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Advanced Bandwidth Management with
Valuable Big Data Analytics

Comprehensive authentication
methods with the most powerful
bandwidth management.

Personalized analytics reports to

create business value from user
online data.

Rich value added services to

transform IT department into a
revenue generating center.
Simplify & Visualize User Management

Internet Access Management Solution
Internet has become a vital platform for most businesses as more Moreover, with the rise of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in
and more business-critical applications have been deployed over work environment, superior network management tools are needed
the Internet. However with great opportunities come great more urgently than ever for the overburdened IT department.
challenges. Improving user experience & work efficiency, blocking SANGFOR Internet Access Management (IAM) is the ideal solution
illegal endpoints, reducing bandwidth consumption, guarding designed to tackle enterprise network challenges which offer
intellectual property rights, protecting against malware and simple and visualized user management.
implementing internet access compliance have become the main
challenges for IT managers, who are only seen as a cost, rather
than an investment.

Bandwidth Management URL Filtering & APP Control

Traffic Quota Support Internet Traffic Reporting

Proxy Server Anti-Proxy

User Management User Authentication

Unified management for LAN+WLAN Block & Detect illegal Wi-Fi

Multiple Authentication Methods Separate International & Domestic Bandwidth Mgmt.

IPv6 Support Built-in Firewall & IPSec VPN Modules

Simplify & Visualize User Management


With SANGFOR IAM, both wire and wireless environments are brought together to
ensure the uniformity of management policies & offer an overview of all devices
connected to the network. Through continuous market research and constant
investment in R&D, Sangfor IAM also provides strong value-added features enabling you
to use the potential of your wireless network to its maximum. This not only allow you to
better understand your user behavior or facilitate user authentication, but also help you
generate more revenue.

- URL Filtering Engine

- Applications Control
- Dynamic Management
- Endpoint Management
- Traffic Reports
- Etc

Simplify & Visualize User Management

Simplify & Visualize User Management

Simple & Intuitive Reporting

Advanced Report Center: Accurate Traffic Reporting and Graphs
Content Visibility and Auditing: Instant Messaging, Emails and Social Media

You can't manage what you can't see describes the challenges and risks
of a modern enterprise network which makes Report Center a critical
component for IT department to analyze network traffics. SANGFOR IAM is
built with an Advanced Report Center which supports various customized
reports based on traffic statistics, queries, ranking, times and behavior of
user & user groups, helping enterprises analyze the root causes of all
network issues.

At the same time, as information and data are becoming key assets,
enterprises are paying more attention to prevent potential information
leakage and disruptive network activities. SANGFOR IAM can realize refined
content auditing for common Instant Messaging programs (such as Yahoo
Messenger, Skype, Gtalk), Emails and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Advanced Report Center

IAM Advanced Report Center records, audits and counts every single
network behavior of intranet users in graphical reports. With reports, curves
and statistics, IT managers are provided with all the detailed information
they need to know about their network, including Internet access activities,
bandwidth consumption and viewed contents. Reports are self-generated
by the device and automatically & regularly sent to an appointed e-mail
address to effectively assist in the network design, secure it and optimize
the usage of the bandwidth.

Application Traffic Ranking URL Traffic Ranking

The above graphics are available in the Control Panel of IAM.

Internet Access Management

BM & User Access Management
Bandwidth Management: Guarantee Enough Bandwidth for Critical Applications
User Access Management: Avoid Abuse by Restricting Their Access & Devices
Application Control: Protect Enterprises Against Unauthorized Applications
URL Filtering: Monitor & Control Evasive Activities
Endpoint Control: Management of Mobiles Devices & Tablets
Illegal Wi-Fi Hotspots Detection: Block Phishing Wi-Fi to Avoid Data Leakage

In order to solve these issues, SANGFOR IAM is built with an URL & application
database, which can help IT administrators to effectively control users online
behavior by setting specific policies. At the moment, Sangfor IAM has more than 2900 Applications
2900+ applications in its database, including 220+ Cloud applications, 700+ CRM

Mobile applications and 300+ Web applications, with a dedicated R&D team 1 &

updating it on a regular basis.

At the same time, as the BYOD trend is becoming more and more popular, mobile
devices should be also included in the enterprise network management policy.
IAM can control mobile devices by identifying and applying specific access and Note: Data from February 2016

control policies, according to the device OS, group and location. It unifies the
220+ Cloud Applications 300+ WEB Applications
management for both LAN and WLAN.
700+ Mobile APP Sangfor 350+ IAM R&D Staff

SANGFOR IAM can also detect and block illegal Wi-Fi hotspots to avoid any
information leakage from your laptop, smartphones or tablets. A wireless
endpoints list will display which endpoint is using an illegal Wi-Fi hotspot and the
IT team can decide whether to block it or not.

