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Parish Priest

Vice Chairperson
PFC Chairperson

BEC Pastoral Team Animator
Heads of Associations of Christian Lay Faithful
(Church-mandated Organizations) Parochial School Representatives and Heads of Partner Organizations

Worship Team Coordinator Formation in Faith Team Social Action Team Coordinator
 Extraordinary Ministers of the  Health & Nutrition Ministry Servant-Leader
Holy Communion Ministry  Formation Ministry Servant Leader  Disaster Preparedness and Mobilization Ministry Servant-Leader
Servant-Leader  Catechetical Ministry Servant Leader  Care for the Elderly Ministry Servant-Leader
 Ministry of Lectors and  Biblical Apostolate Servant Leader  Economic Development Ministry Servant-Leader
Commentators Servant-Leader  Youth Ministry Servant-Leader  Education and Scholarship Ministry Servant-Leader
 Liturgical Music Ministry Servant-  Family & Life Ministry Servant-  Pastoral Care for Children and Vulnerable Adults Ministry Servant-
Leader Leader Leader
 Ministry of Altar Servers Servant-  Stewardship Ministry Servant-
 Persons with Disability Ministry (N°POWRD) Servant-Leader
Leader Leader
 Vocation Ministry Servant-Leader
 Migrants Ministry (PAMINOVA) Servant-Leader
 Ministry of Reception of Gifts  Labor Ministry Servant-Leader
(Ushers & Collectors) Servant-  Social Communications & Media
Ministry Servant-Leader  Land and Housing Ministry Servant-Leader
 Ecumenical & Religious Dialogue  Public Affairs Ministry Servant-Leader
 Ministry of Care for the Sanctuary
Servant-Leader  Restorative Justice Ministry Servant-Leader
& Sacristy (MBG) Servant-Leader
 Ecology Ministry Servant-Leader

Pamayanan Servant-Leader
Chapel Stewardship Team Servant-Leader

Kawan Kawan Kawan
Servant-Leader Servant-Leader Servant-Leader

Bukluran Bukluran Bukluran Bukluran Bukluran Bukluran Bukluran
Servant-Leader Servant-Leader Servant-Leader Servant-Leader Servant-Leader Servant-Leader Servant-Leader