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Randul A 3. Scrie verbele la timpul potrivit- Present Simple, Present Continuous sau Past Simple.

1.Where _______________________ (she / go) yesterday?

2. (He / eat) _________________________________ rice every day?
3. I (work) _________________________________ at the moment.
4. (He / come) _________________________________ to London often?
5. He (play) _________________________________ tennis now.
6. What _______________________ (you / do) a minute ago?
7. He _______________________ (work) in a bank in 1997.
8. You _______________________ (not / call) me last night.
9. He (not / play) _________________________________ golf now.
10. (You / play) _________________________________ tennis this Sunday?
11. They (go) _________________________________ to a restaurant every
12. She (not / go) _________________________________ to the cinema very
13. _______________________ (she / study) last night?
14. _______________________ (we / arrive) at your house yesterday?
15. Who _______________________ (you / meet) two days ago?
16. She _______________________ (not / meet) him as she said.
17. You usually (arrive) _________________________________ late.
18. I _________________ (come/ not) to England in 1993.
19. We _________________ (sing) too much last night, I have a sore throat!
20. It _________________ (take) three hours to drive to Paris.

Randul B 3. Scrie verbele la timpul potrivit- Present Simple, Present Continuous sau Past Simple.
1. He already _________________ (eat) all the cake.
2. The child _________________ (fall) off his bicycle.
3. I _________________ (find/not) your keys under the table.
4. He _______________________ (not / read) that book as he said.
5. Where _______________________ (you / go) last Saturday?
6. He usually (eat) _________________________________ dinner at home.
7. (You / study) _________________________________ every night?
8. (They / work) _________________________________ late usually?
9. You (not / go) _________________________________ out now.
10. I (not / work) _________________________________ at this moment.
11. (She / work) _________________________________ right now?
12. She (not / drink) _________________________________ coffee very often.
13. Julie (sleep) _________________________________ now.
14. What _______________________ (he / do) at the weekend last Sunday?
15. She _______________________ (not / like)that chocolate when she ate it.
16. What _______________________ (you / buy) yesterday?
17. _______________________ (you / have) a good holiday?
18. I _________________ (think) my football team would win.
19. He often ____________ (come) over for dinner.
20. The class ____________ (begin) at nine every day
Randul C 3. Scrie verbele la timpul potrivit- Present Simple, Present Continuous sau Past Simple.
1. She _________________ (get) a new bike for her birthday.
2. She _________________ (sell) her house last year.
3. We _________________ (go) to New York last January.
4. It _________________ (be) cold last night.
5. Lucy _________________ (pay) the bill, before leaving the restaurant.
6. Julie usually ____________ (read) in the garden.
7. What ____________ (we / have) for dinner this night?
8. She ____________ (have) two daughters.
9. He ____________ (stay/ not) in Spain right now.
10. What ____________ (you / eat) at the moment?
11. I ____________ (not / work) on Sundays.
12. She ____________ (not / study) now, she ____________ (watch) TV.
13. How often ____________ (you / go) to restaurants?
14. He ____________ (not / go) on holiday last summer.
15. I'm sorry, she ____________ (not / understand) what you are saying.
16. She ____________ (take) a salsa dancing class every Tuesday.
17.She _________________ (say/not) that she would come later.
18. _________________ (buy/you) some books last Tuesday?
19. We _________________ (make) a cake, it was delicious.
2o. They _________________ (write/not) a letter to their parents yesterday.
PAST SIMPLE Reading comprehension

Bens day.

When I woke up this morning, I found my dog, Fox, waiting for me. Hewanted me to take him for a walk.
I was too hungry, so first I had breakfast.I had a glass of milk and a piece of toast. Then I washed my
teeth and puton a track-suit and a heavy coat, because it was really cold outside. Fox wasalready
impatient. We both went out, and walked to the park near home. Heran and jumped, and pursued some
passers-by. He also destroyed somepieces of furniture somebody left on the road. I sat on a bench all
the time,wishing I could be inside my warm bed. When my hands were frozen, Idecided it was time to go
back home. Fox didnt want to, but I pulled hardand I managed to take him back. When we arrived at
the front door, Irealized I didnt have my keys with me, so we stayed out in the cold for more than an
hour! Fox was happy, but I was late for work!

