Aid (checking in each morning via phone) and
volunteers at the local library, conducts holiday as a guide at the Oxley Museum for seven years.
craft for children and started a knitting for a Marie also published Whats on in Wellington
charity group making rugs, beanies, and trauma a monthly guide to local businesses, activities
bears for those in need. She also organised and events, for many years. She also instigated
a fundraiser for her granddaughter to go to Welcome to Wellington morning teas for new
Canada to compete in athletics with other young residents. Marie has been publicity officer for the
Australians. In 2009, Marg and her husband Allen local Probus Club and the Wellington Amateur
started up Narranderas own Vintage Machinery Theatrical Society. Family time has included
Club, once again organising display day outings, volunteering in relevant school, sporting and
raffles, and attending regional meetings. Shes scouting groups. She also served as the community
a true volunteer and a most worthy recipient of representative on the High School senior staff
the title Hidden Treasure, who doesnt know the selection committee. Her project for 2017 is to
meaning of the word boredom. produce a book entitled Memories of Wellington.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 2 3
Vanessa Hoffman [NARRANDERA] Lyndall Horne [BERRIGAN]
Vanessa was involved in providing comments Lyndall was born in Tamworth, and was involved
for the submission for Narrandera to host with the Rural Youth Organisation from 1975
the NSW Rural Womens Gathering in 2017! 1986. After marrying Peter in 1986 she settled
Vanessa has also volunteered with St Josephs in Berrigan and had three children. Shes always
School Narrandera P&C committee. Vanessa is been community minded and has worked for the
dedicated to helping her community. following organisations: St Columbas School
P&F 19942007 (holding the positions of
Treasurer, President and Uniform Coordinator and
Kay Hopton [SCONE] also Library Aide, 20002010); Berrigan Guides,
Treasurer 20002003 (during International Year
Kay was born in Binnaway, country NSW. of the Volunteers in 2001 she was instrumental
She attended primary school there and in Berrigan Guides receiving an International Year
Coonabarabran for high school, then Dubbo of Volunteers Small Equipment Grant for $4,975);
to complete TAFE. Kay then worked for Finley High School, P&C 20012008, Treasurer
the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 20072008 and Canteen Secretary 20042008;
Coonabarabran, then Muswellbrook, followed Finley Scouts Treasurer 20062009; Berrigan
by Scone. Kay has one child, Stephen and after Agricultural & Horticultural Society, Treasurer
losing her first husband Geoffrey in 1991, Kay 20092010 and Secretary for the last four
is now happily married to Chris. Over the years, years. Lyndall has been successful in lodging and
Kay has volunteered for many organisations, receiving volunteer grants in 2009, 2011, 2013,
including 31 years with the Rural Fire Service 2016, 2017 for the A & H Society. In 2008 she
(RFS) and 20 years with the State Emergency joined Berrigan Red Cross Branch and has been
Services, both of which she is still helping. Kays an outstanding member, taking on the role of
banking knowledge has been helpful in holding Treasurer 20092017. She has been our Fashion
the positions of Treasurer and Secretary for the Extravaganza coordinator since 2009. In 2011
Parkville RFS Brigade, the Parkville Social Club, she was awarded a Red Cross Service Medal
the Wingen Bushmans Carnival, Upper Hunter and in 2014 gained the Distinguished Service
Junior Rodeo and Kingdon Ponds and Tributaries Medal for her dedication to Red Cross. Lyndall
Water Users Association. Kay is a very dedicated has written volunteer grant applications for us
person, serving her community. in 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, and each year we
have been successful, due to the quality of her
applications. Berrigan Red Cross Shop has gained
much needed equipment, and Lyndall has made
it a very pleasant and safe place to volunteer.

2 4 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Running a Red Cross Shop five and half days a Church. Jo also marches for the Rural Fire Service
week and a Fashion Extravaganza annually keeps every year on Anzac Day. With gratitude we
our treasurer very busy. We are delighted to have nominate Jo Horne as our Hidden Treasure.
such an efficient, dedicated lady in our branch.
Her monthly volunteering hours are impossible to
calculate, but one thing is for sure this amazing
lady is a Hidden Treasure.
Susan Howland [YAMBA]
Susan was born and educated in Melbourne. She
moved to Yamba in 1973 after nine years living
Joanne Horne [WEE WAA] in Europe. During her time in Holland, Susan
was impressed with the Dutch commitment to
Joanne (Jo) has been a volunteer member of social justice, and on her return to Australia she
the Myall Vale Rural Fire Brigade since 2003. was shocked as a young mother to see the lack
In that time Jo has held the position of Brigade of services for mothers and children. This led
Secretary/Treasurer from 20052012. In the her to a lifetime of working for social justice.
2012 she handed the secretary position on but Her early years in Yamba saw Susan successfully
still remains as Treasurer. In the early years of her campaigning for a community hall with areas for
membership, Jo was more of a support member, playgroup, mothers and babies and pre-school
often delivering welfare to the members when classes. She started a support group for new
they were at incidents for long periods of time. mothers, which became affiliated with the then
In recent years Jo has proven to be more active, Nursing Mothers Association. Susan became a
often being the first one at the station with the volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and mentored
doors up and truck ready to go. Jos husband Peter two Indigenous women as trainee breastfeeding
is the Brigade Captain and Jo is a great support to counsellors. Susan was a playgroup leader
him in this role. Jo came to Wee Waa from Sydney and organised Childrens Week events. During
in 1994, taking a relief position at the Wee Waa this time, Susan had five children, supported
High School as the home economics teacher for her husband with his art and gallery business
seven weeks, and has never left. She has made and completed a Bachelor of Social Science
the town her home and raised their three children degree. She reared a granddaughter and is now
here. Jo still works part time at the Wee Waa High rearing a teenage grandson. Susan worked as a
School and is known for her computer skills and community worker with Clarence Valley Council
mentoring the Wee Waa High School Robotics for 25 years. She was a founding member of the
Team. Jo is involved in many community events Lower Clarence Womens Group, which became
including Junior Youth Group and Girls Brigade Clarence Valley Women Incorporated (CVWI). She
(a girls youth group), through the Anglican has been President of CVWI since 2008. Now
retired, Susan is an advocate for improved mental
health services in her work with the Light up the

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 2 5
Darkness committee and her role on various
other health committees. Shes also involved Sharon Hutchinson [NARRANDERA]
with Maclean Country Womens Association. She
devotes approximately 20 hours per week to her Sharon has been involved with the submission
volunteer roles. and gathering ideas for the 2017 NSW Rural
Womens Gathering at Narrandera. As a Reiki
practitioner, Sharon has been the source of
Patricia Hughes [CORAKI] balance for many in the community! Sharon has
been a nurse who has been valued for her work at
Corakis Patricia Hughes is a salt of the earth Narrandera District Hospital for many years before
lady of great passion. Patricia can succinctly she recently moved to a nursing position at the
identify issues requiring attention within the Narrandera Medical Centre.
Coraki community, before quietly carrying out the
necessary work to bring about change. Armed
with all sorts of information, Patricia coordinates Shirley Jensen [NARRANDERA]
the opinions and the assistance of others to make
things happen for Coraki. Driven, she is awesome Shirley is a Narrandera girl from birth. She married
at taking a dream a plan to fruition. Such the love of her life, Harry and together they ran
was the case in the founding of the new Health a nursery with great passion for many years.
One Facility in Coraki, which opened in April this Gardening is one of Shirleys great loves, and she
year. Patricia was also Secretary for many years spends endless hours tending the garden. Many
of Coraki Village Voice Inc. This organisation did still go to her for advice on plants, gardening
many great things for Coraki, including obtaining and weeds. Shirley is a tireless volunteer with
improved signage at Glebe Bridge and additional the Narrandera branch of Can Assist. She has
public seating, organisation of the Coal Seam Gas been spotted rain, hail or shine seated at the
Survey, and running ANZAC Days and Australia Narrandera Farmers Markets raising funds for
Day Celebrations in Coraki. Currently she is families in need of assistance when a family
President of The United Hospitals Auxiliary of member is suffering cancer. Shirley has given so
Coraki which now fundraises for the new Health kindly to her community over the years.
One Facility, formerly the Campbell Hospital.
She is a member of the Coraki Country Womens
Association. On a personal front Patricia is the
full-time carer for her 92-year-old mum. Patricia
is a wonderful example of an active, motivated
and selfless person who is passionate about her
community. She is extremely deserving of the
accolade of Hidden Treasure.