Authentication based on SMS, Portal, Social Media and QR Code

Push Advertising based on SMS, Portal & Social Media
Billing System to Generate Revenue for Internet Usage

Authentication & Push Advertising based on SMS

One of the most fastest way and common way to collect customers information is by collecting
their phone number. When connecting to the Wi-Fi access point, the login page will ask the
customers to insert their phone number to access the internet. Thanks to that, you can now send
advertisements to your customers through SMS or by calling them.

Authentication & Push Advertising based on Portal

Another common solution to collect customers information is to redirect them to a customized

portal page after they successfully connected to your Wi-Fi. This portal can be customized with any
kind of information such as todays promotions, new products or services, etc.

Authentication & Push Advertising based on Social Media

Facebook, Line, WeChat are the fastest growing social media platforms in Asia. They can now be
used as a way to authenticate to your Wi-Fi and at the same time, increase your number of
followers. More importantly, you can push information and reach a larger number of people.

Internet Access Management

Simplify & Visualize User Management

Authentication via QR Code

For companies receiving dozens of visitors per day, sharing the Wi-Fi password can become headache for the
staff. With Sangfor IAM, you can create a QR code to allow your visitors to connect to the Wi-Fi simply by
opening any QR code software and scan it. With this type of authentification, there is no need to change your
Wi-Fi password every time and you can generate the QR Code according to each visitor group.

Portal Page Login with your Facebook Login Successful Redirection to your
Account Facebook page

QR Code
Reader Application


Open your QR Scan the QR Code Login Successful Redirection to your

Code Software Generated by the Staff Website page

Value-Added Services
Sangfor Smart Billing Solution

IT department often equals to resources consumption, no income and low reputation amongst all departments.
IT department has high operational cost (DC, Infrastructure, Security, Maintenance, etc.) with a low budget. IT
business model needs new changes, and new income source is needed to meet the higher requirements of
the IT industry.

IAM Smart Billing System will offer you a new source of income and at the same time, efficiently improve the
user bandwidth experience .

Valuable Business Analytics Reports

Every day, the IT department can generate millions data coming from from IT software or hardware, but these
will only show your bulk numbers, ranking and trends. There are no deep analysis from the data.

With our built-in APP data modeling building, IAM Big Data Mining Solution can let your learn how to use big
data mining of user internet behavior to help you make the right decision and forecast the future.

Separate Management of International & Domestic Bandwidth

With Sangfor IAM, you can separate the bandwidth management for international and domestic internet
access. This is especially important for countries where different fees are applied.

Internet Access Management

Smart Billing
Stocks Stream Media
Bring new revenueC
Quota: 500M Quota: 20G
Time: 3 Month Time: 1 Month
Price: 8$ Price: 20$
Improve user experience
Email YouTube Reduce investment
Quota: 1G Quota: 10G
Time: 1 Month Time: 1 Month
Price: 5$ Price: 15$


Internet Addiction Analysis

Poor Student Analysis
Valuable Business
Analytics Reports ! Metal Health Analysis
Employee Resign Risk Analysis
Risk forecast
Information Leakage Analysis
Find new business opportunities
Public assistance


Separate Management of International & Domestic Bandwidth

Core Values

Real-time visibility for interna-

tional & domestic traffic usage
Save more international band-
width for business use only

Internet Access Management

Simplify & Visualize User Management

SANGFOR IAM Product Family

Model S5000-AC-I M5000-AC-I-S M5100-AC-I-S M5400-AC-I M5500-AC-I M5600-AC-I M6000-AC-I M9000-AC-I M10000-AC-I

Profile Desktop 1U 1U 1U 2U 2U 2U 2U 2U

HD Capacity 500GB+ 500GB+

64G SSD 128G SSD 128G SSD 500GB 500GB 500GB 500GB

FW Throughput 3.0 Gbps

80 Mbps 130 Mbps 210 Mbps 1 Gbps 1.4 Gbps 2.1 Gbps 20 Gbps 40 Gbps
Options 5.0 Gbps

Layer 2 Gbps 10 Gbps 20 Gbps
40 Mbps 80 Mbps 160 Mbps 400 Mbps 600 Mbps 1 Gbps
Throughput 4 Gbps

50 PCs~ 100 PCs~

600~3000 3000~6000 6000~15000 15000~50000 50000 ~100000
100~300 300~600
Concurrent Users 100 Mob 100 Mob

: Represents the maximum bidirectional flow (max. inbound + outbound flow).