Write all the verbs you find in the past simple tense. Which of them are regular? Which are irregular?
Write the infinitive of the irregular verbs:

2.Answer the questions:

a.Who was happy to stay outside?

b.What did Ben do in the park?

c.What did Fox do in the park?

d.What did Ben have for breakfast?

e.What was the weather like?

f.What was Ben wearing?

g.When did Ben decide it was time to go home?

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow it.

Mary had a beautiful garden with roses, tulips and carnations. She liked to work in her garden at the
weekend. One Saturday morning she was digging in the garden when she found an old box in the
ground. She took it in her hands and looked at it carefully. It was a yellow, old wooden box. She was very
happy because she thought she found a treasure. She took the box into the kitchen and cleaned it with
some paper. Then, she took a knife and tried to open it but it was really hard. She tried again until she
opened it. In the box were some old pictures of her mother when she was a little girl. Mary wasnt sad.
Those pictures were a real treasure for her!!!

a) What flowers did Mary have in her garden?

b) When did she like to work in her garden?

c) What did she find in the ground one day?

d) Was the box new and green?

e) Why was Mary happy?

f) How did she open the box?

g) What was in the box?

h) Was Mary sad? Why?

Reading Comprehension (Part 1)

Free furniture for Christmas

Full stores all over Britain

Help a homeless person and yourself

Meals for the homeless

Largest number of passengers

Plans to increase road safety

Police arrest bus driver

School dinner causes serious illness

Shopping centre accident avoided

Tired drivers a danger on the road

Read the five texts, items 1 5. Then read the headlines a j.Decide which headline a j goes best with
which text.

At least 100 Sussex children and staff are thought to be suffering from food poisoning after a Christmas
meal. A third of all pupils aged between nine and 13 and 10 teachers were struck down after eating
a turkey lunch on Wednesday. No one is thought to have been hospitalized.
Southend police used patrol cars to block the path of a runaway double-decker bus yesterdayas it careered
driverless towards a shopping area. Two men had just jumped from the vehicle,which had been reported
stolen. Two men intheir thirties were arrested.
A London furniture company is putting a 1,500 sofa up for sale for 1 in return for a promise from the
buyer to take someone in need into their home at Christmas. Whoever wins the prize will have to nominate
someone who is homeless, or living on their own, or is otherwise not going to have much of a Christmas.
More road accidents are caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wheel than is generally recognized, an MP
claimed yesterday. He has called for Government action to help solve the problem.
Travellers flocked to Heathrow Airport yesterday at the start of its busiest ever fortnight.
Two million people are expected to travel through the airport between this weekend and 5 January, thanks
to the start of the ski season and the traditional Christmas holiday period.
Read the following text, then choose the answers to questions 6 10 and mark your answer on the
answer sheet.
Residents of a small Welsh-speaking community have clubbed together to buy the post office and shop,
ten years after buying the pub. The people of Llithfaen, Caernarfonshire were determined to prevent
theirvillage losing its focal point. Ten years ago they paid 40,000 for the pub, called the Victoria, and
now they have helped to keep the shop open. Most of the cost, 19,500, was met by the local council and a
European Union grant,but the villagers needed to raise a further 6,000 to buy the shop from the owner
who is retiring.
John Jones, chairman of the community committee, said: We went around every house and came back
with 500 more than we needed. The post office and the pub are essential to the life of the village. There
are no other amenities. We were not prepared to stand by and let the heart and soul be ripped out of our
community. No one else was going to help us so we decided to buy them ourselves. Llithfaen had a
population of 600 but that halved when nearby granite quarries were closed. The primary school was
shut because of the population decline but the locals turned it into a leisure centre and youth
club. The shop has been leased to Ffion Medi Llywelyn, 24, who lives in the village with her husband,
Dillon. She said: There is a wonderful community spirit here.
1The Llithfaen Post Office a) closed ten years ago.
b) has been saved by the local people.
c) has now closed.
The shop has been bought a) by the local council.
b) for 40,000.
c) with the help of the people who live in the area.
The shop was going to close a) because of a decision by the European Union.
b) because the owner needed the money.
c) because the owner thought he was too old
to run the shop.
500 a) was paid by every person in the village.
b) was paid by the owner of the pub.
c) was the amount of money the villagers still had
after the village post office had been bought.
Llithfaen no longer has a) a leisure centre.
b) a pub.
c) a school.

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