2 6 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Sue Jogever [PORT MACQUARIE] Simone Joliffe [EUBERTA]
Sue was born in Lismore. At the age of 17 she was Simone Joliffe was born in Wagga Wagga, and
nominated as a Rotary Exchange Student to Iowa, her mother and stepfather farmed at Ladysmith
USA. Sue and her beautiful family, wanting to be during her formative years. Simone volunteers
closer to other family members, relocated from a lot of her time to other people in need of
Sydney to Port Macquarie a few years ago. In her assistance, particularly within the agricultural
current role as a real estate agent she thrives on industry. She is currently participating in
providing care and support during what can be a DairySage for the second time. This is a formal
very stressful time for many people. Shes a strong industry mentoring program in which mentees
believer of giving back to the local community, are supported for a period of six months. The
and she loves being involved with causes close mentees are generally younger members of the
to her heart. Shes very proud to be a founding industry, not necessarily farmers, who have a
committee member of Luminosity Youth Summit, vision for their own continued engagement and
a program aimed at making a difference to our future in the dairy industry. They are seeking
youth. Sue is an active member of the Rotary guidance, support and personal development.
Sunrise Club and contributes passionately to Regular one-on-one meetings are held, in which
community projects both locally and abroad. Simone volunteers her time to discuss business
Shes been involved with the Hastings Womens ideas, share her knowledge of the industry and
Business Network for some years, and is well put applicants in touch with people in her network
recognised for the inspiration she provides to who are able to assist. Simone is well respected
other women in business. Sue was integral in within the industry and currently holds Director
establishing, If We All Had Wings, a not-for-profit positions with DataGene and Australian Dairy
organisation created to support local families Farmers Ltd. Simone was the President and Chair
facing financial hardships during their cancer of Australian Dairy Farmers for the 2015/2016
treatment. She has also hosted a sleep out for the period and is a member of many other relevant
Make a Difference charity, to raise money to help committees, councils and groups. She was a
support the homeless. Sue is extremely deserving founding member of the Young Cattlemans
of a place on the Hidden Treasures Honour Roll. Union at the University of New England in 1997.
As I write this submission, Simone is currently
hiking through the Kimberley in WA as part of
the Australian Rural Leadership Program. As
someone who gives much of her time to assist
others to reach their goals, she is a very deserving
candidate for the Honour Roll.

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 2 7
excellent footsteps of their parents and elders,
Janice Kapeen [CORAKI] to make Coraki, and the world, a better place.
Theyre always fun to be around, talking and
Sisters Janice and Vanessa Kapeen are strong, laughing, and with their community spirit theyre
proud, hard working and amazing long-time treasures who should be brought to light.
Aboriginal women in Bundjalung country at
Coraki. Theyre sisters by blood, and because
they are so close in so many ways I include them
here as one unit, for thats the way they usually
Vanessa Kapeen [CORAKI]
function in their community work. Dedicated Sisters Janice and Vanessa Kapeen are strong,
to country and their mob, they for many years, proud, hard working and amazing long-time
along with their mum Alvina and dad Russell Aboriginal women in Bundjalung country at
Kapeen, have been leaders and advocates for the Coraki. Theyre sisters by blood, and because
Aboriginal members of the Coraki and Box Ridge they are so close in so many ways I include them
community. Both ladies are active in the Land here as one unit, for thats the way they usually
Council on the riverbank in Coraki. Janice has function in their community work. Dedicated
worked for many years in collaboration with her to country and their mob, they for many years,
dad on the Land Council, working in a secretarial along with their mum Alvina and dad Russell
capacity. Vanessa helps out in the organisation Kapeen, have been leaders and advocates for the
as required and has been a teachers assistant in Aboriginal members of the Coraki and Box Ridge
the classrooms of Coraki Public School for many community. Both ladies are active in the Land
years. Vanessa and Janice are cheerful, friendly Council on the riverbank in Coraki. Janice has
women who socialise easily and work hard and worked for many years in collaboration with her
well together. They organise public functions dad on the Land Council, working in a secretarial
such as NAIDOC Week in Coraki and other capacity. Vanessa helps out in the organisation
community events, most notably Coraki Australia as required and has been a teachers assistant in
Day Celebrations in 2014. They are proactive for the classrooms of Coraki Public School for many
their people and are beautiful role models. Both years. Vanessa and Janice are cheerful, friendly
are mums Vanesa with grown up children and women who socialise easily and work hard and
Janice with much younger ones. Both ladies are well together. They organise public functions
naturally artistic and have won art prizes for their such as NAIDOC Week in Coraki and other
work in the Coraki Art Prize. Some of Vanessas community events, most notably Coraki Australia
paintings currently hang in the Two Rivers Caf Day Celebrations in 2014. They are proactive for
on Richmond Terrace in Coraki. These women their people and are beautiful role models. Both
have a truly remarkable and precious family and are mums Vanesa with grown up children and
community bond. They practise mindfulness and Janice with much younger ones. Both ladies are
show courage by example in continuing in the naturally artistic and have won art prizes for their

2 8 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
work in the Coraki Art Prize. Some of Vanessas honestly could not go more smoothly. I truly hope
paintings currently hang in the Two Rivers Caf you consider her, as she is a wonderful role model
on Richmond Terrace in Coraki. These women who never asks for anything in return.
have a truly remarkable and precious family and
community bond. They practise mindfulness and
show courage by example in continuing in the
excellent footsteps of their parents and elders,
Julie Knight [BOURKE]
to make Coraki, and the world, a better place. Julie was born in Cunnamulla Qld, when her
Theyre always fun to be around, talking and parents were working on sheep station. She lived
laughing, and with their community spirit theyre in Weilmoringle NSW during her primary school
treasures who should be brought to light. years and later moved to Bourke, where she
resides today. She is of Aboriginal descent from
the Kooma and Kamilaroi tribes. Shes married
Jodie King [TEMORA] with five children and 15 grandchildren. Julie
has always been a fine advocate for those who
Jodie King has been a member of the State are disadvantaged and less fortunate. She has
Emergency Service (SES) Temora unit for over gained enormous respect and has built a rapport
three years. Her volunteer hours range between amongst non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal people
six to 35 hours a week, depending on the weather in her community and surrounding districts.
and the calls we get to SES. She is a mother of Julie is a founding life member of the Bourke
three; her oldest is also with the SES unit while Aboriginal Health Service, which celebrates its
the other two are still in primary school. Jodie 30 years of service in September 2017. She was
grew up in New Zealand and moved to Australia instrumental in getting funding support for the
over four years ago with her family. While in first ever night patrol, consisting of a group of
New Zealand she worked for Parliament in office women under the name of Naddri Ngalli, which
duties until her husband went to work in Australia means My Mothers Way. This was very successful
shearing, when she thought it would be nice in reducing the crime rate and getting kids off
to join him. I have seen Jodie at her finest. She the streets and taken home, or taken to alternate
always puts her hand up to help the community safe houses. Julie also ran cultural camps for
and friends in any way she can. She works hard disadvantaged kids who had never been out of
and is very dedicated to helping others. When the Bourke, with trips to coastal areas of NSW and
phone rings for a job shes up and ready to go, QLD, all self-funded. Julie is an advocate for
and we could not be as good a unit without her women and men in domestic violence situations
support and the many hours she puts in. She is and was instrumental in the inclusion of men in
in charge of the unit a lot and when she is things the Reclaim The Night program. Through support
programs this not only worked with the victim, but
also with the perpetrator. She was instrumental

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 2 9
in setting up the very first campaign against
domestic violence in sport in Bourke it has now Carolle Leach [COLINROOBIE]
spread Australia wide. Julie is very kind and gentle
and has an extremely compassionate nature. She Carolle is a hidden treasure of the Colinroobie
has worked and volunteered tirelessly for 30 years Range. She is one of the secretaries of the NSW
in her community and certainly deserves this Rural Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera
recognition. Committee. Carolle was on the 1995 NSW Rural
Womens Gathering Committee and became the
assistant to the coordinator for this Gathering.
Mary-Anne Lattimore Carolle also is a team member of the workshops
and program sub-committees for the Narrandera
Gathering. Together with her husband, Carolle
Mary-Anne was involved with organising the owns and operates a dryland property producing
NSW Rural Womens Gathering when it was held fat lambs, wool and cereals. Having a long
in Yanco 20 years ago, and is now helping to association with agriculture and working for
organise the event in Narrandera this October. Tocal College as a recognition of prior learning
Her experience is highly valued on this committee. officer, Carolle helps people achieve their dreams
Mary-Anne enjoys travel, photography, music of attaining qualifications that are often life
and spending time with her husband, two adult changing. Carolle is also a Justice of the Peace,
children and extended family. She also assists servicing the local community.
with Leeton Rotary. In previous times Mary-Anne
has been involved with local Landcare groups,
and if there are ever any questions about growing Charmaine Lee [LEETON]
lucerne, shes the one with with the answers.
Mary-Anne worked as an agronomist with NSW Charmaine is originally from Kalaru (near Bega)
Department of Primary Industries for 35 years, on the far south coast of NSW. Shes lived in
and since retiring four years ago has worked as the Riverina for the last 21 years and in Leeton
a wool and grain producer with her husband at since 2007. Charmaine has worked for the NSW
Narrandera. Department of Industry since September 2010
at the Yanco Agricultural Institute site, in various
administrative roles. Since 2015 Charmaine
has been employed as the Accommodation
Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day
running of a 15 room motel, 14 room bunkhouse,
commercial kitchen/dining room and various
conference and training rooms. She manages a
team of three domestic service staff. The facilities

3 0 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
at Yanco Agricultural Institute are available to all bags for the hospital. These are given to people
government agencies, business and community who have been unexpectedly admitted. Gwen is a
groups and individuals. Charmaine is an active member of the Narrandera Race Club Committee,
member of the Yanco Agricultural Institute Work, where she is an active and dedicated supporter,
Health & Safety Committee and has held various and has been for many years including with her
positions on the Yanco Agricultural Institute late husband Thomas Lee, OBE and Life Member.
Social Club Committee, for which shes currently In recent years Gwen has joined Narrandera
Secretary. Charmaine was on the organising Probus in which she is a very involved member,
committee for the Cancer Councils Relay for Life, having served on the executive. In this capacity
held in Leeton in March 2016. Shes a devoted she organised bus trips and other activities. Most
wife and mother to three children. Charmaine recently Gwen organised and hosted a public
has given her time kindly and keenly to the NSW display in the Narrandera Arts Hub of her sewing
Rural Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera career, which spanned some 60 years. Visitors
Committee. Her roles on the committee include were amazed and dazzled by the quality and huge
Team Leader for Program Coordination and shes diversity of her rare talent, ranging from China
also part of the sub-committees for Registration, painting, felting, patchwork, embroidery, quilting
Guest Speakers, Catering, Publicity, Venues and and silk painting, to fine sewing of christening
Decorations. Charmaine is looking forward to gowns. Gwen has given sewing and patchwork
seeing 18 months of planning come together for a lessons to residents for many years, held in the
fantastic weekend in Narrandera in October 2017. Narrandera Library.

