David W. Garrett Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

September 25, 1992 (Phone: 202/453-8400) RELEASE: 92-157 GOLDIN ANNOUNCES MINORITY GOALS AND ADVISORY COMMITTEE NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin today announced new minority contract goals and the formation of a NASA Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee. Speaking before the Braintrust on Science and Technology for the Congressional Black Caucus, Goldin Said, "While broadening our workforce, we also seek to broaden our contractor base. We are committed to making NASA's small and disadvantaged business program the best in the country -- an example that government and industry will seek to emulate." "While Congress has imposed on NASA an 8 percent goal for contracting to small and disadvantaged businesses, NASA has upped the ante. Congress did not set a deadline for meeting the goal, but we have imposed one on ourselves: 1994. Between now and the end of fiscal year 94, we plan to offer one billion dollars worth of prime and subcontracting opportunities to minority and woman-owned businesses" Goldin remarked. Goldin outlined the steps that NASA will take to meet this goal: o Establish firm percentages for small and disadvantaged business subcontracting as part of our prime contracts; o Make use of small and disadvantaged business subcontracting as an important evaluation factor in every source selection and;

o Reward prime contractors with special award fees when they exceed their subcontracting goals by certain percentages. In announcing a new minority committee, Goldin said "I'm pleased to announce today that we are setting up a NASA Minority Business Resource Advisory Committee. This committee will help us identify more businesses that should be a part of the NASA family. I invite you to nominate members for this committee. This committee will help disprove the notion that there are no high tech small and disadvantaged businesses. We know they're out there and we'll find them and nurture them because we want to work with firms that have the desire to reach for the American dream." -more-2NASA Education Programs Addressing NASA's minority education programs, Goldin said, "Two weeks ago, Congressman Stokes issued two challenges to NASA: work with other government agencies to increase the number of minorities getting degrees in engineering, science and math; and do more to help education in the major cities where the largest numbers of minority students reside. Those are two challenges that we accept." Goldin emphasized several NASA minority educational programs that are already helping to meet these challenges: o The SHARP program that puts minority high school students in NASA labs over a summer to work with engineers and other professionals. o The Spacemobile program that reaches hundreds of thousands of elementary school students and distributes science and math teaching materials to their teachers and; o At the university level, NASA has doubled research grants and other assistance to Historically Black Colleges and Universities to $20 million over the last 8 years. In closing, Goldin said, "Our citizens need hope and opportunity. Common sense tells us that we can't focus

exclusively on the present. We need to make some investments that will pay off in terms of new technology, new knowledge and new jobs in the future -- which is exactly the kind of future NASA represents." -end-