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1. Read and Research!!

i. Criminal Law def
ii. Limitations to enact crim legislation
iii. The accuseds consti rights
iv. Characteristics of crim law
v. Diff effects of repeal in penal law
vi. RPC history
vii. Crim law theories
viii. Exterritoriality provisions
ix. French rule, English rule, passive personality principle
x. Felonies
xi. Criminal Liability
a) Wrongful Act/Mistake of Fact
b) Impossible Crime
xii. When acts are not covered by law and in cases of excessive penalties
xiii. Stages of execution of felony
a) Attempted
b) Frustrated
c) Consummated
xiv. Light felonies
xv. Conspiracy and proposal to commit felony
xvi. Classification of felonies : gravity
xvii. Application of code to crimes punishable by special laws
xviii. Justifying circumstances
a) Def
b) Burden of proof
c) Self defense
d) Defense of relatives
e) Defense of stranger
f) Avoidance of greater evil or injury
g) Fulfillment of duty/lawful exercise of right or office
h) Obedience to order
b. Statcon
i. Definition of law and statutes
ii. Classification of statutes
iii. How a bill is filed
iv. Parts of a statute
v. Kinds of statute
vi. Validity of statutes
vii. Tests of unconstitutionality
viii. Effects of unconstitutionality
ix. Effectivity of statutes
x. Construction and interpretation
xi.Ratio legis
xii.SC rulings form part of leg sys
xiii.Limitations on power to construe
xiv. Aids to construction
a) Intrinsic
b) Extrinsic
o Caltex vs Palomar
o NFL vs Eisma
o Floresca vs Philex mining
o Republic vs CA and Molina
o Aisporna vs CA
o Abellana vs MArave
o Paat vs CA

Pls refer to DLSU Justin Sugcang Wigberto Tanada reference

c. Criminal Justice System: Community and law enforcement

i. Def CJS
ii. Def Crime
iii. Components CJS/ five pillars
iv. Felonies
a) Commission of felonies
b) Penalties
v. PUBLIC as Pillar of CJS
a) State witness: Compare Republic Act No. 6981 and Rule 119, Section 17
of the Rules of Court and Crim Procedure
vi. POLICE as Pillar of CJs
a) Bill of Rights. Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution
a. SEC 2
b. SEC 12,
c. SEC 13,
d. SEC 14,
e. SEC 15,
f. SEC 16,
g. SEC 17,
h. SEC 18,
i. SEC 19,
j. SEC 21,
k. SEC 22
b) Arrest in Rule 113 of the Rules of Court
c) Rights of the Accused in Rule 115 of the Rules of Court
vii. Afflictive, corrective, capital punishment
viii. Brgy tanods, security guards
a) Jose Jesus Disini vs Secretary of Justice, GR No. 203335, February 18,
b) People vs Damaso, GR No. 93516, August 12, 1992
c) People vs Marti, GR No. 81561, January 18, 1991
d) Waterous Drug Corporation vs NLRC, GR No. 113271, October 16, 1997
e) People vs Cachola, GR Nos. 148712-15, January 21, 2004
f) Francisco Juan Larranaga vs Court of Appeals, GR No. 130644, March 13,
g) Retired SPO4 Bienvenido Laud vs People, GR No. 199052, November 19.
h) Salazar vs Achacoso, GR No. 81510, March 14, 1990
i) Morano vs Vivo, GR No. 128 Phil. 923 (1967)
j) People vs Salaguit, GR Nos. 133254-55, April 19, 2001
k) Alfredo Mendoza vs People, GR No. 197293, April 21, 2014
l) United Laboratories, Inc. vs Isip, GR No. 163958, June 28, 2005
m) Sony Music Entertainment vs Judge Espanol, GR No. 156804, March 14,
n) People vs Tee, GR Nos. 140546-47, January 20, 2003
o) Uy vs Bureau of Internal Revenue, GR No. 129651, October 20, 2000
p) Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines vs Asuncion, GR No.
122092, May 19, 1999
q) Yousef Al Ghoul vs Court of Appeals, GR No. 126859, September 4, 2001
r) People vs Benny Go. GR No. 144639, September 12, 2003
s) Umil vs Ramos, GR No. 81567, July 9, 1990
t) People vs Cunanan, GR No. 198024, March 16, 2015
u) People vs Yong Fung Yuen, GR No. 145014-15, February 18, 2004
v) People vs Molina, GR No. GR No. 133917, February 19, 2001
w) People vs Bansil, GR No. 120163, March 10, 1999
x) Robin Padilla vs Court of Appeals, GR No. 121917, March 12, 1997

d. Legal research
i. Def legal research
ii. How many commissions mentioned in 1987 consti?
iii. Exec, legis, judiciary
iv. Equipoise rule
a) Aoas vs people
v. Actus non facta
a) Us vs catolico
vi. Crim intent
a) Recuerdo vs people
vii. Mistake of fact
a) People vs ah chong
viii. Motive
a) People vs puno
b) People vs hassan
c) People vs cordova
a) Chi ming tsoi
b) Nikko hotel
c) Baksh vs ca
d) People vs Jennifer cagandahan
e) People vs silverio