Gwen Lee [NARRANDERA] June Lennard [CESSNOCK]

Gwen is a foundation member of Soroptimist June Murial Lennard was born in 1931 in the
International, Narrandera club, was inaugural city of Cessnock. She was educated at the local
Treasurer and has been a continuous member ever primary school, high school and business college.
since. Gwen served as Soroptimist Riverina Region Her interests included tennis, which she played
President and Club delegate to the Region for as well as serving on the committee. June is a
many years. Gwen was awarded Life Membership keen soccer fan and a great supporter of her local
of the Narrandera Club for her outstanding service. club, Cessnock City Hornets. June served on this
As well as participating in the usual duties the club committee for seven years when her husband,
undertakes, such as donut making, catering for former international player Jack Lennard, coached
the annual Open Garden visits and supervising the all four Cessnock City teams. June served as
exercise program at the Narrandera hospital for Treasurer of the Womens Committee, washed
people who have had cardio/pulmonary problems, and repaired the team shirts, and served in the
she also makes, sews and fills emergency toiletry canteen at every home game. Since 2003, June

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 3 1
has donated an annual trophy: the Jack Lennard
Memorial Award for the Rookie of the Year. While Norma Little [GENEVA]
June was busy with these commitments she was
also working as the managers secretary, from Norma has been honoured as joint Kyogle
1972 until she retired. June has been a member Quota Lady of the Year 2016/17. She is a very
of the Anglican Church at Cessnock all her life, and compassionate woman, having nursed her friends
has contributed to the life of the parish of St Johns who had long-term illnesses, were bed-ridden
by working in the parish office, compiling rosters for and disabled. She visited almost daily, helping
weekly readings for parishioners, organising annual with meals, clothing, company, chatting, cups of
services and assisting with administrative matters teas etc. She continued to visit them in respite
generally. Junes volunteer work also includes care and during their hospital admissions. Norma
being a Telecross Volunteer for the Red Cross. She joined the Grevillea Anglican Womens Guild to
has also been a member of Cessnock VIEW Club help out with fundraising and maintenance of the
for over 45 years, working for the Smith Family, as church until she moved to Wiangarie in 1967
well as serving as Treasurer and Booking Secretary. this was over a period of 19 years. During this
June continues to serve at community functions time she also helped at Rukenvale and Bungeam
representing VIEW by attending and presenting Public Schools on sports days and fundraising
awards at school ceremonies. On the home front, events. After moving to Wiangaree she joined
June has cared for extended family members in the local Presbyterian Church and carried on her
need. She has four children, 11 grandchildren and duties as before. Norma also joined the Red Cross
14 great grandchildren. Her younger grandchildren during this time and worked for 15 years non-
are often at her house, and she is still seen stop for their fundraising efforts until 1982, when
collecting them from school. she moved to Geneva, near Kyogle. During these
times she was one of the early drivers, delivering
Meals on Wheels in Kyogle for over 33 years, only
Merilyn Limbrick retiring approximately 11 years ago at the age of
77. At 88 years of age shes still a volunteer at the
Kyogle Whiddon Home for the Aged, helping with
Merilyn is a passionate member of the NSW morning teas. Shes a current working member of
Rural Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera the Presbyterian Womens Guild.
Committee. Originally a Grong Grong girl, she
is very supportive of farming families and
communities. Merilyn plays an important role
as the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program
(RAMHP) Coordinator for the Murrumbidgee Local
Health District. She is an active participant in her

3 2 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Noeline Lummis [CURBAN] Anna Madden [Wee Waa]
Noeline is very passionate about the Curban Anna Madden, born Anna Swift, hails from the
community and has worked tirelessly to improve renowned Trangie farming region in New South
facilities in the district. She spent many months Wales Central West, where Annas family farmed
lobbying for funding to build the new low level sheep and cattle. After completing her secondary
bridge over the Castlereagh River at Curban, education Anna commenced tertiary study at the
which was officially opened in 2004. Several University of New England (UNE) in Armidale,
years later she fought the same battle for the studying a BA Rural Science (Hons), supported by
Terrabile Creek Bridge, officially opened in 2014. an Auscott scholarship. During her time at UNE
As the Curban Hall was starting to show signs Anna returned home to represent her region in
of neglect, Noeline ignited the community to The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl competition. This
form a committee to manage the Hall and, as competition is renowned for recognising rural
President, set about carrying out much needed women passionate about their community and
improvements. She and the committee have been agricultural industries. Winning the last national
very proactive in fundraising and undertaking competition in which all states and territories
working bees, and the improvements made over were represented, Anna has remained true to
this time are incredible. Although not currently the competitions aims and philosophy. Before
holding an executive position on the Committee, her year as The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl,
Noeline is still very much involved. If theres ever Anna held the role of Robb College Club Project
anything happening at Curban youll generally find Manager, during which time she organised a raffle
Noeline has been involved in the organisation of and bed push (on a ute) from Armidale to Sydney.
the event, or is assisting in some way. In addition Named McPush, the project raised $20,000 for
to the Curban Hall Committee, Noeline has been the new Ronald McDonald house at Westmead
involved in rejuvenating the Tennis Club. This and built a playroom called the McPush Playroom.
is located on land adjacent to the Hall and is Professionally Anna worked in the cotton industry
now the venue for regular coaching clinics and for five years before branching out as a young
tournaments, as well as social tennis. The Garden freelance agronomist, as well as raising a family
Club is another organisation of which Noeline is on their cotton and livestock property at Wee
a member and in this capacity she assists with Waa. Anna has always been actively involved in
working bees to maintain the community gardens community projects. As secretary of the Wee Waa
in Gilgandra. Daycare Committee, she wrote a business plan and
formed a partnership with a Narrabri child care
centre to lobby the Federal Government to buy
back the Wee Waa Day Care building for $300,000
after ABC Learning shut it down. Anna has also

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 3 3
been involved with the Wee Waa St Josephs School
P&C, assisting in fundraising over $80,000. Marilyn Manning [NARRANDERA]
More recently, she has played an incredibly active
and important role as the Chaperone of The Marilyn is a humble community volunteer. Having
Land Sydney Royal Showgirl competition. Anna kindness in her heart is the best way to describe
contributes to the advancement of the competition Marilyn. Volunteer organisations Marilyn has
immensely and has worked hard to build the given her time to are Inner Wheel, the Country
professional development component of this Womens Association, Pangaringa Units for the
annual opportunity for 15 rural women. During the Aged (Uniting Care) Management Committee,
Sydney Royal Easter Show, Anna was a Chaperone and Driver Authority Training. Shes interested
for the week-long competition and plays a in textiles, patchwork, travel and art, and is a
pivotal role in helping all State finalists achieve member of the Embroiderers Guild of NSW.
their full potential and take advantage of their Shes an enthusiastic committee member of the
opportunities. After the Show has finished, Anna NSW Rural Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera
contributes many hours a week to comprehensively Committee and was an key driver in getting the
mentoring every single finalist, helping them to program to happen in the first place. Marilyn also
make the most of their professional, family and ran a successful school bus transport business
community lives as a young rural women in NSW. with her husband and former Narrandera Shire
Council Councillor, Bob Manning.


Josie Marks [NARRANDERA]
Kath has been a highly valued member of the
former Euroley-Gillenbah Landcare Group, Uroly Josie is the Secretary of the Narrandera Country
Rural Fire Service Brigade and Euroley Country Womens Association Evening branch, is a
Womens Association (CWA) Branch. Kath is also a Narrandera Preschool Committee member, and
member of the Narrandera CWA Evening Branch. is on the Leeton Community Christmas Lunch
She wont mention it herself, but Kath makes committee. Josie is also a valued contributing
the most amazing preserved figs on the planet! member of the NSW Rural Womens Gathering
Kath has also been involved with the submission 2017 Narrandera Committee and is part of the
for Narrandera to host the NSW Rural Womens workshops sub-committee team, which organises
Gathering in 2017. Kath is an inspirational all the workshops for the Gathering. Josie is one of
woman who runs a successful farm on the those volunteers who always gives so generously
majestic Murrumbidgee River. Every year Kath also of her time and energy particularly when
donates her time to Clean Up Australia Day. She is she has none of either! She is also the School
a very humble lady who is a true Hidden Treasure.

