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Training Report


Submitted to
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
In the partial fulfillment of the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration
(Session 2016-17)

Under the Guidance of: Submitted by:
Ms. Sukhwinder Payal Chauhan
Lecturer of Commerce & Management Univ. Roll No- 0004875154
BBA 5th Sem


This report has not been submitted to any other institute for the award of any other degree. Payal Chauhan student of BBA (Final) of the Guru Nanak Girls College. Yamuna Nagar hereby declare that the Summer Training report enlisted “Human Resource Policies” At” Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd is an original work and data provided in the study is authentic to the best of my knowledge. DECLARATION I. (Payal Chauhan) .

Madhu Kapoor. She is also grateful to the management of Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd. who have helped her in completion of the project and bringing out the timely submission of the report. for allowing her to undergo a project in their company providing all sorts of facilities and above all a learning experience. Guru Nanak Girls College. Dr. Sukhwinder . The researcher owes her sincere thanks to Mr. Chander Parkash Sharma. Varinder Gandhi . (Payal Chauhan) . Yamuna Nagar for giving her an opportunity to work with “Human Resource Policies” At and providing her the guidance and support in the completion of the project. Lecturer ( Department of commerce and management). Finally the researcher would like to thank all the respondents for their kind cooperation. Ms. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This project involves many helping hands. HOD(Department of commerce and management ). First of all the researcher would like to thanks all those. Principal . Manager of Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd whose insight and valuable support from the beginning of the project have been extremely obliging to her. The researcher has been sincerely thankful to Dr.

However to develop healthy managerial and administrative skills for potential managers. Science without its practical application or knowledge is considered to be unsystematic. Since management is a developing science . PREFACE A student may acquire sufficient knowledge of business management by reading theory books during study period but actual and practical knowledge is must for every student. They also facilitate the learning of practical things. Thus for the fulfillment of the above requirement a project was undertaken by me on the topic Human Resource Policies” At” Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd The project was a good experiences and helped me in widening my knowledge and sharpening management skill. it is necessary that they combine their classroom learning with real life project research which plays a significant role in the curriculum of business management course. . Practical knowledge is an important suffix to theoretical knowledge. One cannot merely depend upon the theoretical knowledge. Classroom lectures give knowledge about fundamental concepts of management. the student of management course is required to undergo a project in the final year of course.

Limitations 51-52 8. Data Analysis and Interpretation 31-46 Result & Finding 47-48 6. 1-17 1.2 Company profile 1. 23-24 4.3 About the Topic Literature review 2. Bibliography 55-57 Annexure 58-59 . Suggestion 49-50 7. Research Methodology 25-30 5. Introduction 1. Conclusion 53-54 9. Industry profile 1. 18-22 Objectives of the Study 3. CONTENTS Title Page No. Sr.1. No.