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Student-Teacher: Mahra Bahkeet Mohammed H00328199

Date: 31-10-2017

Course: EPC 2903

Grade Level: KG2D

Subject: Science

Strand: Recognize the real and pretend animals and plants.

Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

- Recognize the real and pretend animals and plants.

- Draw real plants or animals.

- Classify the real and pretend animals and plants.

Resources: Preparation:

- Flash cards.

- Data show + Computer. 1- Apply a short cartoon about the real and pretend
animals in the circle time.
- Students book.
2- Show them flash cards about the real and pretend
- Pencils.
animals and plants.
- Classifying paper. - Do the two activities in their groups.
- Pictures of real and pretend animals.

Key vocabulary:

Real Pretend Classify.


In the circle time, I will apply a short cartoon about the real and pretend
animals and plant called Good Night Moon. Then, I will ask them
Time: 10 min

questions about the animals and plants that are in the video. After that,

I will show them flash card and ask them which animals are real and
which one is pretended and why.

Then, I will explain for the students about the two activities that they
will do in groups and model it before they start.
Guided Experience (group working with the teacher)

- Do the flash cards activity in the circle time.

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

Time: 10 min

- They will open their books and do activity one which is about drawing
the real plant.

Independent Experience(small group activity 2)

- Each student will have a paper that have two sides (Real and pretend),
and each of them will have pictures of real and pretend animals and
plants and they have to classify them in the write place.

Closing: I will walk around the students, check and ask questions to
assist their understanding.
Time: 5 min

Assessment: I will ask them questions about their ways and they will
explain to me.
Reflection5 (Real and pretend animals amd plants)

What Went Well:

I found real and pretend lesson interest, and the students were engaged, and they

liked the lesson and the activities especially the story, and they asked me to replay it

again. Also, the students were able to do the classifying activity, and most of them

did it correctly without help, and they knew the difference between real and

pretended which was more clear for them when they classified the pictures by

themselves. Moreover, MST loved the activity, and she said that it was easy for them

to classify and useful to let them have the idea and understand the difference

between them. However, some of the students asked for my help to classify, and I

explain it again for them, and I gave them the opportunity to try. In the drawing

activity, they knew that the plant which has a face is just a pretend plant and it is

only in the cartoons and the real plant does not have a face or act like people.

Even Better If:

It would be great if I made a roleplay for them by having real animals and pretend

animals and they talk to each other which will improve their understanding.