3 4 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Engagement Officer at Narrandera TAFE where she
manages all the TAFE programs that are delivered Virginia Marshall [BOWRAL]
to the schools in our area.
Virginia Marshall is an Aboriginal woman,
mother, academic and lawyer who runs a small
Shirley Marks [GILGANDRA] legal practice in Bowral. She is passionate
about the law, Aboriginal rights and educational
Shirley is heavily involved in the Gilgandra excellence. She has served as a voluntary
Museum & Historical Society as their Curator, magistrate for the NSW Law Societys Mock Trials
a position she has held for over 15 years. The Competition for over 10 years, including serving
Historical Society has a permanent display on the Competition Review Panel to redraft the
area within the Gilgandra Cooee Heritage & manual and procedures. Over this time she has
Information Centre and Shirley has the task of encouraged and mentored hundreds of school
rotating the exhibitions as well as cataloguing students to consider legal careers, including
and controlling all articles donated to the Society, a large number of young women. Virginia is
plus writing grant applications as opportunities an Executive member of the Women Lawyers
arise. Shirley has recently organised the 50th Association of NSW, and Diversity Committee
birthday celebrations for the Society. This involved Chair. She has also represented the Association
an additional exhibition in the Gilgandra Art at events like the Notre Dame University Careers
Gallery, and was launched in August 2017 with Expo and sat on the 2017 Prominent Women in
an open day at the Rural Museum. Shirley is also Law Panel Presentation. Virginia is a member of
a regular volunteer as an information officer at the the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Cooee Heritage and Information Centre, providing Womens Alliance and served on the Australian
assistance to travellers who visit our town, as well Government Children and Family Roundtable
as good old country hospitality. As a member from 20112013, providing advice on national
for at least seven years of the Presbyterian family and child policy. She also served on
Womens Association and the Red Cross, Shirley the Indigenous Issues Committee of the Law
currently holds the position of Treasurer in both Society of NSW, contributing to submissions to
organisations. I would say that Shirley is a really Commonwealth and State Governments on issues
quiet achiever. Our town of Gilgandra is lucky to which impact Indigenous people, particularly
have her. Indigenous women and children. These include
the Care and Protection law for Aboriginal
children, Out of Home Care, Grandmothers
Against Removal, and Guardians Ad Litem
for Aboriginal children. Virginia advocates
for Aboriginal social justice and economic

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 3 5
empowerment, especially for Aboriginal women
caught up in disadvantage and discrimination, Dorothy McCabe [GOULBURN]
providing pro bono legal services and presenting
on Aboriginal rights at conferences. Dot spent the first 16 years of her life in
Crookwell. The family moved to Goulburn when
her father joined the Army. After finishing school,
Nadine Mattiske [WIRRINYA] with little employment opportunities, Dot did
housework and minded the children. When nurses
Nadine is an unsung hero of the tiny community were called into the Land Army, other girls in
of Wirrinya, although shes quick to point out the town were seconded to be domestic help
that shes a member of a team. For the past eight at the hospital. In 1946 dot married Glen and
years shes been a hardworking and tireless they had three children. Dot worked at Supertex
member of the Wirrinya Progress Association. Industries for 18 years from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm,
This organisation is the backbone of this tight so that she could be home when the children
knit community of approximately 250 residents. arrived from school. Dot joined the committee
The group runs and maintains the Wirrinya at the Cathedral School, now known as St Peter
Shed, which has developed into a focal point of and Pauls School, and when the boys attended
community life. The committee gathers at the StPats College she assisted with functions there.
facility at least once a week for tennis, drinks and Glen became very ill and Dot gave up work to
conversation. It runs the Drummuster program, nurse him until he died in 1977. The children
which collects empty chemical drums for a small married and Dot moved down the coast to help
fee. They invest these fees back into the Shed and with the grandchildren, before returning to live in
associated community infrastructure. Nadine and Legacy Lodge in Goulburn. Legatee Ken Robson
the Wirrinya Progress Association have secured visited Dot and invited her to join Legacy. Dot has
numerous small grants which they have used to been an active community member in several
fund the upgrade and upkeep of the facility. The organisations. She was on the committee for
Association holds an annual picnic day which the Combined Pensioners and was Treasurer
acts as an opportunity for the community to come for six years. Dot was also Treasurer for the
together and bond. Former residents return and Civilian Widows and Torch Bearers for Legacy
residents from surrounding towns have begun for 10 years. She was a foundation member
to catch on too. Nadine has also contributed to for the Rosemary Club, has held the position of
the wider community, and is currently the Forbes Secretary and is currently President. Dot is still
Junior Rugby Union Club Registrar, and has been a a member of the Day View Club and was Bus
member of the Forbes Preschool and Kindergarten Captain, organising outings for the group. She was
and the St Laurence Catholic School P&C a member of Probus for 10 years and held the
associations. Its people like Nadine who help position of Secretary during that time. Shes now a
make our small communities a great place to live. coordinator of the Widows Club in Goulburn and

3 6 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
the War Widows Guild in Sydney. For 13 years she
delivered Meals on Wheels and was Treasurer for Fran McLaughlin
St Vincents Homeless Men. Dot remains an active [NARRANDERA]
and positive member of the Legacy and Goulburn
communities, despite being over 90-years-old. It couldnt be further from Melbournes suburbia,
but its among the pine hill covered sandhills a
stones throw from the Murrumbidgee River at
Fran McDonald [NARRANDERA] Narrandera that this nomadic ex-city chick has
finally found a place to call home. After quitting
Fran is the in-house graphic designer for the the big smoke and heading to Ag College, Fran
NSW Rural Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera went on to 25 years of farming and working across
Committee. Originally hailing from Uranquinty and three states in different industries. These included
studying graphic design at Charles Sturt University agribusiness, accounting, earthmoving and
in Wagga, Fran cut her teeth in newsprint with international freight forwarding. Fran brings to the
over 11 years at the Wagga Daily Advertiser, table a diverse skill set, and is always driven by
Fairfaxs Regional Production Hub. She then her passion for rural life, agriculture and women in
ceased to commute by taking on advertising and business. Shes a networker from way back, being
production for The Narrandera Argus. An Army involved throughout the past 25 years in show
Reservist for eight years, she was deployed to the societies and business and community groups,
Solomon Islands in 2011. An intrepid traveller as well as womens networks. Her accounting
and mother to a vibrant three-year-old, Fran is business FM Rural operated for over 15 years.
passionate about being involved in whatever It provided a much needed service in rural and
way she can, so that she can contribute to the remote areas, and her outstanding approach to
community and be a part of something bigger her work and her clients empowered many to
than herself. Fran is also the graphic brains grow their skill sets and develop their own rural
behind the logo of Women of Western Riverina businesses. She is a member of the NSW Business
Networking (WOW). Another volunteer role Chamber, Australian Accounting Technicians
which Fran currently performs is Secretary of the Association, NSW Farmers Federation, National
committee for Narranderas annual Rockin On Rural Womens Coalition. She recently took part in
East Festival. Others include coordinating the the latters 2017 E-Leaders Advocate & Influence
RockinOn East Toast to the Region event and the Program. Her latest project a herbalist in
Pin Up Competition. Fran participated in the Miss training and producer of organic medicinal herbs,
Wagga Wagga Quest in 2015 and assisted the takes her back to her Agricultural roots. Once
Entrant Committee for another two years. In 2008 again shes giving to other people this time by
Fran volunteered in a GAP program to India, in a showing us how to include plants and herbs into
school in Kolkata for three months. Does this girl everyday life to improve our health. Fran relishes
ever come up for air? the thought of networking with other like-minded

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 3 7
women across Australia, and sees the NSW Rural including Meals on Wheels, volunteering for it
Womens Gathering as a great opportunity for both for many years. She still sells raffle tickets and
community and personal growth. badges and is a fearsome ticket seller! In 2005,
she was awarded the Medal of the Order of
Australia. Sheilas 90th birthday was celebrated at
Sheila McNamara OA a special mass at which she was presented with
a Papal Blessing. Shes still an active member of
the St Vincent de Paul Conference, the Catholic
Sheila Mary McNamara was born in Maitland Womens League, Legacy and the Eloura Auxiliary.
on 22 December 1923. In 1943 she married At 93-years-old, she is still taking on new
Pat, a Quirindi boy, and together they raised challenges, and is thoroughly enjoying her life as
seven children. They and the first five children a mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
lived 68 miles out of Quirindi in a house with no
running water, no electricity and no screen doors.
Sheila has always been involved in volunteer Gwen Meyer [SANDY HOLLOW]
work, beginning with various church activities,
fundraising and other activities at St Josephs Gwen Meyer is a passionate educator who has
School when the children were young. Later she worked with generations of students and parents
became involved in P&C activities at Quirindi in our community since starting as a casual
High School and also continued her work as a teacher in 1982, moving to a permanent basis
catechist, long after her own children had finished in 1991. In that time, shes worked tirelessly as
there. Shes been on various committee positions a classroom teacher, head teacher and deputy
in the Catholic Womens League, plus she ran principal. Gwen is devoted to providing her
a very successful catering group for the group. students with the opportunities to succeed this
With a growing family, besides working part- lies at the heart of her teaching. Shes instilled her
time Sheila helped organise many community love of science in many of her students. Many go
events. Shes been a member of the St Vincent on to complete science degrees, and some have
de Paul Conference for over 40 years and also completed their PHDs, or, like Gwen, become
a helper in the Vinnies shop. Both Vinnies and science teachers. Under Gwens instruction the
the Catholic Womens League have awarded her focus was always on engaging the students
Life Membership. Shes been a founding and interest with the practical side of things. No
continuing member of The Kidney Foundation matter their academic abilities, they all loved
Quirindi and a long-term member of the learning science with Gwen. The Merriwa Central
Retirement Homes Association. She has a lively, School Ag plot has also been a source of pride
friendly and compassionate nature and has spent for her over the years. Her love of all animals
countless hours visiting the sick, the aged and and their welfare has been infectious. Shes
the isolated. She started many support networks, particularly excited when we have newborns

