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S2 Film Music
Music Technology Unit
In this unit, you will be designing the sound track to go
along with a film trailer using sound design software.
Films, video games and TV programmes usually include
three different types of sound. These are:

Dialogue lines which the actors say whilst being filmed.

Sound effects sounds which are difficult or impossible to

record during filming and so are added later.

Music usually added at the end to help strengthen the

emotions the audience feel when watching.

What emotions would a film maker want the audience to feel

during this scene?
Have a look at this image taken from Mission Impossible 4:

Theres probably not much dialogue as the actors cant be

having much of a conversation! However, there are definitely
sound effects and background music needed.
In the table below, write down three possible sound effects that
would be needed and some ideas for what type of music would
be appropriate. You could even suggest a band or song that
might fit.

Sound Effects Musical ideas




Tip: Think of what sounds you might hear if you were travelling in a car with
the window open!
When working on your clip, you will be working with multiple audio
tracks in software called Mixcraft. This is the software we use at
Morgan to record and manipulate sound. These are different,
individual lanes which you can put sound effects or music on.
Mixcraft plays all the tracks back at the same time meaning you
can overlap sounds to create different layers of sound. Therefore,
you can have music in the background, sound effects and
dialogue all happening at the same time.
Here is a recording project with two different tracks, one for
dialogue and one for sound effects:

Both tracks would play at the same time.

Complex film clips may have many dialogue or sound effects
tracks as they may need more than one sound effect to be heard
at once.
Look back at the last page would any of your sound effects

Sounds that would overlap:

If so, you would need a separate track for each one.

You are going to design the sound for a film trailer. Your teacher
will show you how to import the trailer into Mixcraft.
Use the grid below to plan out some sounds you will need to find
and add to your clip.

Sound Effects Needed Musical ideas

0 -5

5 -10

10 15

15 - 20

20 25

25 30

35 40

45 50

50 55