Power and Physical Specifications

Support Dual
Power Supplies
22W 25W 25W 180W 180W 212W 212W 325W 325W
[Watt] (Typical)

0~40 0~40
Temperature 0~40 0~40 0~40 0~40 0~40 0~40 0~40

Dimensions x89
275x175x44.5 430x300x44.5 430x300x44.5 430x390x44.5 430x500x89 430x500x89 440x600x89 440x600x89 440x600x89
(W x L x H in mm)

System Weight 1.7Kg 3.85Kg 4.2Kg 6.65Kg 15.3Kg 15.3Kg 20.0Kg 20.0Kg 20.0Kg

Relative Humidity 5%~95% non-condensing


Bypass (copper) N/A 1 pair 1 pair 3 pairs 3 pairs 3 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs 2 pairs

3 4 4 6 6 6 4 4 4

1G SFP N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 4 4 4 4

10GbE SFP+ N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 2

Serial Port RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1 RJ45x1

USB Port 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Compliance and Certificates

Compliance CE,FCC, IPv6 Ready

Products specifications described herein are subject to change without prior notification.
All performance values are up to and vary depending on the system configuration.

IAM Datasheet
SANGFOR IAM Product Features
User Authentication and Management
Mapping and
Identifying Users IP, MAC, IP/MAC binding, hostname, USB Key, SMS, QR-Code, Portal, WeChat, Facebook.

User Accounts Importing - Import user accounts information using CSV file, LDAP Server.
- Synchronize user with LDAP, Database and H3C CAMS Server.
Integration and
SSO Option Active Directory/POP3/Proxy/Web Server, Radius, Third-party authentication device, Database Server.

- Automatically map new user to its privileged groups in local database based on its IP range, subnet or
New User Management external authentication server group.
- Automatically map new users to a pre-defined privileged group as temporary accounts.
Account Attribution Public (Share user login)/ Private (Single user login) account option.
Wireless Auth. Methods SMS/WeChat/QR-Code/ Portal

Access Control
Application Control Identify and control applications through application DB or port.
URL Filter URL DB, keyword in web-page based control.
Search Engine Control Managed by keywords.
Managed by source address, destination address, keywords in email, keywords in body/title, attachment,
Enhanced Email Control type/size/count based control.
Enhanced IM Control Comprehensive management to IM tools such as MSN, Yahoo!, as well as encrypted IM such as Skype,
File Filter Control HTTP, FTP upload and download activity based on true file type.
SSL Traffic Control Certificate, text content based control and filter.

Illegal Wi-Fi Detection and Blocking

Illegal Wi-Fi Detection Detect the endpoint information from every IP address.
and Blocking
Bandwidth Management (BM)
Traffic guarantee/limit policy for uplink and/or downlink base on bandwidth percentage of the pipe, max
BM Policy bandwidth per user, user/application priority, exclusion policy.
BM Objects Application type, website type, file type, user, schedule, destination IP, etc.

Separate BM Management For International & Domestic Traffic.

Bandwidth Allocate bandwidth resource according to business type & guarantee bandwidth for core business
Guarantee & Limitation applications and restrict irrelevant traffic.
Multi-level SON Channel Match the organizational structure to achieve finegrained bandwidth management.

- Bandwidth Borrowing among BM tunnel for full bandwidth utilization.

Dynamic Bandwidth Specify a network flow thresholds as effective points of BM policy.
Management - BM based on public IP (oversea).
- Average allocation/free competition among users in a single traffic pipe.
Virtual Line Manage and control to each physical line independently and effectively bridge mode.
Multiplexing and
Provide link load balancing in router mode.
Intelligent Routing

Traffic Identification and Categorization

- Leverage on-the-cloud infrastructure, dynamically categorizes millions URLs into the predefine categories.
Sangfor URL Database - Support configurable in-box cache footprint.

Application Database Independent Internet application signatures database.

Identify P2P/Proxy tools/VOIP/SSL traffic intelligently through dynamic flow characteristics analysis.
Identification Rules
- By extension name
File Type Identification
- By file type (data pattern)

Value-Added Services
Smart Billing Granular traffic billing based on every required application.

Big Data Mining Record of online behavior data record, data modeling analysis and analytics report.

IAM Product Features

Simplify & Visualize User Management

Report Center

Report Objects Application flow, user behavior counts, online duration per user & per application, virus and security,
keywords, etc.

Graphical Reports Counts, ranking, comparison, trends analysis with statistics, pie, bar, line chart, etc.