3 8 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
and her influence can be felt on farms across Water Progress Association and board member
our region and beyond. Her love of developing of the Wooli Bowling and Recreation Club and
student leadership skills resulted in an extremely the Minnie Water/Wooli Tennis Club. She was an
successful Student Representative Council. She inaugural member of the Minnie Water/Wooli Surf
also encouraged active and cohesive student Life Saving Club.
teams, to make a difference around the school
and the community. A highlight was the school
exchange with Birrong Boys High School. Gwen
has also been an active member of the school
Ann Murray [MANILDRA]
Learning Support Team and served 12 years as Ann is a very valuable member of the Manildra
Year advisor. Shes been an inspirational teacher and district community. Mother of two and
and mentor of all teacher levels. Gwens been grandmother of three, she was born in the
instrumental in ensuring that the curriculum of the area and has been a resident of Manildra for
school meets the diverse needs of our learners. the last 36 years. Shes been Vice-President of
She has great compassion, is firm but fair, has Manildra Preschool and Secretary of Manildra
high expectations and, importantly, a sense of Public School P&C, having been awarded life
fun. Gwens passion, drive and professionalism membership. With grandchildren now at Manildra
has had a lasting and wonderful effect. Public School, she also helps with the fundraising
when called upon. Shes Treasurer of Manildra
Swimming Pool, Secretary/Treasurer of Manildra
Judy Mussared [MINNIE WATER] Soldiers Memorial Hall Committee, and Secretary/
Treasurer of Manildra Neighbourhood Watch. With
Judy Mussared was born and bred in the far her husband Owen, Ann also trains debutantes for
northern NSW city of Grafton and has lived in the Debutante Balls. Shes Treasurer of Manildra
the Clarence Valley all her life. In the 1980s, & District Improvement Association (MADIA)
Judy moved to the small, isolated coastal and helps organise Australia Day celebrations,
village of Minnie Water. Keen to give back to her the Anzac Day Service and the towns annual
community, she joined the Minnie Water Bush Fire Christmas party and fireworks. Ann organises
Brigade in 1988, and has served with diligence the choir for the Christmas party and sources
as the Brigades Honorary Secretary since the year donations for the fireworks display. Shes also a
2000. In June 2017, Judys more than 20 years steward for Manildra Show. Shes Vice President,
service and commitment to her community was Selection and Match Secretary and Publicity
acknowledged when she was awarded the NSW Officer for Manildra Womens Bowling Club.
Rural Fire Service (RFS) Long Service Medal and She also helps with her three grandchildren
1st Clasp. As well as volunteering for the RFS, on a weekly basis. Ann has been involved with
Judy has also served a term as President of the compiling and printing the local paper Manildra
Wooli P&C, plus executive member of the Minnie Matters since its beginnings 13 years ago and

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 3 9
was Co-editor for many years. She has just taken School. Her dad died when she was five. She left
on the role of Chief Editor. Ann is a foundation school in 1972 and held several clerical positions
member of the Manildra branch of the NSW before marrying Richard in 1976. Jo-anne has
Ambulance First Responders, which was formed two grown children, a son and a daughter who
21 years ago. Ann is a highly treasured member are both married, and she has five grandchildren.
of our community. Shes been involved in childrens school activities,
mothers club, school P&C and canteen activities,
plus is an active member of the local Guide Dog
Leonie Napier [YANCO] Association. Shes a Justice of the Peace, involved
in regular community service tables at the Court
One of the most humble ladies around, Leonie House, and is also the current coordinator of
Napier gives and gives to her community at Tamworth Public School student banking. Shes
Yanco, Leeton and Narrandera! For a number of involved with Meals on Wheels kitchen duties
years Leonie has been a volunteer on the Local through Tamworth Lions Club, and is an active
Health Advisory Committee and has been a key member of the Tamworth Services Club Fishing
driver of projects within the Committee and the Club as Assistant Treasurer. She joined the
community. Leonie runs a hugely successful Tamworth Lioness Club in 1998, remaining a
womens group, Chick Chat, on a monthly basis, member to this day. Jo-anne enjoys giving back to
with guest speakers from all walks of life and the community with her fundraising for numerous
experiences. Shes a key force on the NSW Rural projects. She is enthusiastic about everything she
Womens Gathering 2017 Narrandera Committee, does.
shows tireless dedication to her work on the
Gathering Cookbook, and sits on numerous sub-
committees. Shes also a counsellor specialising Kerry O'Connor [Coraki]
in grief and loss. Leonie is one of those people
who are the first to be asked to volunteer, as she Kerry OConnor is a shining Coraki gem. Physically
gets the job done. Kerry is a slip of a woman, with an easygoing,
friendly personality and tireless energy to assist
with anything to do with Coraki! Currently shes
Jo-anne Newberry President of The Coraki Rural Transaction Centre
on Richmond Terrace. Shes spent innumerable
hours volunteering in the Centre for many years
Jo-anne was born in Tamworth to Alf and Hazel on a weekly basis assisting people to access
Linton in 1955. She has a sister called Deneese. Centrelink services, and use the Centre resources,
They lived at Duri until 1976 and she attended including the internet, scanner, phone, photocopy
Duri Public School and later Tamworth High machine and laminator. Kerry volunteers at the
St Josephs Op-Shop in Coraki every week. At any

4 0 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
community function you can bet your bottom She received a St Johns medals for 12 years, 17
dollar Kerry is there doing something to help! She years, 22 years and 27 years of service (Silver Bar,
considers herself a behind the scenes person Serving Sister and Officer and of the Priory) and
but she deserves the accolade of Hidden Treasure then a Gold Bar for 32 years of service in 2014.
because shes always there, so selfless and Margaret attended Officer Training, becoming
willing. Kerry is an avid reader and wordsmith Superintendent of Tamworth Division in 2007 and
skills which are very useful for people needing remains in this position today. She manages the
help at the Centre. Shes also assisted many adults and cadets who now make up the Tamworth
times at the Coraki ANZAC Day Ceremony. Kerry Combined Divisions this takes up many hours
is a great friend to many and to Coraki. Shes of her time. Marg has also received an Australian
an amazingly active helper and leader an Sports Award, signed by John Howard and founded
inspiration indeed. by Queen Elizabeth 11. Margaret is a Tamworth
girl born and bred, who always soldiers on.

Margaret O'Connor
Forever helping friends or family, Margaret (Marg) Tania Peene is a quiet achiever and would be the
wanted to become a nurse, but due to ill-health last person to consider herself a Hidden Treasure.
was unable to fulfil her dream. Marg married at Shes a remarkable woman. With her life focused
age 20, had three children and worked for 10 on her family and friends, shes happy, kind and
years at home. When the marriage fell through, caring, not only to her immediate family, but
as a single parent she became a volunteer at the also for others in the community. Shes the carer
Tamworth Womens & Childrens Refuge. After for both her husband Matt and her mother Val,
much hard work, Marg and her fellow workers who at different times both require transport to
helped to found a new Refuge. After two years of medical appointments and for shopping trips.
volunteer work Marg became a paid staff member Tania has a part-time job at the Spar supermarket
and worked there for the next 13 years. She in Maclean, where shes a supervisor, responsible
participated in other volunteer work, including for the management of staff and customer service.
school tuck shop and slow learners reading class, Tania joined the Gulmarrad Rural Fire Service
both at St Edwards Primary. She volunteered for in 2011. Shes been active as a firefighter for
Riding for the Disabled for a few months, was a the last six years and her level of training now
Meals on Wheels driver for eight years and worked qualifies her to attend accidents on the Pacific
at St Vincent De Paul for nine years. Margaret Highway, and major fires. Her empathy and
joined St John Ambulance in February 1982. She compassion at incidents give her a real ability
then volunteered in the Emergency Department to help people in times of need. Among other
at the Tamworth Base Hospital for two years. duties shes the Brigade Secretary, responsible

