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Rebuilding & Coating Solutions for Pipe Elbows

A refinery in India was having problems with severe corrosion on - Waste oil is a poor rust preventive as it has already lost many
pipe bends stored in an open yard near coastal area and exposed of its corrosion inhibitors
to a corrosive plant environment. A long-term coating is needed to - When elbows are needed removal of the old oil and rust is a
prevent corrosion on parts from the saline/corrosive atmosphere. labor intensive, expensive operation
- Safety is concerned that oil residues will contaminate the
Substrates: Mild Steel storage yard requiring an costly clean-up

Product(s) used: LOCTITE PC 9660 Maxi-Coat, LOCTITE SF 7611 Pro Strength Parts Cleaner

Rusted pipe elbows in the storage yard that Once clean and dry pipe elbows are hand When parts are needed the coating is easily
could be salvaged were cleaned of corrosion coated with LOCTITE Maxi-Coat using a paint removed with a degreasing solvent or steam
by grit blasting. Waste oil residues were then brush. The product dries to a firm, waxy cleaning. Scrap costs are greatly reduced and
removed with LOCTITE Pro Strength Parts coating that provides long-term rust protection ground contamination concerns have been
Cleaner. on metal parts. resolved.

- LOCTITE Maxi-Coat is a waxy film which seals out moisture, air, acid, and other corrosive elements
- LOCTITE Maxi-Coat is easily and economically removed by degreasing solvents or steam cleaning
- The thick film coating is non-contaminating, does not melt in sunlight, and prevents metal corrosion

Oil & Gas Processing and Refinery Pipe Elbows Rebuilding & Coating
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