Real-time monitor of CPU/hard disk/traffic/connection/session status, online user information, traffic ranking,
Real-Time Report connection ranking, real-time utilization, visibility of bandwidth channels.

Content log including IM chat (Gtalk, Skype, QQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.), SMTP and Web mail content
Content Log and attachment (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), BBS posts (Facebook, Twitter), etc.

Customizable Risk Report Employee turnover trend, disclosure, work efficiency, security risks and other risk reports.

CIO Report Tailored reports of overall network analysis and risk management for CIO.

Web-Access Connection Used for clear evaluation of the overall network quality. Users with poor web access quality can be listed
Quality Report down.

Report Format CSV, PDF.

Report Center Storage Built-in internal report center and optional external report center.

External Reports - Option to protect the report center by using external authentication key for additional security.
Storage Security - Google Like search engine GUI for external report center.
- Email subscription.

Control Tools for Manageability

Notification (Reminder) Notify end user for online time of specific application and the flow speed of specific application.

Flow/Duration Control Daily/Monthly flow quota per user. Daily online duration quota per user with exception case based on
specific application. Concurrent session quota per user.

Endpoint security
Operation system, process, registry, scheduled task, etc.

Audit-Free Key Prevents access audits and control for users that assigned with audit-free keys.

Functionality of different modules can be assigned to different administrators as needed, via a hierarchical
Hierarchical Administration management paradigm. Administration of different functions and modules can be delegated to different
administrative groups.

Network & Deployment

Centralized Management Unified the configuration and policy for multiple devices, remote control and monitor running status.

LAN+WLAN Management Set special control policy for mobile user based on user & location. Suitable for BYOD office environment.

Security modules - Built-in Firewall & IPsec VPN.

Support explicit Proxy, including HTTP/HTTPS two-level Proxy, Sock4/Sock5 Proxy, Forwarding Proxy
Proxy Functions function and support ICAP protocol.

Deployment Route, Bridge, Double Bridge, Bypass, Single-arm.

Stability Hardware bypass ,A/A,A/P

- Support deployment in IPv6 environment.

IPv6 - Support monitoring of IPv6 traffic.

Integrity Support SNMP.

Proxy Service HTTP Proxy / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 / PAC SCRIPT.

Policies Enables customers controller proxy data security.

ICAP Serve the customers in financial field to achieve data disclosure prevention purpose.

IAM Product Features

Sangfor Technologies
Sangfor Technologies is the global leading vendor of IT infrastructure
solutions. It is specialized in Cloud Computing, Network Security &
Optimization with products including but not limited to: Hyper-Converged
Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Next Generation Application
Firewall, Internet Access Management, WAN Optimization, SSL & IPSec
VPN and so on.
Through constant innovation, Sangfor always strives to create value for
our customers by helping them achieve sustainable growth. We take
customers business needs and user experience very seriously, placing
them at the heart of our corporate strategy.

Established in 2000, Sangfor now has more than 55 branch offices in the world (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore,
US, UK, etc.). Sangfor currently has 3,000+ employees, with 40% of them dedicated to R&D. Furthermore, each year at least 20% of
Sangfors revenue will be put into R&D to improve current products as well as develop new solutions for our customers.

Awards & Achievements

- Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Region Award for 8 consecutive years from 2005 to 2012 by Deloitte.
- Best Companies to Work for in China Award from 2009 to 2011 by the Fortune Magazine.
- Best Practice Award in Asia-Pacific Region in 2010 by Frost & Sullivan.
- Management Action Award in 2012 by Harvard Business Review.
- Sangfor SSL VPN no. 1 in Network Security market in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan according to F&S.
- No. 1 for Secure Content Management Hardware and VPN Hardware segment in China according to IDC.
- Sangfor IAM listed for 5 consecutive years in the Gartner MQ for Secure Web Gateways (2011-2016).
- Sangfor WANO listed for 3 consecutive years in the Gartner MQ for WAN Optimization (2013-2016).
- Sangfor NGAF listed in the Enterprise Network Firewalls MQ by Gartner (2015-2016).
- Sangfor HCI listed in the x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure MQ by Gartner (2016).
- Reviewed by NSS Labs with a Recommended rating in 2014 for SANGFOR NGAF (WAF test).
- ICSA Labs certification for SANGFOR Next Generation Firewall in April 2016.
- Most Promising Network Security Solution in June 2016 by Singapore NetworkWorld Asia.
- Readers Choice Awards for Enterprise Security in October 2016 by Computerworld Malaysia.

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