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 4 1
for keeping the administration side of the Brigade people all her life, and is a great inspiration to the
functioning as a fulltime fire station. This also people of Kyogle and district. Were honoured to
includes organising and collecting resources have Marion as our joint Quota Lady of the Year
in times of fire and flood. Tania believes that 2017/18.
everyone is a unique and individual person, and
that you accept them for the way they are. Tania
is definitely a Hidden Treasure. Ellen Pippin [IVANHOE]
Ellen is a highly respected member of our
Marion Phelps [KYOGLE] community and has devoted herself to her
family and the community at large, dedicated
Marion visits residents in Kyogle Hospital and to helping wherever shes needed. Ellen has
Whiddon Homes on a regular basis, as well been an active member of the local hospital
as visiting sick neighbours and friends. She auxiliary since joining in 1983, and is currently
brings meals, checks on the elderly, does their the treasurer, a position shes held since 1989.
washing, looks after children and gardens and She was formally a voluntary ambulance driver
always phones if shes unable to visit. Marion is for over eight years, until ill health necessitated
generous with her time, giving 110 percent to her retirement from the service. Ellen has been
all the activities she undertakes. In her earlier an active member of the local Country Womens
years she was a member of Cawongla School Association since joining in 1985 and is always
P&C, and also a member of the Cawongla Hall available to assist whenever needed, including
Committee, plus taught sewing one afternoon with fundraising events. Shes also been a judge
a week. After moving closer to Kyogle, Marion for the towns Christmas lights competition since
became involved with the Homeleigh P&C. Since its inception 10 years ago. Ellen has been a
she moved to Kyogle shes been Coordinator, for tower of strength and has shown great leadership
14 years, of the catering for St. James Anglican whenever volunteers are required to cater for any
Church functions funerals, seminars, pot luck community event. Her expertise in cooking and
dinners, choir group, friendship morning teas, op catering is amazing, and can be vouched for by
shop sorting days, etc. Marion is also involved those lucky enough to sample her culinary fare.
with the washing and ironing of the Church linen Ellen has always been a very active member of
as well as the Church catering linen. She assists her church and a pillar of wonderful values her
with the preparation of church services at Kyogle entire life, supporting her family on all occasions.
Hospital Aged Care and the Whiddon Home for I am privileged to nominate such a worthy Hidden
the Aged. Marion is very community minded, a Treasure.
kind person who puts others first. Shes helped

4 2 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Department of Education contacts, she was part
Carla Pittman [DUBBO] of a team who supplied and installed computers
in a Fijian school, along with sports apparel. Shes
As I sat with my sister, Carla Pittman in Services always the first person to lend a hand, organise
NSW during a busy lunch hour last week, she the Daffodil Day and Breast Cancer Awareness
kept looking over her shoulder. I think that dear merchandise, buy a raffle ticket or pick up a lost
little old lady doesnt know what to do, she said. dog. Were lucky to have her in our community,
I looked up to see a fragile woman in her late and Im proud to call her my sister.
70s, hesitating at the touch screen. Before the
lady could look around for assistance, Carla was
by her side. I could see the relief in the other
womans eyes as Carla helped her to master
Jennifer Potts [BALLINA]
the screen. This is not a new experience for me Jennifer was born at Taree on the North Coast
when Im with Carla it happens all the time. On of NSW and grew up on a farm. She spent the
completing all our schooling through Distance majority of her working and married life at
Education in the Cobar/Bourke district, our move Taree, Port Macquarie and finally Ballina. Jenny
to Dubbo finally allowed Carla to increase her epitomises those who have finished paid careers
involvement in community organisations, mostly and then use their considerable skills in freely
in Rotaract and Rotary. Serving as President and donating their time to others in the community.
other board roles in Rotaract during more than A committed SCOPE volunteer for the past 16
13 years involvement with the club, she has years, Jenny uses her organisational skills to
recently become the youngest current member run local fundraising for those in need. Shes
of the Rotary Club of Dubbo. Shes coordinated instigated a variety of activities which have
the Antique & Collectables Fair for the last 10 raised over $100,000 for recipients such as the
years, a successful and well regarded event for Ballina State Emergency Service, a PET scan for
our community. This month shes finalised her Lismore Base Hospital, Riding for the Disabled,
project in Rotary to send fencing materials to the Hope Haven, Ballina Marine Rescue, Biala Special
victims of the Sir Ivan bushfire. With her proud School, Seabird Rescue and many others. Jenny
connection to the land, in 2014 she personally has held many roles within the Scope Club,
sourced donations from friends and work including Secretary and President. Shes also
colleagues to compile relief packs to drought- been the National Club Secretary for three years
stricken farmers. Our family delivered these goods and the National President for two. A member of
to Walgett and Lightning Ridge district farms the Cancer Care/Palliative Care Volunteer Patient
over two trips. In 2012, using her Rotary and Support Service Lismore for the past 12 years,
shes held the role of Coordinator for the past six
years. She keeps the group cohesive, organised
and educated in the oncology and palliative care

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 4 3
fields. The group staffs the Chemotherapy Unit at shes based in Brewarrina for the most of the year.
Lismore Base Hospital and the public Palliative She also assists her husband on their farm near
Care Ward at St. Vincents Private Hospital in Geurie, raising stock horses. Ros really is a Hidden
Lismore, with a volunteer making home visits to Treasure and deserves every accolade.
every palliative patient who has been referred by
the community nurses. The group holds monthly
meetings, often with speakers, and an annual
conference. Jenny is a quiet achiever who never
Lee Reavley [NARRANDERA]
seeks acknowledgement. She is the person Lee is a passionate and proud Narrandera girl.
who ensures that events are well staffed, well Shes also a Wiradjuri girl who is an advocate
organised and successful the first person to for her community. Lee is one of the secretaries
set up and the last to go. Jennys passion and for the NSW Rural Womens Gathering 2017
dedication is an inspiration to other volunteers Narrandera Committee. She completely fits the
and to the community as a whole. bill for this event, having come off a small farm at
Narrandera and being passionate about different
cultures and rural living. Lee is also a volunteer
Roslyn Press [GEURIE] with Narrandera Landcare Inc., Narrandera Koala
Committee, Field Nature, Little Athletics and most
Roslyn (Ros) is our very special neighbour. Shes recently, a member of the Riverina Local Land
always ready to lend a hand with anything and Services Aboriginal Advisory Committee. Shes
really is a treasure. Shes been the Treasurer held a previous role in Eco Tourism at Narrandera
for the Dubbo Show Society since 2008. Her Shire Council Visitors Centre, and has also been
involvement with the show started at age 18 Conference Coordinator for the Narrandera Local
when she joined the Royal Bathurst Show, Government Aboriginal Network Conference. Lee
becoming Ringmaster for seven years. She works has followed on with a family tradition of being an
tirelessly to ensure the show runs smoothly in a avid lady darts player. Family is something that is
financial capacity. She starts work long before the sacred and precious to Lee.
show gates open and departs long after the last
caravan leaves. Not only is she an integral part
of the show community, she and her husband
Paul ensure that any rodeo and camp draft in the
Teena Redman [WOODBURN]
area runs smoothly. Ros is always in the office, Teena is a local girl, having grown up and
looking after the books for Geurie and Rockley, attended school in Lismore. A mum of three,
and is always available to provide invaluable Teena works fulltime as well as volunteering for
advice to associated events in the surrounding multiple organisations. Over the past 10 years,
districts. All of this volunteer work is an added shes been the driving force behind setting up
extra to her day job for Macdonald Rural, where

4 4 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
the Evans Head Little Athletics and she ran it for Leeton/Narrandera Domestic Violence Committee,
the first year. She also helped run the Richmond Secretary, Treasurer and President of the Lilliput
Valley Swim Club for five years. Teena volunteered Child Care Centre Broken Hill, a committee
at local swim carnivals for many hours each member for Rainbow Preschool Broken Hill and
summer as a time keeper, and volunteers at Secretary of the PSOA (Petty Sessions Officer
school during sporting events. For the last 10 Association). Sharyn and her family have fitted
years shes been very involved with the Evans well into the Narrandera community and run the
Head Casino Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC). Teena sewing business Boosky previously known as
runs and coordinates Nippers at the Club, and Three Handmaidens.
is an instrumental part of its management,
attending all meetings. Shes a patrol member
and fundraises year round at bowls days and golf
days, plus sells raffle tickets every night of the
Jodie Ryan [YANCO]
annual Fishing Classic. Teena was recognised Jodie is a born and bred local girl. She married
by the Far North Coast SLSC Branch in 2014 her husband in 2008 and together they have
as Administrator of the Year within our branch. three children twin boys aged 12 and a nine-
Teena travels on weekends with the kids to local year-old daughter. Jodie currently works full-time
surf life saving club carnivals and also helps with as an Area Manager for the Personnel Group,
water safety on weekends at our beach. Over helping to find sustainable employment for young
summer, Teena would volunteer between 10 15 people and people with a disability and/or mental
hours a week for our SLSC. Teena is a true Hidden health condition. Jodie and her husband also run
Treasure. their own private business, Ryan Fire Protection.
Despite all this, Jodie still finds the time to
volunteer on four local committees, contributing
Sharyn Rowlands [NARRANDERA] around 1520 hours per month of her time. She
currently sits on the following committees: Leeton
Sharyn is one of those quiet people in the Multiple Birth Association, Leeton Chamber of
community who volunteers and helps out on Commerce (President), Leeton Bidgee Classic
many and varying committees. She is currently Fishing Competition (President), Leeton Little
one of the secretaries for the NSW Rural Womens Athletics (President). Her work with the Bidgee
Gathering 2017 Narrandera Committee. Sharyn Classic Committee oversees the annual release of
also volunteers on other committees, including over 30,000 native fingerlings back into our local
Secretary for the P&C Narrandera Public School, Murrumbidgee River System, helping to ensure
Secretary for the P&C Narrandera High School, its sustainability for future generations. Jodies
Secretary for the P&F St Josephs School work with the local athletics club has helped
Narrandera and Secretary for the Narrandera grow the sport into a vital economic driver for
Swim Club. She was formerly a member of the our community. She was instrumental in bringing

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 4 5
the NSW Regional Athletics Championships, and
subsequently over 100 competitors, to town. Naomi Schmidt [SILVERTON]
Her work with the local Chamber of Commerce
is enormous she helps create opportunities Naomi was born and raised in the city of Broken
for business growth and coordinates the local Hill. With partner Stephen Naomi has raised two
business awards. Her volunteer work with the sons on their property Eldee Station, and has
Multiple Births committee is through providing been involved in many aspects of station life.
support. Having had twin boys when she was 23, In response to the challenges of life on the land
Jodie understands the importance of having a Naomi trained as a teacher in the TAFE system
friendly face close by! and for a number of years conducted, in addition
to her work on the property, certificate training
courses in many faculties at the Western Institute
Joy Schulz [THE ROCK] in Broken Hill. Currently Naomi is self-employed
as grazier, tourism manager, event coordinator
Joy is the only daughter of Connie Thompson, one and partner in managing the award winning
of the early residents of The Rock and a founder Eldee Station hosted accommodation. She has
of the local chapter of the Red Cross in the early used her extensive academic knowledge to
1900s. Joy attended her first Red Cross meeting assist and promote many projects that have had
at the age of three, and has been a member successful outcomes for the whole remote rural
ever since. Shes been a member of the Country region, helping to build alliances and networks
Womens Association since 1970. She staffs the vital to its success. Her understanding of the
local craft shop whenever needed, in spite of local communities and government has proved of
not being a member. Joy also drives the oldies great value to the organisations shes voluntarily
(her term) to appointments in Wagga (a 60 km worked with. Naomi has never been afraid to
round trip) regularly; and occasionally Albury take on challenges. She has been Secretary of
(a 160 km trip). Shes on the committee of The the Broken Hill Art Gallery Committee, the Silver
Rock Show Society, having held the positions of City Motor Cycle Club, the Regional Development
President, Treasurer and Secretary. Joy is known Australia Far West Board and the Western Division
locally for her baking skills, having baked many Cultural Development Reference Group. Her
thousands of cakes and slices for various local outstanding achievements have been in Tourism
charities. In recent years shes been called on to and Tourism Marketing. Shes been the driving
arrange funerals for many elderly local people force in notable organisations such as the Broken
whose families have moved away from the Hill Regional Tourist Association (President and
area. Joy has done these things for as long as Vice President) and sits on the Management
anyone can remember, without receiving any Committee of the Cross Border Development of
acknowledgement. I think its about time shes Outback Tourism. Shes currently Secretary of
honoured as the Hidden Treasure she is. the newly formed Destination Broken Hill, an

4 6 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
independent, not-for-profit tourism body. The Guinea, East Timor, Tuvalu and Tonga. In 2013
Far West region is Naomis passion she wants Ruth was elected World President of the ACWW at
everyone everywhere to appreciate the unique the world conference in India. Today ACWW works
features of this amazingly diverse area. in partnership with its members and member
societies, offering mutual support, friendship
and practical help to women and communities
Ruth Shanks AM [DUBBO] around the world. With Consultative Status at
United Nations, ACWW gives women a voice at the
Ruth was re-elected in late 2016 as World international level. ACWW has over 460 member
President of the Associated Country Women of societies, active in over 70 countries.
the World (ACWW), of which Country Womens
Association of NSW is a member. She has devoted
over 40 years to her community. In addition to Lola Shearer [MOREE]
her CWA duties, Ruth has been an active and
enthusiastic member of numerous other voluntary I would like to nominate Lola Shearer of Moree
community organisations in Dubbo, including for the NSW Hidden Treasures Honour Roll, in
the Dubbo Base Hospital Graduate Nurses recognition of her wonderful work raising much
Association, City of Dubbo Eisteddfod Society, needed funds for the Moree Hospital Renal
Dubbo Physical Culture Club and the Girl Guide Unit. Lola was one of the founding members of
movement. Dubbo born and bred, Ruth received a the Moree Renal Support Committee, a group
Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2006 for which through raffles and concerts has raised
her service to people in rural areas. She married in excess of $300,000 since its formation in
in 1969 and joined the Terramungamine CWA 2001. Through the hard work of Lola and the
Branch, where her mother-in-law was Branch other committee members, patients now receive
President. She transferred to Dubbo Evening lifesaving treatment and support that would
Branch in 1977, where shes been a member otherwise have been unavailable in the town.
ever since. Shes held many positions within the Originally starting with two machines, over the
branch and in 2001 became the State President, past 16 years Morees renal unit has expanded to
a position she held for three years. She took five machines, and now has the capacity to treat
country womens issues to government and 10 patients per week. Continued fundraising has
travelled the State, meeting fellow members and also allowed for maintenance, which would not
hearing their concerns. CWA work has taken Ruth have been possible without people like Lola. To
across NSW, Australia and the world to South this day, despite her own deteriorating health,
Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Holland. In she continues to help run raffles, selling tickets
2007 she became the ACWW South Pacific Area every Wednesday night. Although largely confined
President, a role she held until 2013. During this to a wheelchair in recent years, she insists on
time she visited ACWW projects in Papua New being there every week. Although Lola doesnt

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 4 7
seek acknowledgment for her hard work, I believe and arts and crafts. Joan helps organise activities
being included in the 2017 Honour Roll would be and social outings. Most of her days are taken up
a great way of thanking her for her efforts. working for her community she continues to
give her all for the benefit of others.

Joan Smedley [EVANS HEAD]

Joan has spent the last 20 years of her life
devoted to community activities, making a Pip Smith donates so much of her time to the
fantastic contribution to the wellbeing of Evans betterment of her community. In addition to
Head and the lower Richmond River district of running the family merino property with her
Northern NSW. She became a member of the husband Norm and raising five children, she
Mid Richmond River Lions Club in 1997, when volunteers her time to the local swimming club,
membership was first open to women. Since then the P&F and the Dubbo Regional Council Local
shes filled most of the executive positions, most Representation Committee. Pip is progressive,
notably that of President for the last 10 years. forward thinking and a very positive role model
During that time shes been selected for many for her children. As the only rural ratepayer
Lions Club awards, including the highly esteemed shes been an invaluable member of the Local
James Richardson Award and the Professor Ian Representation Committee. Shes also been the
Frazer Humanitarian Award. She champions young backbone of the Swim Club, which hosted the
local people, raising funds through the Lions Country Championships in January 2017. Pip
Club and raffles to give them financial assistance has occupied board positions on the Wellington
to further their sporting activities, and in the Country Womens Association, the Wellington
case of one young girl providing help for much Eisteddfod and the St. Marys P&F, of which shes
needed medical care. New Italy Driver Reviver currently President. Pip is a most worthy Hidden
started 20 years ago with Joan assisting at the Treasure.
executive level from the outset. She still enjoys
serving cups of tea and coffee to the travelling
public and believes passionately in encouraging
motorists to take breaks during long trips. Joan is
Kerry Sproston [NARRANDERA]
also a committee member of the Evans Head Day Kerry is a volunteer who, like many, is a quiet
Club, an organisation sponsored by the Federal contributor in the community. She is Treasurer
Department of Veterans Affairs. This assists the for the NSW Rural Womens Gathering 2017
aged, the isolated and people with disabilities Narrandera Committee, and has been invaluable
and their carers to develop and maintain social in assisting with budgeting for the Gathering.
contact outside the home through activities such
as games, sports, fitness, information sessions

4 8 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Kerry volunteers for Narrandera Ex-Servicemens voluntary service I believe she deserves
Club board, the Bendigo Bank board Narrandera recognition. One of her favourite sayings is, the
and Narrandera Racecourse Trust. joy is in giving. She has spent most of her life
making the world a better place.

Robyn Stockdale [COROBIMILLA]

Frances Wallace OA
Robyn is a member of Country Womens [QUIRINDI]
Association Narrandera Evening Branch, holding
a previous role as Secretary. Aside from giving Frances (Fran) Wallace is known to everyone as
to her community through CWA, Robyn has just Fran, or the Guide Lady, or the Meals on Wheels
recently retired from being a long-standing TAFE Lady or any number of titles! Fran became a
teacher. Robyn now works fulltime on the family Guide in Punchbowl, Sydney in 1954 and in 1959
cereal and sheep farm with her husband and son. became a Queens Guide. She then served as a
Brownie Leader in Punchbowl until her marriage
and subsequent move to Quirindi in 1964. Fran
Rae Stove [MERIMBULA] took a temporary break from Guiding to give birth
to her two children, Craig and Narda, although
Rae Stove is nearly 83 years of age. All her not for long. She was involved in the mothers
life shes volunteered in a variety of local club, both primary and high school P&Cs, and
organisations including the Country Womens other voluntary work at the primary school. She
Association, the Hall Committee, the Bowling also helped organise junior hockey. Fran again
Club, the Nimmitabel Action Group, the Garden became involved in Guides and was the Quirindi
Club, the op shop, the Nimmitabel Lions Club Leader from 1972. She served for many years as
(with catering), Meals on Wheels, the local show District and then Divisional Leader, plus edited
committee plus she visits the nursing home in the Region Newsletter 19872010. She was
Cooma. She moved to Merimbula to retire and Region Treasurer 19922014 and Burrabaroo
found herself volunteering again at the local op (Kootingal camp site) Treasurer 19942014.
shop, bowling club and church. Shes reared six In 2014 she retired from active Guiding and
children and has shared the joy of volunteering joined the Trefoil Guild. Since 1979 Fran has
with all of them. She was, until recently, an active been a member of the Meals on Wheels group in
member of the View Club and the Probus Club, Quirindi and was Secretary and Coordinator from
ensuring that she keeps in touch with todays 19822000. She continues to send out accounts,
world. Rae is one of those people who has always and volunteers as a relief driver. In 1980 Fran
been there for any organisation, never seeking joined the Quirindi branch of the Royal Far West,
recognition. After 65 years of inspirational serving as Branch Service Officer and Treasurer
and, since 1990, as Secretary. She was awarded

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 4 9
a Patron Thank You Certificate in 2013, honouring Society for 10 years. Barbara has learnt to play
her many years of hard work for disadvantaged ukulele and entertains at many charity events.
children. Frans always been an active member of She also knits trauma teddies for The Royal Flying
her church. Since 1980 shes been coordinator Doctor Service, and various hospitals.
and editor of the Quirindi Uniting Church monthly
bulletin. She became Secretary of the Womens
Fellowship in 1997 and Church Treasurer in
2010. Shes a volunteer at the Quirindi Venture
Margaret Waters [ARMIDALE]
Christian Bookshop, and has served on many Margaret was born in Parkes NSW and moved
other church committees. Fran has a strong sense to Armidale at the age of one. After attending
of family and has always served her church and school and university there, she taught high
the wider community selflessly, enthusiastically school at Cessnock, Katoomba and Chatswood.
and energetically. Her Order of Australia medal in She also assisted with choirs, musical productions
2012 was richly deserved. and lifesaving instruction. Margaret was then
transferred to the State Education Office where
she prepared teaching resources and worked
Barbara Warburton with syllabus committees. Margaret married an
[BROKEN HILL] Armidale farmer and has lived here ever since.
After retirement she spent eight years full time
Born in Broken Hill 1930, Barbara began on the farm, before moving into town at the age
volunteering at the age of 12 in 1942 as a St John of 70. Throughout her varied life Margaret has
Ambulance Cadet. In 1956 she played Womens been involved in volunteer activities, particularly
Night Cricket, and as a volunteer coached the with choral groups not easy when living out of
team for 25 years. Barbara volunteered with the town. Shes currently Treasurer of the Armidale
RSL Ladies Auxiliary, catering for weddings and Choral Society. She was also involved with the
parties from 19701980. She also knitted and Blue Mountains Choral Society and Willoughby
crocheted toys, plus made cakes for the Salvation Symphony Choir. She volunteers for the Armidale
Army and the old folks home annual fetes in Uniting Church, printing weekly material and
the 1970s and 1980s. Barbara ran the weekly assisting with office activities. Shes also very
bingo for eight years, to raise money to build six conscious of the amount of time and energy
grass tennis courts in Broken Hill. She has held provided by other community volunteers, and
many positions at the Broken Hill Bowling Club, since 2006 has coordinated the Alwyn Jones
including President and Director. She was also a Community Service Award committee. This award
librarian with the Barrier Industrial Band, joined commemorates the contribution of her father to
St Johns reading program for schools, and was the Armidale community, and is presented as a
a member of the White Cliffs Country Womens joint venture between Armidale Uniting Church,
Association. She worked with the Eisteddfod the District Council and lately the New England

5 0 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
Volunteer Awards. In the past two years Margaret of the emergency services, including firefighters,
has also been a member of Church Council, and police and SES. Recently retired to Ingleburn,
this year is Chair. Theyre currently overseeing the she continues with the RFS as an operational
appointment of a new minister, requiring her to member on call, as needed. She maintains her
work with a range of committees within the local active commitment to Guiding through continuing
church and the wider Uniting Church. Margaret membership of the Southern Highlands Region
plans to volunteer with Meals on Wheels in the Campsite Committee and her membership of the
future. Bowral Trefoil Guild.

Sybil Watson [INGLEBURN] Jodie Wilton [CASSILIS]

Sybil was born in Tenterfield. Her father was a Jodie Wilton grew up in the local community and
farmer until the family moved to Fairfield when has served it well over time, actively assisting
Sybil was five. Sybil joined Liverpool Girl Guides the Cassilis Rodeo Committee for many years in
and stayed on to begin her volunteering as a the office, and helping out in the canteen. She
helper to the leader. Sybil and her husband Dick was employed by the Cassilis Bowling Club for a
settled in Ingleburn, where she continued Guiding number of years and when it fell on tough times,
in various leadership roles, including States Guide Jodie took on the role of secretary, bar attendant
Committees. She was Chairman of the Guide Job and whatever else needed doing for a small
Month Committee, as well as a member of one honorarium, so that the Club could survive. This
of the State Campsite Committees. In 1996 the also meant driving her own vehicle in her own
couple moved to Hill Top. Soon afterwards she time to travel to Mudgee once a week to do the
joined Guiding as a leader, and was a member banking, purchase goods and perform other jobs,
of the Southern Highlands Region Campsite all while raising two young daughters. Jodie was
Committee, assisting with the Brownie Cottage an active member of the Rural Fire Service and
maintenance and supporting Guides camping during this time held the position of Secretary
and outdoor activities, including archery. As a of the Cassilis Brigade. She also assisted with
trained archery supervisor Sybil gave girls and training days and workshops within the local
women the opportunity to learn and practice this areas, and sometimes other areas as well. Jodie
skill. Each month Sybil travels to Guide House was employed at Gummun Place Hostel in 2009.
in Sydney to assist in the mail out of the State In her different roles there, Jodie went above and
Magazine for Leaders. Her service to Guiding beyond her paid role to enrich the lives of the
has amounted to about 40 years so far. For over residents. These activities included helping with
20 years Sybil has served with the Hill Top Rural fundraising, sitting with sick residents, driving
Fire Service (RFS) as an active member of the residents to Muswellbrook and elsewhere in her
Canteen Brigade, providing meals to members

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 5 1
own car and in her own time, meeting them for
coffee and chats, and visiting them in hospital.
More recently Jodie was the instigator of the
Community Christmas Party for Cassilis, bringing
together the small community to celebrate the
season another great success. Jodie is a
wonderful asset to Cassilis, and a very worthy
Hidden Treasure.

5 2 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 5 3
volunteer agencies
Volunteers make an extraordinary contribution to Australian society. They are the lifeblood of our community
and come from all walks of life. They are working people, students and professionals; they are young people and
retirees. They come from every suburb and community and from a variety of cultural, educational and religious

The following contacts are for key Clean Up Australia Landcare NSW
agencies and groups represented Freecall 1800 282 329 02 6686 2779
in the nominees profiles.

Country Womens Association Legacy NSW

Auslife Program of New South Wales 02 9248 9009
(Youth for Christ Australia) 02 8337 0200
Freecall 1800 776 186
Lioness Clubs Australia NSW
Days for Girls Charity 0439 869 229
Australian Multiple Birth Association 0412 908 133
1300 886 499
Lions Australia
Domestic Violence NSW
Australian Red Cross Volunteers 02 9698 9777
02 9229 4111
Little Athletics NSW
Driver Reviver 02 9633 4511
Can Assist
(Cancer Assistance Network)
1300 226 277 Make a Difference
Girl Guides Australia NSW/ACT
02 8396 5200
Cancer Council - NSW
13 11 20 Meals on Wheels
If We All Had Wings 02 8219 4200
0401 526 936

5 4 | N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7
State Emergency Service NSW The Salvation Army Keep NSW Beautiful
Freecall 1800 201 000 13 72 58 02 8594 4000

Riding for the Disabled Scouts Australia NSW VIEW Clubs of Australia
Association NSW 02 9735 9000 Freecall 1800 805 366
02 8736 1256
Soroptimist International
Rotoract Australia 02 8096 6072 GENERAL CONTACTS
(Youth aged 18-30 years)
02 8894 9800 The Centre for Volunteering St John Ambulance 02 9261 3600
1300 360 455
Return Services League
02 9264 8188 St Vincent de Paul Volunteering ACT
02 9568 0262 02 6251 4060
Rural Fire Service
02 8741 5555 Surf Life Saving NSW
02 9471 8000 Indigenous Community Volunteers
Australian Mens Shed Association 1800 819 542
1300 550 009

N S W H I D D E N T R E A S U R E S H O N O U R R O L L 2 0 1 7 | 5 5
2018 honourroll:nominatearuralwoman
The 2018 Hidden Treasures Honour Roll will be Nominations for the 2018 Honour Roll
launched at the NSW Rural Womens Gathering to open 21 May and close 30 July 2018.
be held at Merimbula from 1921 October 2018.
For more information or to nominate
We invite you to nominate a friend, family a hidden treasure contact:
member, colleague, community workerany
rural woman who you believe makes your Rural Womens Network
community a better place to live. NSW Department of Primary Industries
02 6391 3620

Volunteering makes most of us

healthier and happier. It allows us
to boost our sense of achievement,
expand our social networks and
learn new skills, while giving back.

Hidden Treasures is an initiative of
Department of Primary Industries
Rural Womens Network

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